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November 20, 2007

2007 Milan Indian football teams awards program held

Gary Franklin, Sports Editor

On Wednesday evening, November 14, new Milan High School Athletic Director, David Wolferst, opened the 2007 Indian football recognition and awards program with a cordial welcome to all attending. (The program recognized all football staff, players, cheerleaders and their achievements from the seventh grade through the varsity program.) Wolferst then turned the program over to varsity and JV cheerleader coaches, Anne Marie Layden and Gretchen Fuller .
Cherleaders named
The Indian varsity cheerleaders for the 2007 football season were; Kady Alloway, Kirby Alloway, Kim Atwell, Abby Bergman, Deborah Fryer, Ciera Ison, Heather Lambert, Lindsey Roell, Montana Winters and Jennifer Wullenweber.
Of them, seven squad members; Kady Alloway, Kirby Alloway, Kim Atwell, Abby Bergman, Deborah Fryer, Lindsey Roell and Jennifer Wullenweber are seniors.
JV cheerleaders for '07 were; Becky Davis, Lizzie Fuller, Stephanie Kirk, Kelsey Reese, Molly Scudder and Elaina Voss.
The '07 MMS cheer squad was led by Judy White. Seventh graders included; Sara Ollman, Marie Voss, Shelby Titpitt, Lee Anna White, Shelby Ross and Sarah Strassell. The eighth grade squad members were; Marki Smith, Jessie Strassell, Jasmine Whalen, Kelsey Wheeler, Koehler Morrissey, Tatijana Marsee and Brianna Crabtree.
7th grade football team
Coaches Jeff Stutler and Ricky Williamson introduced their team, acknowledging that the team had played to a perfect season record of 6-0 this season.
Players included: Scott Pennington, Brandon Schmidt, Josh Schmidt, Derek Cameron, David Arkenberg, Aaron Perkins, Brad Garland, Joey Davis, Willie Mays, Brady Cook, Patrick Baker, Tyler Money, Brandon McKinley, Jared Garner, Jimmy Johnson, Dillon Davidson, Brandon Merida, Alex Lindemann, Dalton Craft, Michael Herron, Tyler Jones, Dylan Craig, Jason hawkins, Mitchell Meyer, Matt Yatsko, Trenton Lothridge and Erick Seavers.
Stutler stated, "That 1972 was the last year a seventh grade Milan football team had gone undefeated, He knew because he was part of that team."
8th grade football team
Coaches Tim Atwell and Tony Pennington led the eighth grade team. Players included; Jackson Howder, Nick Prather, Nick Ryan, Zack Lewis, Adam Minges, Braden Voss, Chris Johnson, Cory Strunk, Bret Stites, Jacob White, Drayton Wooton, Gene Calhoun, Kyle Campos, Sam Maguire, Kurtis Kimla, Aspen Miller, Jacob Houseworth and Brandon Miller. The eighth grade team also used some of the seventh grade players to fill up their roster.
Atwell noted that the eighth grade team had improved much, as when they were seventh graders, they had only managed to win one game all season and that now as eighth graders, they turned it around and ended up 5-3 for the season. He also was pleased with the support of the football teams evidenced by the large crowd attending their banquet on this evening.
Coach Ryan Langferman introduces teams and award winners
Leading into the awards to be given to the varsity and jv football teams members, Head Indian Football Coach Ryan Langferman called freshman Cory Hunter (2) - RB/DB up on the stage first. A standing ovation as Coach introduced Hunter. Hunter was seriously injured early in the football season, and is on the mend. All were pleased to see his progress from the injury.
The rest of the 2007 Indian football squad included: Cody Marsee, Chris Hunter, David Herron, Jared Ison, Keith Schornick, Alex Layden, Grayson Miller, Jason Garner, Nick Yatsko, Aaron Roth, Nick Riley, Zach Turner, Daniel Withered, Cody Strunk, Justin Day, Travis Pennington, Zak O'Neal, Derek Walker, Andrew Perkins, Hunter Storey, Cory Jewett, Alex Hooker, Zach Ollman, Matt Arkenberg, Justin Willis, Tyler Clemens, Matt Richmond, Nate Haugh, David Antill, Brandon Davey, John Halcomb, Tyler Smith, Michael Brandes, Adam Lee, Nick Cunningham, Zack Smith, Tanner Roark, Adam Speers, Bram Russell, Ben Jackson, Ryan Ison, Cody Billingsley, Roger Smith, Adam Ison, DJ Rogers, Tyler Allen, Patrick Mays and Caleb Ollman.
Defensive coordinator for the Indians was Randy Combs and strength coach was Mark Garrett. Assistant coaches included: Chris Day, Michael Brandes, Brian Sturgeon, Derek Pennington, Tony Pennington, Tim Atwell, Ricky Williamson and Jeff Stutler. The team video coordinator was Bran Owens and team statistician was Brad Voss. The team managers were; Emily Schmaltz, Courtney Crabtree, Courtney Meyers, Courtney Swigart, Tosha Roysden and Rashel Brown.
Coach Langferman introduced the four Milan varsity players who were named to the M.I.F.C. All Conference team.
Selected were; senior - Brandon Davey (63) - OL/LB, junior - Jared Ison (10) - QB/DB, junior - Zak O'Neal (34) - RB/LB and sophomore - Travis Pennington (33) - RB/LB.
Area players also named to the All Conference Team from the North Decatur Chargers were Neal Ploeger, Blake Litmer and Dustin Metz, along with South Decatur Cougars Jordan Clark and Dalton Watts.
Final M.I.F.C. standings
1.Triton Central 5-0
2. Indian Creek 4-1
3. Milan 3-2
4. North Decatur 2-3
5. South Decatur 1-4
6. Edinburgh 0-5

