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The Heartbleed Bug     Apr 14, 2014

It has come to SEI's attention that the billing provider used for our eBill (SmartHub) payments was possibly vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. Their affected systems have now been patched and certificates replaced. There is no indication that any information was compromised, however for your safety it is suggested you change your SmartHub password. This can be done after you login into SmartHub by simply clicking on the "My Profile" link and entering your old and new password under the "Password" section on that page.

This precaution only applies to customers who have previously used SEI's SmartHub service by logging into or by using the Android or Apple smart phone "SmartHub" app.

This bug did NOT affect any SEI hosted customer data such as email, dialup or broadband logins.

Cold Call Phishing Scam
has been Reported in Our Area

In this recent phishing scam, the cold caller claims your computer is infected.  Furthermore, they claim they are calling from your ISP (Internet Service Provider).  The scammer’s proposed solution?  Open your computer to them by providing your username, password and other personal information, and let them fix your computer over the network.
SEI Communications assures you, our customer, we will never request this information through a telephone call.

Don’t Be A Victim of Phishing

Phishing is a term used for “spoofed” emails and telephone calls.  This type of email looks like it’s coming from a legitimate source and is designed to fool recipients into divulging personal data such as account usernames and passwords, credit card numbers and social security numbers.
SEI Communications assures you, our customer, we will never request this information through an email or a telephone call.

 809, 284, 876 Area Code Scams

Be cautious when responding to emails or telephone calls from the 809, 284 or 876 area codes.  Consumers usually receive a message telling them to call a phone number with these area codes in order to collect a prize, find out information about a sick relative, etc.
If you make the return phone call, it will cause you to inadvertently incur high charges on your phone bill because you are being charged for an international call.  

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