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SEILUG Newsletter


October 2000


We had our Linux User Group Meeting Monday September the 11th.
Our Next Meeting will be Wednesday October 4th. Notice the new date for the meeting as it is changed.
Instead of the second Monday of the month, we will now be meeting the first Wednesday of each month.

This month we demoed how to setup a simple home network. We connected two computers and created a simple network. Everything went well and we were able to talk to each of the machines and login to the other machines.

Next Months meeting topic will continue on this topic. We will create a simple fire wall, establish IP Chaines, and IP Masq. The purpose of this is to protect us from the outside and enable us to share not only information between the boxes, but also to share a single internet connection.
We'll also do a bit about running X programs on one machine, even though the programs are only one the other machine.

If you didn't make it to the meeting you missed a good one.
In addition our sponsors provided goodies for handouts.

Red Hat provide a complete Deluxe package set of Red Hat Linux
Red Hat also provided bumper stickers.
O'Reilly provided new catalogs and info on a new discount.
Caldera provided boxed distributions of their new release.
IDG publishing provided copies of Big Dummies Guide to Red Hat Linux that came with a complete 2 CD set of RH.
IDG also provided Red Hat T-Shirts.
Sys Admin magazine provided copies of their magazine.
Mandrakesoft provided distribution copies of Mandrake Linux.
Wolfram Research provided mouse pads.
Wolfram also supplied us with Graphical Calendars.
Wolfram also supplied us with Mathmatica T-Shirts.
Metro Link provided boxed sets of their Metro-X Enhanced X Windows System Graphics packages.

As you can tell everyone walked away with an arm load of goodies.

Ed Dalton brought us up to date about what is happening at SEI Data/Venus.
Ed was also able to supply a lot of information about networking a MAC into the network that we setup.

I'd like to thank Ed for his continued support at our meetings and thank SEI Data for their support. SEI Data provides not only our SEILUG account and hosts are website, but supplies us with the materials to do our meetings.

Hope to see you all at next months meeting.


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