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The Versailles Republican Sports

March 29, 2012

2011-12 Jac-Cen-Del Eagle winter sport athletes and coaches are recognized

Gary Franklin,
Sports Writer

The Jac-Cen-Del Eagle sports faithful rallied behind their 2011-12 basketball team athletes and staff during the annual winter sports awards and recognition program held at JCDHS on March 15.

The evening was opened with junior-high recognition by JCD Athletic Director Mark Meyer, following a warm welcome to all in attendance. Appreciation was noted for the attitude of those who both represented JCDES as athletes, coaching staff and parents along with general supporters.

Jr. High program

AD Meyer began the program at 6 p.m. stating: "Welcome, I would like to welcome everyone to our winter awards program. It gives us the opportunity to pay tribute to all of our winter athletes, not only on the playing floor, but also for what they achieve in the classroom."

He continued, "I would like to thank the coaches for their dedication to our student athletes and especially thank all our young athletes for the time and effort this winter as they often travel a couple nights a week...get home late...and still have outstanding success in the classroom."

Seventh Grade Girls

Led by Coach Degler, the 7th grade girls team played to a 5/9 record for the season with team members including: Kayla Bowling, Celestina DeChristopher, Tressa Moore, Mallory Winters, Taylor Carroll, Teha Merkel, Roselynn Newhart, MaKayla Yorn, Catherine Crase, Baili Miller, MaKayla Weber and student manager Meghan Maly.

Awards presented

Most Improved - Rosie Newhart

Most Determined - Celestina DeChristopher

Mental Attitude - Kayla Bowling

Scholastic GPA @ 10.85 - Teha Merkel

Seventh Grade Boys

The seventh grade boys team was led by Coach Jason Volz.

The 7th grade boys team finished their season at 2/13 with team members including: Reuben Benham, Matthew Drockelman, William Lewis, Jalen Thomas, Rodney Dobbs, Ben Harlemert, Christopher Douglas, Vincent Hountz, Aaron Powers and student manager Jacob Dodge.

Awards presented

Most Improved - Rodney Dobbs

Most Determined - Reuben Benham

Mental Attitude - Ben Harlemert

Scholastic GPA @ 9.56 - Reuben Benham

7th & 8th Grade


The seventh and eighth grade cheerleader squads were led by Andrea Rohrig and Cindy Toops.

Cheer squad members included: Kayla Bowling, Baili Miller, Andrea Adams, Rachel Schwanholt, Taylor Carroll, Meghan Tunny, Kaylynn Baluyot, Ashlee Veerkamp, Teha Merkel, Lexi Volz, Hannah Mullikin and Adrianna Youngman.

Awards presented

7th Mental Attitude - Kayla Bowling

7th Scholastic GPA @ 10.8 - Teha Merkel

8th Mental Attitude - Adrianna Youngman

8th Scholastic GPA @ 10.6 - Kaylynn Baluyot

Eighth Grade Girls

Led by Coach Tim Sutton, the 8th grade girls team played to an overall record of 3/11 for the season, with team members including: Elizabeth Abel, Hannah Mullikin, Abby Wagner, Hannah Eaton, Andrea Smith, Emily Gunter, Ashlee Veerkamp and student manager Rachel Schwanholt.

Awards presented

Most Improved - Elizabeth Abel

Most Determined - Hannah Mullikin

Mental Attitude - Abby Wagner

Scholastic GPA @ 12.0 - Abby Wagner

Eighth Grade Boys

Led by Coach David Espinda, the 8th grade boys team finished their season with an overall record of 7/8, with team members including: Evan Borgman, Allen Troy, Devin Wilson, Maverick Dwenger, Austin Wheeler, Shawn Volz, Tyler Huff and Lucas Williams.

Awards presented

Co-Most Improved - Alan Troy & Evan Borgman

Most Determined - Tyler Huff

Mental Attitude - Maverick Dwenger

Scholastic GPA @ 10.78 - Tyler Huff

High School program

JCD AD Meyer opened the high school awards program at approximately 7 p.m., welcoming athletes, their parents and guests to join JCD in paying tribute to all of our winter sports athletes.

In continuing, he thanked the coaches and many who had helped make the Eagle sports program traditionally successful while having outstanding success in the classroom.

Boys Freshman Team

The freshmen boys team was led by newcomer Derek Jones, as former Eagle Freshman Boys Coach Roy Thomas' employment changes made it impractical for him to continue in the top position. He however assisted Coach Jones when available.

The freshman boys played to a 9/6 record for the season, with certificate earning team members including: Ethan Adams, Riley Thomas, Christopher Stephens, Allen Hooton, Trent Moore, Blake Straub, Cameron Horan and Alex Pilz.

