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SEI Data provides customers with their own personal webpage hosting at no extra charge. Customers who are not paying for site hosting have access to what is called a "tilde" (~) site that is accessed by going to:

While customers who pay for site hosting can access their site by going to:

Please note that Website/page design and programming is beyond the scope of this document and can be easily researched using various search engines.

As of this publication, SEI Data supports PHP v5.5 and Perl 5.20 scripting. MySQL Database access is available at an extra monthly charge. Please contact SEI Data Sales department or Technical support for questions concerning pricing information and/or general hosting information.

To Upload pages to SEI Data

Using a SFTP/FTP file transfer utility, please use the following settings:
  • Host:
  • Port: 22
  • Username: (your SEI Data provided username)
  • Password: (your SEI Data provided password)
SEI Data only supports the use of the SFTP (Secure FTP) protocol due to security issues with FTP. Microsoft Windows command line FTP client does not support the SFTP protocol.

Once the client connects, you will see multiple items in your home directory. You want to put your web accessible files into the directory called public_html. If you do not see this folder, you can create it with your file transfer client, or you can contact SEI Data technical support.

Make sure that the initial page (homepage) is named one of the following:
  • index.html
  • index.htm
  • default.html
  • default.htm
  • index.php (if using a PHP scripted page)
  • index.cgi (if using a CGI or Perl scripted page)
Once the page has been uploaded, point your browser to: (IE

If you get a 404 error, which indicates the page does not exist, make sure that you have included the tilde "~" in the address and make sure that you have uploaded the files into the public_html directory.

If you can bring up a page, but it contains a list of files you have uploaded and not the homepage, make sure that the homepage is named as listed above in all lower case.

Webpage/Hosting FAQ

Q: I created and uploaded my site, but all of the images are not working. Or, images work for me, but other people cannot see images on my page. What's going on?

Some webpage editing software will code the links to images as local links. For example, if you bring up your website and right click on a missing image placeholder and select view image information or properties (depends on browser), it may say something to the effect of "C:\Documents and Settings\User\Documents\image.jpg". This won't work as viewers of the site will not have this file on their computer.

To fix, you will either need to manually change the links as "/image.jpg" or consult your webpage editing software on how to "instruct" the editor to put in the correct links.

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