August 2007 Archive

The Versailles Republican - August 30, 2007

Commissioners hear complaint about guardrails
Controversy on new bridge discussed

Cathy May, Contributing Writer

“You shouldn’t have a new bridge and make it more dangerous than the old bridge.” That is a quote from Ripley County Commissioner Lawrence Nickell at the Commissioner’s meeting Monday, August 27. He was referring to the new bridge off Highway 50 on Cave Hill Road.

Nickell reported he has had several phone calls since the bridge opened last weekend from people who have been using the bridge and believe it to be dangerous. The main complaint is the need for more guardrails. The fall off from the road is very deep there and the public is concerned.

Cause of death of local contractor not yet determined

Wanda English Burnett, Editor

The exact cause of death of a local contractor has not been determined, according to the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office.

Michael E. Flint, 36, of Osgood, was taken by helicopter to a Cincinnati hospital after he collapsed outside of a Greensburg bar last Friday night.


St. Paul Lutheran to celebrate sesquicentennial

Wanda English Burnett, Editor

“A celebration worthy of 150 years of the Lord’s presence in our midst,” is how a former pastor of the St. Paul Lutheran Church of Olean describes the upcoming sesquicentennial festivities planned for Sunday, September 2 at the church in Olean on SR 129.

Every “t” has been crossed and every “i” dotted, as the congregation is coming together to commemorate in a spectacular fashion the number of years their church has thrived, six miles south of Versailles. Last week, any night of the week, you could find people working, doing landscaping, painting playground equipment, practicing the organ, finalizing preparations for the main event, a special service on Sunday morning. “So many people have helped get ready,” said Barbara Eades.


Osgood Journal - August 28, 2007

Two arrested following routine traffic stop

Wanda English Burnett, Editor

A routine traffic stop turned into two people being taken into custody after it was determined there were drugs in the car they were in.

According to information from Sgt. Noel Houze Jr. of the Indiana State Police, James Dobbs, 32, of Osgood, and Rhonda Dobbs, 36, of Batesville, were both incarcerated in the Ripley County Jail after they were stopped last Friday, August 24, on I-74 east of Batesville near the westbound rest area for a minor traffic violation.

Osgood General, MVH funds up
Public hearing held on town's budget

Cathy May, Contributing Writer

The August Osgood Town Board opened the Public Hearing on the 2008 Budget. The General Fund increased three percent to $403,435 and the Motor Vehicle Highway Fund increased 34% to $79,200 for paving and snow removal. All other funds remained the same.

Honda now taking applications

The new Honda manufacturing plant in Greensburg is now accepting job applications, according to information from Congressman Baron Hill.

Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, LLC has begun accepting applications for production positions through the Indiana Development of Workforce Development.

The Versailles Republican - August 23, 2007

Grandview owner addresses issues
Class action lawsuit filed, grave markers stolen

Cindy DiFazio, Contributing Writer

Proud family names once inscribed on bronze plaques to mark the graves of loved ones lost are now affixed to lawsuits. A class action lawsuit filed by family members against Grandview Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Madison is an attempt to retrieve misappropriated funds along with the credibility and dignity the Madison facility once had.

Along those lines, at the Sunday, August 19 meeting of approximately 350 people held at the Venture Out Business Center in Madison, Keith Mefford, present Grandview owner, attempted to address the many problems facing those with family already interred at Grandview as well as folks who have purchased plots and services not yet used.

Your home could be featured on HGTV

“If Walls Could Talk” the weekly series, Sundays on HGTV, is coming to your area to film homes with intriguing pasts and unusual stories. Now in production on its 9th season, the series kicks off with new homeowners who make surprising historical discoveries about their homes as they explore and restore them. A lucky few will be amazed to learn that the historic artifacts they’ve discovered are worth a fortune when the “If Walls Could Talk” appraiser drops by for a look.

According to Sara Adams of High Noon Entertainment, they are looking for homeowners in the Ripley County area who may have an interesting story to tell. Homeowners who would like to be considered for the program should contact Sara Adams at (303) 712-3125 or email at


Volunteers reach across miles to help

Wanda English Burnett, Editor

The arm of compassion was long as dispatchers from the Greensburg Police Department reached out to those in similar careers in Greensburg, Kansas.

