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January 5, 2012

South Ripley Lady Raiders travel to BNL for Holiday Invitational Tournament

Gary Franklin, Sports Writer

An addition to the South Ripley Lady Raider basketball teams schedule over the Christmas holiday break included participation in an eight team Bedford North Lawrence Invitational Tournament.
The Brian Samples' coached Lady Raider varsity team met their first action against the hosting BNL Lady Stars at 8 p.m. on Thursday night, December 29. A Lady Raider defeat was mastered by the Lady Stars, 66-37.
Quarter Scores
BNL Lady Stars 12 33 52 66
SR Lady Raiders 5 13 22 37
Individual Scoring
BNL Lady Stars 66
Fr Jenna Allen 14
Fr Dominique McBryde 13
So Brittani Rizzi 11
So Sammy Dillman 9
Sr Leah Myers 7
Sr Alli Matlock 5
So Whitney Wilson 3
Sr Ashley Blackwell 2
Jr Molly Chastain 2
So Kennedy Wall 0
Fr Alexa Bailey 0
SR Lady Raiders 37
Sr Jessica Foster 18
Sr Whitney Walker 8
Sr Kasey King 7
Jr Rachel Hensley 4
Sr Kaitlin Welch 0
So Emily Cumberworth 0
First Round Results
Heritage Christian Lady Eagles 47
Jasper Lady Wildcats 40
Columbus North Lady Bulldogs 49
Seeger Lady Patriots 28
Martinsville Lady Artesians 68
Bishop Chatard Lady Trojans 34
Bedford No. Law. Lady Stars 66
South Ripley Lady Raiders 38
2nd Round
Varsity Game Finishes
"Losers Bracket"
Seeger Lady Patriots 56
Jasper Lady Wildcats 33
South Ripley Lady Raiders 56
Bishop Chatard Lady Trojans 46
"Winners Bracket"
Columbus North Lady Bulldogs 53
Heritage Christian Lady Eagles 44
Bedford No. Law. Lady Stars 56
Martinsville Lady Artesians 53
SR vs Bishop Chatard
In second round Lady Raider action, SR faced the Bishop Chatard Lady Trojans, claiming a 10 point 56-46 victory by the final horn's sounding.
Quarter Scores
SR Lady Raiders 8 26 39 56
BC Lady Trojans 20 26 32 46
Individual Scoring
So. Ripley Lady Raiders 56
Sr Whitney Walker 16
Sr Jessica Foster 12
Jr Rachel Hensley 11
Sr Kaitlin Welch 9
Sr Kasey King 4
So Emily Cumberworth 4
Bis. Chatard Lady Trojans 46
So Hannah Gardner 20
Fr Anna Logan 13
So Grace Dury 10
Jr Kayla Cook 3
Lady Raiders vs
Lady Trojans
Continuing their invitational tournament action, the South Ripley Lady Raider's loss in opening round action found them pitted against the Bishop Chatard Lady Trojans on Friday, December 30, with a noon tip-off.
As the game opened, the Lady Raiders uncharacteristically found themselves unable to put up even a mediocre defensive effort as the Lady Tojans scored lay up after lay up. Senior Lady Raider Jessica Foster missed both FT offerings from the charity stripe and with minimal defense and a lack of offense, SR appeared to be in deep, deep trouble.
Trailing 0-6, senior Kaitlin Welch scored a FG for SR. At 2-10, Lady Raider senior Whitney Walker scored a lay-up, but a serious lack of defense by SR allowed BC to regain an eight point edge with another lay-up scored.
A Lady Raider Emily Cumberworth assist to teammate junior Rachel Hensley for a FG cut SR's deficit to six at 6-12.
In finishing opening period scoring, Foster added a pair of FT's while Hensley failed on her two shots while the Lady Trojans added three lay up FG's to take a 20-8 lead heading to the second quarter.
Quarter Two
Lady Raider Hensley connected on a pair of FT's in the opening of the second period. A hustling senior Lady Raider Whitney Walker completed the steal and drove wall to wall for the lay-up, pulling SR to within eight at 12-20.
Wound for sound, Lady Raider Walker erupted, giving life to a seemingly lifeless Lady Raider team. SR's Emily Cumberworth toed the charity stripe, connecting on one of two offerings. A Walker steal thrown up court to hustling senior teammate Kasey King, scoring the FG with just under five minutes remaining in the period, drew SR to within five at 15-20.