In presenting the individual awards, Coach Langferman emphasized, "That for every individual award given to a player, probably ten teammates had to exert extra effort to help that person earn the award."
Twelve young men earned the "Iron Indian Award". The award is earned when a player misses no weight room workouts during the off season. Those earning the Iron Indian Award were; Ryan Ison, Matt Arkenberg, Cody Marsee, Zack Smith, Travis Pennington, John Halcomb, Michael Brandes, Patrick Mays, Cory Jewett, Alex Hooker, Brandon Davey and David Antill. Coach noted that, "This was the most ever to earn it at one time"
Scholastic Award winners were given honor based on GPA. Certificates were issued to those earning an average of 3.0-3.49. Pins were given to those carrying a 3.5-3.9, and 4.0 grade point average players were given a plaque. Earning certificates were; Michael Brandes, Jared Ison, Derek Walker, Nick Yatsko, Justin Day, John Halcomb, Aaron Roth, Cory Jewett, Tyler Clemens, Patrick Mays, Brandon Davey, David Antill and Alex Hooker. Pins were awarded to Cody Marsee, Zack Smith, Ryan Ison, Adam Lee, Matt Arkenberg, Adam Ison, Alex Layden and Roger Smith. A plaque was awarded to Grayson Miller.
Varsity letter winners were Nick Cunningham, Michael Brandes, Jared Ison, Cody Marsee, Derek Walker, Zack Smith, Ryan Ison, Nick Yatsko, Justin Day, Zack Ollman, Adam Spears, Zach Turner, Nate Haugh, Travis Pennington, Tyler Allen, Keith Schornick, David Herron, Ben Jackson, Patrick Mays, Brandon Davey, Alex Hooker, Adam Ison, Justin Willis, Zak O"Neal, Tanner Roark and Hunter Storey.
Specialty Award winners were Zak O'Neal for Most Valuable Player, Ryan Ison for Most Valuable Lineman, Travis Pennington for Most Valuable Back, Brandon Davey for 110% award winner and Most Vaaluable Lineman, Zach Ollman for Swantago Award, Justin Willis for Most Improved and Cody Strunk for Swantago Award.
Coach Langferman closed the program with some words he recalls seeing:
Key to success,
Hard Work,
Learning from failure.

Coach noted that he was proud of the effort his players had given and that he found promise of better seasons with the committment of those moving up the ranks of Milan Indian football. "The team faced games that they were in up to the end but did not quite get the job done. However, it was obvious watching them they were not willing to give up regardless what the score was.