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September 4, 2012

South Ripley Raider boys win JCDHS hosted co-ed cross country event

Gary Franklin
Sports Editor

Only two days earlier than the usual first co-ed cross country competition for area teams at Rushville HS, JCDHS held a five school meet. Invitees included: the Milan Indians, the South Ripley Raiders, the South Decatur Cougars, the Trinity Lutheran Cougars and the hosting Jac-Cen-Del Eagles.

Some schools failed to produce enough eligible runners to earn a team score, while South Ripley simply elected not to run their girls in the event so that they might stay focused on Saturday morning's running of the annual Rushville XC Invitational.

Girls team results:

Trinity Lutheran 27

Jac-Cen-Del 28

Milan INC

South Decatur INC

South Ripley No Show

Female runner finish (1-19)

JCD Kelsey Bowling 24.09

SD Ashley Hamilton 24.16

JCD Jenna Hughes 24.55

TL Erika Horton 25:48

TL Britt.VonDielingen 26.24

TL Allison Posey 26.32

TL Danielle Shelly 26.48

JCD Jacqlyn Menchoffer 27.08

Mil Kristen Honeycutt 27.32

JCD Sasha Wagner 27.33

TL Allison Voss 28.18

JCD Abby Wagner 28.31

Mil Lila Uribe 29.39

SD Emily Manes 29.59

JCD Tiffany Burton 30.10

Mil Marisa Combs 30.18

Mil Isabelle Ortt 31.19

JCD Ash. Hammond 31.35

SD Paige Smiley 35.48

Boys team results:

South Ripley 25

Trinity Lutheran 65

South Decatur 66

Jac-Cen-Del 74

Milan INC

Male runner finish (1-37)

SR Zach Raab 19.29

SD Cameron Agnew 19.50

SR Austin Allen 20.00

JCD Chris Kissell 20:08

TL Luke Onken 20.14

SR JC Boyken 20.17

SR Alex Dagley 20.31 SR Mike Harris 20.41

TL Gray Mellenkamp 21.22

SD Justin Clark 21.32

SD Sam Studler 21.35

SR Julian Carpenter 21.40

TL Nick Haak 21.59

JCD Ethan Adams 22.14

SR Michael Bradley 22.27

JCD Tanner Volz 22:35

JCD Tommy Tunny 22.42

SR Brian McCombs 22.47

TL Clay Pottschmidt 22.51

Mil Zack Meyer 22.59

SR Dom Gramaglia 23.07

TL Daniel Horton 23.13

TL Jacob Christopher 23.18

SD Brandon Overlock 23.21

SR Austin Bradley 23.42

SRAndy Austin 24.07

SD Tyler Wamsley 24.44

JCD Jeffrey Crum 24.56

SD Nick Grissom 25.18

Mil Eli Seithel 25:29

SR Quenton Rose 25.37

SR Andrew Herbert 26.12

Mil Russell Pitts 27.21

SR Patrick Cole 28.07

JCD Aaron Dodge 29.07

SD Caleb Newlin 29.12

Mil Nathaniel Walter 31.58