Dan Mulford, who long has been connected with emergency situations in a variety of ways, presently serves as the Deputy Director of Ripley County Emergency Agency. He is also a dispatcher with the Greensburg Police Department, the group that spearheaded a number of fundraisers to help those in need in Kansas.


Osgood Journal - August 21, 2007

Judge declares mistrial, orders new judge

Wanda English Burnett, Editor

Vincent E. Simon, 41 of Osgood, faces three counts of Incest that were filed in November of 2006. Just a few days before the case was set to be heard by a jury, a motion by the defense to change and have a bench trial was agreed to by Prosecutor Ric Hertel. The case was then scheduled to be heard by Judge Taul. Both sides would present evidence and witnesses with the judge deciding guilt or innocence.

Park expansion plans discussed at Holton

Cathy May, Contributing Writer

At the August Holton Town Board meeting much of the business centered on the expansion of the town park. (The town purchased 2 lots next to the park). The fence will be expanded around the additional land and a second shelter house erected. Scott McNeelan was the low bidder on building the shelter house. The new nets have arrived for the basketball goals.

Work is continuing on the Noble house on the expansion property. New windows have been installed. Grass has been sown in the front and is still needed in the back. They will contact Zorns Heating about putting in a furnace.

Make plans now to
attend 'Simply Christmas' event

Save the date now for a spectacular event that is set to take place in Ripley County November 8 - Taste of Home Cooking School-Made Easy "Simply Christmas".

At this event, you will learn how to make recipes that will make holiday entertainment easy and allow you to showcase your culinary talents.

The Versailles Republican - August 16, 2007

20 personnel items voted on
South Ripley board has full agenda

Wanda English Burnett, Editor

In a jam packed action session, the South Ripley School Board of Trustees took care of several items pertaining to the new building/renovation project, and voted on numerous personnel issues at their regular meeting held August 13 in the administration office.

Saying this was a hectic time with school starting and the building/renovation project moving forward, Superintendent Ahaus also noted this was an exciting time in the life of the school corporation. “I’ve never been more excited in my 33 years with the corporation,” he told board members.

Volunteers bring mobile unit to local women

Wanda English Burnett, Editor

The barriers to women getting breast exams were broken as Southeastern Indiana Cancer Health Network (SEICHN) volunteers rolled into Versailles last week.

According to volunteer Adrianne Lane, Ed D, RN, there are three barriers that keep women from getting the breast care they need: cost, distance and fear.


County budget increases by 25%

Cathy May, Contributing Writer

President of the Ripley County Council Donald Dunbar appeared before the Ripley County Commissioners at their June 13 meeting. He reported the budget figures for 2008 came in at 7.4 million, which is 25% more than last year’s budget.

The county will only be getting a 3% increase from last year’s budget of 6.1 million, which is $180,000. Dunbar indicated he might send all the budgets back to be redone. With that, Auditor Mary Ann McCoy replied, “You’re going to have chaos on your hands if you turn the budgets back in.”


Osgood Journal - August 14, 2007

Boards meet to discuss sports complex issue

Cathy May, Contributing Writer

Prior to the regular Versailles Town Board meeting on August 9, the Board met with the South Ripley School Board regarding the sports complex issue. Also attending were Superintendent Ted Ahaus, Attorney Larry Eaton and Clerk-Treasurer Ted Spurlock.

Big yellow buses are back on the roads!

Wanda English Burnett, Editor

Hundreds of Ripley County children will be transported on the big yellow buses this week as schools across the county get into full swing. Rose Morton, transportation director for South Ripley schools wants motorists to be aware that buses will be making frequent, sudden stops with children loading and unloading. “We educate the students on what they need to do to stay safe and we’re hoping motorists will help us out,” she told the Osgood Journal.