With the Lady Raider defense going soft once again, a pair of lay ups were scored by the Lady Trojans, leading to a Coach Samples calling for a time-out at the 4:44 mark.
Lady Raider Foster made one of two FT's leading to a pair of connections by teammate Walker. Lady Raiders Hensley and Welch added a FG each followed by a one of two FT connections by Cumberworth left SR down by one at 23-24. A time-out taken by BC led to a Lady Trojan lay-up before Lady Raider Hensley knotted the game at 26 with her FG/FT combination conversion.
Failure of the horn to sound at the showing of 00:00 on the game clock gave BC much more time for their final shot effort to end the half than was actually true, however manually sounded, the period ended in a 26-26 tie despite a very poor SR first period.
Quarter Three
BC opened the third with a lay up for the lead, however Lady Raider Walker knotted the game with her FG. Walker put SR on top for the first time in the contest with a pair of FT connections. Walker's steal and wall to wall drive for the FG/FT combo following a BC score gave SR the three point edge at 33-30. A Lady Raider eruption ensued with a Welch FG followed by a second FG off a Lady King assist. A Walker assist to teammate King for the FG led to a BC FG before the period ended, SR on top 39-32.
Quarter Four
The game was turned around and the Lady Raiders looked more like a Lady Raider team is expected to this season. Four BC points later, Coach Samples seated his team on the sideline bench for a sincere reality check.
Ensuing action at the 6:36 mark resulted in a failure of the clock to start. Once recognized, the horn sounded. With no whistles blown, Lady Raider Hensley launched a net popping 3-pointer. Once discussed, SR was given the ball at center court instead of under BC's basket with the clock reset at 6:36 and Hensley's 3-pointer was erased.
Continuing, Hensley connected with a short jumper for a FG. Welch added a FT of two attempted, capped by the Lady Trojans which led to Lady Raider Foster's three point conversion off the FG/FT combo. Cumberworth followed with a FG to give SR their first double digit lead of game at 10, 47-37.
Lady Raider Foster took a crowd to the board, scoring the FG advancing their lead to 12. Foster's connection on a pair of FT's following a BC score maintained the lead of 12. Lady Raider Walker added a pair of FT's, negated by a BC field goal and a 3 pointer before Walker connected on one of two FT offerings.
During the remaining 13 seconds, BC scored a FG and Lady Raider Foster connected on a pair of FT offerings to set the game's final score at 56-46.
2nd Round
Varsity Game Finishes
"Losers Bracket"
Seeger Lady Patriots 56
Jasper Lady Wildcats 33
South Ripley Lady Raiders 56
Bishop Chatard Lady Trojans 46
"Winners Bracket"
Columbus No. Lady Bulldogs 53
Heritage Christian Lady Eagles 44
Bedford No. Law. Lady Stars 56
Martinsville Lady Artesians 53
Final Round
Varsity 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th place Finishers
"Winners Bracket"
Columbus North Lady Bulldogs 43
Bedford No. Law. Lady Stars 42
Martinsville Lady Artesians 59
Heritage Christian Lady Eagles 44
Varsity 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th place Finishers
"Losers Bracket"
South Ripley Lady Raiders 47
Seeger Lady Patriots 39
Jasper Lady Wildcats 73
Bishop Chatard Lady Trojans 39
Quarter Scores
SR Lady Raiders 11 20 37 47
BC Lady Trojans 10 18 24 39
Individual Scoring
