Versailles man injured in accidental shooting

Wanda English Burnett, Editor

Versailles Deputy Marshal Lee Mathews responded to the home of Wayne Miller, 49, Tanglewood Road, after a call was received about an accidental shooting at that residence last Saturday, January 5 about 2:00 p.m.

Miller had been cleaning his gun when another gun accidently fell. He grabbed it and then it discharged, striking him in his right forearm. "It went in and out of the forearm and went up right into his mouth, splitting his bottom lip a little," noted his mother, Bertha Miller, who lives next door. The bullet lodged next to his right vertebrae in his neck.. His mother continued saying when the plastic surgeon went in for surgery, he was able to take the bullet out. "It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders," noted Bertha, who said she had been so worried about the bullet still being in her son.
Another cat scan was being performed on Monday, according to his mother, who said he was coming home from the hospital that day.

Bertha was scared to death when her son came running to her house on Saturday, saying, "Call 911." She said there was blood everywhere and she knew something was really wrong.

He was transported by Rescue 69 to Margaret Mary Community Hospital, Batesville, and then on to the University of Cincinnati Hospital.

"We just want everyone to know how thankful we are for everything they did that day," noted Bertha. She said friends and neighbors responded to their situation with offers of help from driving someone to the hospital to cleaning the house that was blood splattered.

Also responding to the scene were first responders from the Versailles Volunteer Fire Department, Sheriff Deputy Andy Hammack, paramedics and Rescue 69. Bertha said she was pleased with the rescue workers response time and "thankful my son is alive."