Napoleon gives details of budget

Cathy May, Contributing Writer
A public hearing was held on the 2008 budget at the August meeting of the Napoleon Town Board. The total budget is $46,085. That is broken down into several funds: General Fund, $29,880; local roads and streets, $2,700; motor vehicle highway, $10,500 and EDIT $3,005. No one from the public appeared for the hearing.

The Versailles Republican - August 9, 2007

Peanut allergy can be fatal
Osgood family hopes, prays, and walks for a cure

Wanda English Burnett, Editor

“My best pal!” Taylor Heaton smiles as she clutches a box of Cheerios at her grandparent’s home (Phil and Janet Mohr) in Osgood.

Why are Cheerios a girl’s best pal? The question is simple, yet complex. Taylor has a severe allergy to peanuts and peanut products, and Cheerios is peanut free.

Issue clarified at Plan Commission mtg.

Cathy May, Contributing Writer

Ripley County Area Plan Commission President Dave Osborne commented that after last month’s meeting when only eight members were present and one had to abstain from a vote, there were 11 members out of 12 present at the August 7 meeting.

Osborne referred to a vote last month that was 6-1-1 and because there has to be seven “yes” votes to pass a motion, the item in question was sent to a town with no recommendation. He explained that according to State Statute there has to be a majority of the full board (12) to agree, even if there are only seven members voting.


Be a quitter and win

Cathy May, Contributing Writer

Attention smokers. Now that the cost of cigarettes has raised 44-cents a pack in Indiana, here is an offer you will want to take advantage of.

The Indiana Tobacco Prevention Cessation and Governor Mitch Daniels, INShape Indiana program are holding a contest. If you quit smoking for one month, from September 15 to October 15, you can win prizes including a $2,500 cash prize.


Osgood Journal - August 7, 2007

Police ask for help to find escapee

Wanda English-Burnett, Editor

Today marks the sixth day Kelvin J. Fuller, 40, has been on the loose and police are asking the public to help bring this dangerous escapee into custody.

Homeowner displaced due to arensic treated material
BZA grants temporary permit

Cathy May, Contributing Writer

Attorney Neal Comer appeared for his client Arthur McGuire when the Ripley County Board of Zoning Appeals met in July.

Comer told a mesmerizing story about the medical problems that have happened to McGuire since he built his home in 2001 with wood that was treated with arsenic. When McGuire built the house on South Michigan Road, he did much of the work himself. Since that time, McGuire has been declared disabled and has been forced to move out of the house, which is hazardous to his health.

It's simple. Red means stop!

Wanda English Burnett, Editor

This week has been declared “Indiana Stop on Red Week” by Governor Mitch Daniels. This declaration is an effort to prevent dangerous crashes that occurred last year when motorists disregarded the red light, killing 13 Hoosier motorists and injuring nearly 2,000.

INDOT Commissioner Karl B. Browning said, “Red light running crashes are a serious problem, and the tragedy here is most of these crashes are completely preventable.” He further noted that red light running is often the result of aggressive or impatient driving. “Drivers who run red lights don’t understand their dangerous decision can change, or even end, a life.”

The Versailles Republican - August 2, 2007

Commissioners receive print in honor of Pat Busching
Humane Society asks for funds

Cathy May, Contributing Writer

At the Ripley County Commissioners third meeting in July, Alvin Busching brought a print of all 92 courthouses in Indiana and gave it to the county in memory of his wife, former Auditor Pat Busching. The commissioners accepted the picture and it will hang in the courthouse outside the Auditor’s Office.

Police chase suspect 13 miles

Wanda English Burnett, Editor

After a 13-mile pursuit S/Tpr. Jim Ponsler of the Indiana State Police, arrested Terry Lee Smith, 34, of Somerset, KY.


New AD welcomed at Milan School Board meeting
Milan Supt. gives kindergarten update

Cathy May, Contributing Writer

The Milan Board of School Trustees met in regular session at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, July 23.

Principal Richard Healy introduced David Wolferst, who was hired as athletic director. Wolferst had served as AD at Maconoquah High School for the past four years and was a native of Batesville. He will be moving to this area with his wife, Kris, and their three children.