Issue clarified at Plan Commission mtg.

Cathy May, Contributing Writer

Ripley County Area Plan Commission President Dave Osborne commented that after last month’s meeting when only eight members were present and one had to abstain from a vote, there were 11 members out of 12 present at the August 7 meeting.

Osborne referred to a vote last month that was 6-1-1 and because there has to be seven “yes” votes to pass a motion, the item in question was sent to a town with no recommendation. He explained that according to State Statute there has to be a majority of the full board (12) to agree, even if there are only seven members voting.

Osborne said he had several people approach him after the last meeting about the vote and wanted to clarify the situation.

All 11 members were in agreement in a complicated application from Tina Maupin. Shane Haller spoke on Maupin’s behalf. She asked for primary approval to re-plat Lot-A in Nordmeyer’s Subdivision. This is located at 5160 and 5174 East Morris Mill Street in Morris.

First the platted lot had to be vacated. Then a variance from the front set-back line for the existing house was approved. After that, the re-plat making Lot-A into two lots on 1.1965 acres in the Local Business District was approved.

Everything is in place except for the approval from the Ripley County Commissioners that the extra lot would not cause a burden on the road. If they would decide it is a burden that is considered a remonstrance against the re-plat and it would come back next month. If the Commissioners decide that it is not a burden, then Secondary Approval would be given automatically.

The other item heard was regarding the Mabel Brower Estate. The request was for a two lot agricultural subdivision on 15.71 acres in the Agricultural-1 district. Sue French spoke for the family and Jeff French abstained from voting and left the room during the public hearing.

The property is located at 4198 and 4246 W. County Rd., 100 S in Holton and was being divided to settle an estate. The vote for the subdivision was 10-0-1.

Commission Attorney John Ertel said he would request an executive session at the August meeting to discuss litigation. The next meeting will be held on September 4 at 7:00 p.m. at the Commissioner’s Room in the Courthouse Annex.