Napoleon agrees to support Task Unit 1

Cathy May, Contributing Writer

Jason Smith, president of Task Unit 1, requested the town of Napoleon put the Task Unit in their 2008 budget at their meeting last week. Smith gave a breakdown of their proposed budget for next year:
• Insurance and Insurance Services: $11,100 (includes insurance for vehicles, buildings, and property, personal and professional)

• Vehicle Maintenance: $1,500 (includes all vehicle related maintenance including fuel)

• Equipment Maintenance: $2,700 (includes maintenance on all extrication/rescue equipment as well as durable medical equipment

• Radio Maintenance: $2,000 (includes maintenance on all radio equipment, mobile and portable, including replacement batteries)

• Building Maintenance: $300 (includes all building related property maintenance)

• Utilities: $3,000 (includes electric, gas, water, and sewer)

• Medical Supplies: $2,200 (includes all single patient use medical supplies)

• Training: $2,000 (includes instructor fees and training materials for all rescue and emergency medical training)

• Office Supplies: $400 (includes all supplies for required record keeping)

• Miscellaneous Fees: $200 (includes any and all fees where no other category is applicable)

The budget total for 2008 is $25,400. The Napoleon Town Board voted to contribute $2,000 toward the Task Unit’s 2008 budget.

Smith explained he will attend the Osgood Town Board meeting to request $6,800. The rest of the budget comes from the Fire Protection Territory composed of the three trustees of Jackson, Center, and Delaware townships.

The town board also decided to put into their 2008 budget the following: $200 for the Central House; $250 for LifeTime Resources; $2,300 for the Napoleon Volunteer Fire Department; and $500 to the Osgood Public Library for out of district library cards for Napoleon residents.

Rod Eaton brought costs for removing and replacing lift station pumps with three phase pumps. The cost for material and labor from Brooks and East Construction Corp. is $22,952.26. Then it will cost another $9,000 for Duke Energy to complete the hook ups. The board is planning on asking for a grant for the project and will need more of a breakdown of the costs than presented. Eaton said he would get that for the board.

The six new basketball goals have been built and are ready to be put up. Rod Eaton said there has been some vandalism at the playground. Kids have been pouring soda pop down the slides. They have also been leaving the water spigot on. Eaton will see about getting a lock for the spigot.

There have been complaints about dogs not being properly restrained in the town. All dogs are to be on a leash.

Two of three board members were in attendance: Tim Brancamp and Bill Vankirk. Clerk-Treasurer Karen Rohlfing was present to advise the board. The next meeting of the Napoleon Town Board will be July 11 at 7:00 p.m. at the Napoleon Senior Center.