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Miscellanous Search Engines


Anagram Generator Converts the provided name or phrase into other words using the same letters

CIA World Factbook

Congressional Votes How did your Senators and Representative vote recently? (Enter your Zip Code)

David Letterman's Top Ten Lists Search archive of Top Ten Lists

Discovery Channel Online Search content of the Discovery Channel Web site

DBC Quote Server Enter ticker symbol, or multiple symbols separated by spaces

FAA Aircraft Registration Query aircraft by Owner OR Tail Number (omit N prefix) [Note: Data is over 4 years old]
Aircraft Owner
Tail Number

FCC Radio Station Database Look up AM/FM radio station information by Call Sign
FM Stations
AM Stations

Host DNS Lookup

Internet E-Mail Guide Format for sending mail between networks (Enter From and To)

IRS Tax Forms Search for and download IRS tax forms (Enter keywords or form number)

Princeton Review College Search Search for school reviews and links to their web sites

Say. . . Text to Speech Translator

WebLint Check a WWW Page for errors (Enter complete URL)

What time is it? Query the Master Clock at the US Naval Observatory

WWPing Check if HTTP is active on host (Enter host name)

Zipper Zipcode to Congressional District Matcher (Enter your Zipcode)


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