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  • How to Download a Free QR Code Reader
  • How to Print Avery Labels 5434
  • Avery Label 5434 Microsoft Word Template (DOWNLOAD LINK)
  • QR Code Instructions
  • QR Code Disclaimer

  • How to Download a Free QR Code Reader
    1. From a Smart Phone or Tablet device, go to the vendors App Store.

    2. Search for QR Code scanner or reader and download reader that suits your needs the best.

    3. Open the App on the device and follow the instructions for scanning QR Codes. Typically, this is just a matter of opening the app and taking a "picture" of the QR Code.

    How to Print Avery Labels 5434
    1. Download the Avery 5434 Label template for Microsoft Word using the link above.

    2. Open the template.

    3. Go to "Insert", the press "Picture", then from the drop down menu, select "From File".

    4. The "Insert Picture Dialog Box" will appear. Locate and select the saved QR Code.

    5. Click the "Insert" button. Note: This will insert only one QR at a time into the selected blank field.

    6. Click the next blank field and repeat step 5 until all fields are populated.

    7. Print.

    QR Code Instructions
    • A link will be provided to you by SEI Communication's Sales staff to download your QR Code. Simply save this link to your desktop.

    QR Code Disclaimer
    • SEI Communications has tested the image as provided.
    • SEI Communications is not liable for any resizing or alterations made to the QR Code.
    • It is the Subscribers responsibility to test the QR Code's scan ability before use, if resized.
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