The Versailles Republican Sports
July 23, 2009

'09 Ripley County Fair Monday night Tractor Pull results
(Sponsored by Osgood Lions Club/Sled by Kevin Menchhofer)

Gary Franklin, Sports Writer

The 2009 Ripley County Fair once again featured a tractor pull in front of the grandstands for fair attendees and tractor pull enthusiasts to enjoy. The event was sponsored by the Osgood Lions Club with the sled and track preparation equipment for the event furnished by Kevin Menchhofer.
A rain shower passing during the event in progress only detained its continuance for a short period of time before the tractor pullers finished the evening's competition.
Green was far the favorite color on hand at this year's pull as John Deere owners wore their "Nothing runs like a Deere" attire proudly. One Allis Chalmers competitor was on hand with several "Big Red" Internationals filling the rest of the field.
As with any event, at one time or another, if a person is going to compete or try their luck at anything new, there must be a first time. The '09 Ripley County Fair tractor pull would be no different as a couple of local "first time pullers" were among the competition slate.
Logan Speer and Levi Speer parked in JD seats as first time competitors this year to their satisfaction.
Logan pulled to a victory on a John Deere 4020 in the evening's 11,000#/4MPH class competition opener with a pull of 294.02 feet. He later competed in the 13,000#/6MPH class and pulled to a distance of 223.13 feet on a John Deere 4430.
The evening's final event, the 18,000#/4MPH class brought Logan's 14 year old cousin Levi Speer to the track, where he pulled a 6030 John Deere for 212.27 feet.
First place class pullers
The event's 11,000# slate of first place pullers included Logan Speer in the 4MPH class, Matt Holland in the 6MPH class, Michael Peters in the 8MPH class and Austin Peters in the OPEN pull.
The event's 13,000# slate of first place pullers included Roger Miller in the 4MPH class, Josh Whipker in the 6MPH class, Jerry Wiseman in the 8MPH class and Chris Linville in the OPEN pull.
The event's 15,000# slate of first place pullers included Andy Comer in the 4MPH class, Chris Linville in the 6MPH class and Jeff Hoevener in the 8MPH class who repeated in the OPEN pull.
The event's 18,000# first place 4MPH class puller was Roger Linville.