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Don't be taken in by advertisements that focus on low, per minute rates while other charges are concealed and in some cases not even mentioned. SEI Long Distance is dedicated to providing you with the best service and lowest prices and we'll show you the proof in black and white!

Just bring in a copy of your most recent Long Distance bill and let us do a Free Re-Rate.

  Long Distance Packages
Super Savings$0.07 per minute$5.95 monthly fee
Simple Savings$0.10 per minuteNo monthly fee
Toll Free Service$0.10 per minuteNo monthly fee

SEI Long Distance is a product of SEI Communications. All calling plans and Toll Free Numbers will be charged a monthly federal universal connection fee of $1.50. Rates quoted apply to calls made within the contiguous United States. Calling plans are charged a monthly Federal Universal Connectivity charge of $1.50 per month only in the months when a long-distance call is actually placed.

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