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The Versailles Republican Sports

July 5, 2012

Kevin Menchhofer Sled Rentals, Antique tractor pull provides finale for the 2012 annual F.A.R.M. Club festivities at the Ripley County Fairgrounds in Osgood

Gary Franklin
Sports Editor

Competitors and tractor pull fans found a most pleasurable conclusion to the 2012 version of the annual F.A.R.M Club (Farming and Antique Related Machinery) season's main event, held at the Ripley County Fairgrounds in Osgood, June 22-24, on Sunday afternoon as Kevin Menchhofer of Menchhofer Sled Rentals brought a sled to town for some friendly competition.

The price for spectators was right as their was no charge to watch competition on the track in front of the grandstand and no charge to park.

The pull began around 1:30 p.m. as a Ford tractor (yes I said Ford, but he was wearing a John Deere hat and tee shirt so he may be forgiven) driven by Roger Linville was connected to the sled for the competition to get underway.

4250# - 3 MPH

The opening class was for 4250# - 3 MPH. Linville's pull earned him first place with a pull of 207.56'. Kevin Kuhn was second at 198.21' with Tim Curl third at 197.81' on his 1951 Case CD called Purple Reign.

4500# - 3 MPH

Thirteen drivers entered the 4500# - 3 MPH Class. Earning the top spot was Shawn Darbro on an Oliver 88 Row Crop with a pull of 290.54'. Second place in the class was Larry Gingery on his Oliver 88 Row Crop with a pull of 285.45'.

In the money for third through fifth place was the 278.79' pull by John Craig on his Cockshutt 570, with Kevin Kuhn pulling 274.95' on an Oliver 77, with Ruth Ann Meyer of Dillsboro, daughter of Don Meyer, the only female pulling in the event paced her John Deere A for a distance of 268.72" earnig herself a fifth place finish.

Other pullers in the class included: Tim Curl on his 1951 Case "Purple Reign" at 265.60, Roger Linville at 262.25' on a Ford, Bob Jarman on the Amish Builders Oliver at 238.24', Mike Hunger on his Massey Harris at 162.25', Scott Hockersmitte on an Oliver 88 at 159.00', Dustin Simon on a Farmall at 130.81' and Shane Simon at 89.08 on a Farmall with the pull attempt by Ron Craig on his Oliver DQ'd.

4500# - 4 MPH

Phil Kuhn won the 4500#, 4 MPH class with his pull of 216.12' on an Oliver with Kevin Kuhn capturing second with a pull of 208.84 on his Oliver. Also pulling in the class were: Shawn Darbro on his Oliver 88 at 208.15 and Don Meyer of Aurora on his Oliver 77 at 197.75'.

4750# - 3 MPH

Ten drivers competed in the 4750# - 3 MPH class. Capturing the top spot with his pull of 265.73' was Nelson Gingery on his Oliver. David Risselman's pull of 261.93' on his Farmall 460 earned a second place finish. Third place was claimed by RuthAnn Meyer on her John Deere A at 248.65'.

Remaining competitors in the class were: Kevin Kuhn on an Oliver at 243.26', Roger Linville on his Ford at 243.26', Shawn Darbro on an Oliver 88 Row Crop at 240.50', John Craig on his Cockshutt 570 at 218.32', Bob Jarman on his Amish Builders Oliver at 217.56', Phil Wolfe on his Farmall Super M at a distance of 176.16', Tim Curl on his Case Purple Reign at 156.04' with Ron Craig being disqualified on his attempt with his Oliver.

4750# - 4 MPH

The 4750# - 4 MPH class drew six competitors. Their finishes were as follows: Don Meyer of Aurora on his Oliver 77 captured the top pull at 259.96'. Phil Kuhn on his Oliver 88 Row Crop was second with a pull of 241.75'. Third place among the six pullers was captured by Shawn Darbro on his 88 Row Crop Oliverf at 230.33'.

The Ford of Roger Linville reached a distance of 229.28 with Keith Gordon covered a distance of 220.58' before being halted followed by Dave Risselman's pull of 214.81' on his Oliver 88.

5000# - 3 MPH

Ron Craig finished first on his Oliver in the 5000#, 3 MPH class with a pull of 316.56'. Second place was claimed by Bob Jarman on the Amish Builders Oliver with a pull of 301.56'. Third place was captured by Phil Wolfe of Madison on his Farmall Super M at 301.20', while Nelson Gingery earned fourth with his pulling distance of 298.74'.

Remaining pull distances in the class included: RuthAnn Meyer on her John Deere A at 286.93', Kevin Kuhn at 286.30', David Risselman at 274.98', Ryan Sullivan at 271.87', Shawn Darbro on an 88 Oliver at 271.70', JR Kuhn at 264.16, John Craig at 261.20, Roger Linville on a Ford at 242.44, Tim Curl on Purple Reign at 237.65' with a pull of 211.86' by Mike Kunz completing the field.

5000# - 4 MPH

Driving to the first place finish in the 5,000# - 4 MPH field was Mark Buchanan at 266.65'. Phil Kuhn claimed second place with a pull of 261.24' while David Cox snagged third place with a distance of 258.84'.

Alan Schlugerhil's pull ended at 255.79', Don Meyer at 246.36, Keith Gordon at 241.12 and Tim Curl at 216.65'.

5000# - 6 MPH

Five drivers competed in the 5000# - 6 MPH class. Finishing first was David Cox with a pull of 276.23'. Second to Mark Buchanan at 274.72' with Phil Kuhn, Keith Gordon and Alan Schlugerhil following at distances of 274.49, 270.03 and 266.98'.

5500# - 3 MPH

The 5500# - 3 MPH class included a field of nine entries. Results included: Nelson Gingery first at 243.35', Bob Jarman second at 239.19' and Clay Althoff third at 232.17'.

Remaining drivers finished at: David Risselman at 222.03', JR Kuhn at 220.06', Phil Wolfe at 212.22', Ryan Sullivan at 209.72', Shawn Darbro @ 204.05 and Ron Craig at 202.73'.

5500# - 4 MPH

David Cox pulled to a distance of 244.73 in the 5500 - 4 MPH class, for the win. Mark Buchanan was second at 241.78'. The remaining three drivers included: Alan Schlugerhil at 239.97, Phil Kuhn at 233.02 and Ron Craig at 202.73'.

5500# - 6 MPH

Four drivers competed in the 5500# - 6 MPH event. Mark Buchanan established the top winning spot with his pull of 244.80', Keith Gordon at 239.06 earned second place. The remaining two drivers included David Cox at 235.25' and Alan Schlugerhil at 232.56.

6000# - 3 MPH

Five drivers competed in the 6000# - 3 MPH class. They included: first place driver Larry Gingery at 248.37', Ryan Sullivan at 239.78' earned second place. Shawn Darbro drove to a distance of 238.27'.

JR Kuhn motored to a 233.97' while Bob Schutte wound out the crowd of competitors with his pull at 164.41.

6500# - 3 MPH

(Top Cut 15x5x38)

As weights were added the strategies changed as the last class of the day's pull, the 6500# - 3 MPH began.

Four drivers made the sled connection, with first in the class Larry Grigsby going for a distance of 278.76'. Shawn Darbro pulled to 250.84', Ryan Sullivan at 250.05' and Bob Schutte rounded out the field, winding up the day with a pull of 153.88'.

The day's performance of 13 classes included 90+ hooks with 2 DQ's and only minimal down time for adjustments including track watering to settle dusty conditions.

Nice job guys and gal.