So. Ripley Lady Raiders 47
Sr Jessica Foster 23
Sr Whitney Walker 11
Sr Kaitlyn Welch 4
So Emily Cumberworth 4
Sr Kasey King 3
Jr Rachel Hensley 2
Seeger Lady Patriots 39
Sr Kelcey Swisher 13
Sr Christen Lord 9
Sr Arielle Verhey 7
Sr Abby Sexton 6
Sr Kelsey Griswold 4
SR Lady Raiders vs
Seeger Lady Patriots
BNL Invitational Tournament action for the South Ripley Lady Raider varsity concluded in a game against the Seeger Lady Patriots. A 6 p.m. center court tip-off led to a Lady Raider fifth place finish for the tournament, with SR besting Seeger by a final count of 47-39 following a last second FG by Seeger.
As in the onset of the Lady Raider/Lady Trojan game, SR got off to a sluggish start, with the Lady Patriots getting off to a 6-0 run. Senior Lady Raider Jessica Foster cut their deficit in half with an old fashioned FG/FT three point combination.
Lady Raider scoring during the remainder of the first period came from additions of two more Foster FG's, along with senior teammates Whitney Walker and Kaitlyn Welch FG's. Seeger only added a pair of FG scores, ending the first quarter with the Lady Raiders leading 11-10.
Quarter Two
In opening quarter two action, Seeger captured the lead off a pair of FT connections and a FG. Lady Raider Foster scored a FG before senior teammate Whitney Walker exploded for a downtown 3-pointer and a pair of FT's. Senior teammate Rachel Hensley added a FG and Seeger connected on a pair of FT's and a FG. The halftime break concluded at SR 20-18 Seeger.
BNL Tourney cont.pg 6.....
BNL tourney continued...
Quarter Three
A 12-0 third period opening run by SR advanced the score to 30-18 off three Foster FG's and a 3 pointer, along with King's 3 of 4 FT deliveries. Lady Raider's Welch, Walker and Foster added a FG each along with Foster's one of three FT makes, to Seeger's scoring of two 3 pointers, ended the third with SR leading by a dozen at 37-25.
Quarter Four
In opening the fourth period, Lady Raider Emily Cumberworth played the role of chaser for a solid two minutes, baffling the offensive intent of the Lady Patriots, forcing them to call a time-out.
Lady Raider Foster's scoring of a FG led Seeger to another called time-out at the 3:45 mark.
Seeger added two 3 pointers, a FG and 3 FT's over the balance of the period. South Ripley scoring included a Foster FG, four for four FT scoring by Cumberworth and a pair of FT makes by Walker. Seeger finished all scoring with a 3 pointer at the buzzer, resulting in a final score of SR 47-39 over Seeger.
SR JV action
South Ripley Lady Raider BNL JV Invitational results included a 31 point loss on Thursday, December 29, to the hosting Bedford North Lawrence Lady Stars by the final count of 16-47.
Coaching the Lady Raiders for the weekend tournament action was JV assistant coach, Kevin Mack.
JV Quarter Scores
BNL Lady Stars 24 30 43 47
SR Lady Raiders 2 6 11 16
Individual Scoring
BNL Lady Stars 47
Wall 12
Boshears 8
Wilson 6
Yeary 5
Pritchett 5
Brand 5
Fields 4
Chastain 2

So. Ripley Lady Raiders 16
Hayley Schwarte 4
Rachel Bush 4
Allie Sexton 3
Sidney Steinhauer 3
Emily Fowalt 2
Lady Raider JV vs Martinsville Lady Artesians
Results of the Friday, December 30, JV game between South Ripley's Lady Raiders and the Martinsville Lady Artesians ended in a 18 point Lady Raider loss at 18-36.
JV Quarter Scores
Martinsville 14 19 30 36
South Ripley 2 4 6 18
Individual Scoring
Martinsville 47
Applegate 7
Peeden 7
Elliott 6
England 4
Teeters 4
Bentley 4
Jones 4

So. Ripley Lady Raiders 18
Emily Fowalt 9
Sidney Steinhauer 4
Allie Sexton 3
Samantha Wilhoit 2

Lady Raider senior Jessica Foster wins the opening tip.