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Alphabet Fun Learn to Read

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Alphabet Fun

Alphabet Letters
A neat father made this animated alphabet book for his son Rollie... check it out!
Alphabet Made Fun
A fun way to learn the alphabet
Space ABC's
Neat space pictures that match alphabet letters. Done by kids at Buckman Elementary School in Oregon.

Learn to Read

Animals You Can See at the Zoo
Read about all the animals in the zoo and hear the sounds they make.
But That Wasn't The Best Part
Read all about the Banana Parade and find out what the best part was!
Elmo Minds the Farm
Read a story about Elmo and his visit to a farm.
The Farm Animals
Learn all about different farm animals and the sounds they make.
Forgetful Jones in Thanks for the Memories
Read a story about Forgetful Jones and his adventures.
Help Max Find His Mummy
YOU can help the little koala bear Max find his mother. This story was created by Alex who is 5 and lives in Australia!
Max and the Joey
Another story from Alex. Help Max save the Joey (a baby kangaroo).
Mother Goose Rebus Rhymes
Learn how to read by comparing pictures with words. Lots of familiar rhymes here.

Coloring and Games

The monsters are easy to build and you don't have to read to play.
Carlos' Coloring Book
Here's where you can color neat pictures online. ( I like to color the apple!)
Curious George Rides the Bus
Help Curious George decide which person's hat to take.
Kendra's Coloring Book
Here's a really simple online coloring book. It has neat pictures and paints your picture quickly!
Miss Mouse
Guess which house Miss Mouse is in! Each game is different.
Online Connect-the-Dots game
Each time you visit you'll find different connect-the-dot picture to do. They're really easy.. try them!
Sesame Street Alphabet Coloring Page
Print out and color different numbers and your favorite Sesame Street character.
Sesame Street Number Coloring Page
Print out and color different letters and Cookie Monster, Elmo and Big Bird.
Sesame Street Shape Coloring Page
Print out and color different shapes and neat pictures from Sesame Street.

Learning is Cool!

Cow's Number Page
Learn your numbers and how to add and subtract here... and take an easy test.
Piggy's Page
Learn the alphabet, words, and sounds here... even take a test!
Fire Engines Quiz
Look at the fire engines and guess which are alike and which are different.
Funny Hats Quiz
Look at the funny hats and guess which are alike and which are different.

A Rainbow of Frogs
Guess what colors the frogs are!
Little Train Quiz
Look at the train and guess which things are alike and which are different.
Silly Clowns Quiz
Look at the clowns and guess which things are alike and which are different.