Awards presented

Most Improved - Blake Straub

Most Determined - Alex Pilz

Mental Attitude - Allen Hooton

Free Throw Award - Allen Hooton

Scholastic GPA: 10.71 - Cameron Horan

Lady Eagle JV Team

The ORVC Champion Jac-Cen-Del Lady Eagle JV team was led by Coach Matt McNew. McNew, assisted by Head Coach Scott Smith and assistant coach Chad Pindell successfully finished their season with an overall 13/5 record.

The Lady Eagle JV squad included: Brianna Volz, Tiffany Burton, Jacqlyn Menchhofer, Ciara Moore, Brooklyn Ronsheim, Erin Gloyd, Crista Roberts, Kelsey Bowling, Jenna Hughes and Ralphaela Mueller.

Girls JV Awards

Most Improved - Kelsey Bowling

Most Determined - Brooklyn Ronsheim

Mental Attitude - Jenna Hughes

Free Throw Award - Brianna Volz

Scholastic GPA @ 11.78 - Kelsey Bowling

Eagle Boys JV

The Eagle boys JV, led by Coach Steve Narwold, played to a 9/10 overall season record. Certificate earning team members included: Chad Anderson, Jared Dickman, Derek Powers, Austin Wagner, Blake Straub, Brytton Rogers, Dakota Ebbing, Alex Schoettmer, Allen Hooton, Riley Thomas, Trey Brown, Austin Harmeyer, Tommy Tunny and Alex Pilz.

JV Boys Awards

Most Improved - Austin Wagner

Most Determined - Chad Anderson

Mental Attitude - Trey Brown

Free Throw Award - Chad Anderson

Scholastic GPA @ 11.6 - Austin Wagner

JV Cheerleaders

The Eagle cheer squad was led by Nichole Drockelman.

JV squad members earning certificates included: Kelsey Foster, Taylor Teeters, Kelsey Martin, Jessilyn Tunny, Tara Ricke and Justice Thoman.

Awards presented

Mental Attitude - Kelsey Foster

Scholastic GPA @ 11.5 - Tara Ricke

Varsity Cheerleaders

The Eagle varsity squad members included: Toeie Gilland, Allie Shinkle and First Varsity Letter earners Alanie Hooton, Shelbie Huffmeyer and Alexis Bushhorn.

Awards presented

Mental Attitude - Alexis Bushhorn

Outstanding Cheerleader - Alanie Hooton

Scholastic GPA @ 11.18 - Alanie Hooton

Lady Eagle Varsity

The IHSAA Class 1A Sectional Champion Jac-Cen-Del Lady Eagles, led by head coach Scott Smith and assistant coach Chad Pindell successfully finished their season with another Sectional #60 Champion Title.

The Lady Eagle varsity squad met with extreme loss with the fatal auto accident that took the life of senior teammate and friend Emily Huntington during the Christmas break in December.

Adjusting from the incident, the team realigned to perform positively, ending the overall season with a 16/8 count.

At season's close, the Lady Eagle senior varsity players included: Amber Crank, Megan Obermeyer, Meagan Hughes, Kara Wagner, Morgan Young, Kelsey Pilz and student manager Brittany Keith. First Varsity Letter earners included: Kelsey Pilz, Sydney Keene, Crista Roberts, Brianna Volz and student manager Erin Flint.

Girls Varsity Awards

Most Valuable Player - Kelsey Pilz

Captains Award - Meagan Hughes

Hustler Award - Amber Crank

Rebounding Award - Kelsey Pilz

Most Improved - Morgan Young

Assist Award - Sydney Keene

Free Throw Award - Meagan Hughes

Scholastic GPA @ 11.36 - Meagan Hughes

All-County Team -

Sydney Keene

Morgan Young

All-Sectional Team -

Meagan Hughes (MVP)

Sydney Keene

Kelsey Pilz

Morgan Young

All-ORVC Team -

Meagan Hughes

Kelsey Pilz

Morgan Young

Varsity Certificates -

Brooklyn Ronsheim

Jenna Hughes

Varsity Eagle Boys

The Eagle boys varsity, led by Coach David Bradshaw, finished their season with an overall record of 6/15.

The 2011-12 Eagle team included four seniors: Codey Martin, Jayson Purdy, Dustin Wagner and Anthony J. Ertel. Martin, Purdy and junior Trent Smith were already Varsity Leter earners. First Varsity Letter earners included: AJ Ertel, Dustin Wagner, Cord Comer, Trey Brown, Adam Siebert and student manager Trey Bradshaw.

Boys Varsity Awards

Most Valuable Player -Jayson Purdy

Captains Award - Jayson Purdy

Hustler Award - Trent Smith

Rebounding Award - Codey Martin

Most Improved - Adam Siebert

Assist Award - Trent Smith

Free Throw Award - Jayson Purdy

Scholastic GPA @ 11.33 - Jayson Purdy

All-County Team -

Jayson Purdy

Morgan Young

All-ORVC Team -

Jayson Purdy

Trent Smith

Varsity Certificates -

Chad Anderson

Austin Harmeyer