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The Versailles Republican

January 29, 2015 • Headlines

Pictured above are Billy Hamilton, Debbie Gray, Dick Williams, Carla Werner Meer, Glenn Braggs and Jesse Winker during the Cincinnati Reds Caravan West Tour in Batesville. To read the entire story, buy a copy of The Versailles Republican for 75 cents at your local newsstand! Click here to find out where to buy the paper! SUBMITTED PHOTO
On Saturday, Jan. 10, Versailles resident Geneva Kennedy met current Purdue University president and former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels. The planned surprise from her son, Bill, took place during the Purdue vs. Maryland basketball game that afternoon.
Pictured above is Dale Day in 1956 as minister at Holton Christian Church. Dale Day, minister at the Versailles Church of Christ, celebrated 60 years as a minister on the first Sunday in January 2015. Pick up The Versailles Republican at your local newsstand and read the entire story.
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Good turnout for ‘Cure Camille’ blood drive

Small town residents have big hearts, and that was shown Tuesday at the Cure Camille blood drive and bone marrow registry. People had to be turned away for the “Cure Camille” blood drive at Crossroads Restaurant in Versailles. Her grandmother, Kim Evans, said they hated to do that, but there were only so many slots available.
Camille Evans blood drive


April Jordan is a regular blood donor, but gave in Camille Evan’s name.

“If they want to donate at Napoleon when St. Maurice Church has their drive February 9 they can donate in Camille’s name. Platelets will be taken there also,” she said. Click here to learn more about the blood drive in Napoleon.

Platelets do have to match blood types, but all are needed daily at Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati where Camille is being treated.

There were 31 local people who sign up on the bone marrow registry. Camille, 2, the daughter of Michael Evans and Emily Evans, is in dire need of a bone marrow transplant. She has a type of leukemia that causes her bone marrow to not work right. The national registry helps provide a match. Evans said she has bone marrow kits available at the restaurant if anyone wasn’t able to make it to the drive.

Broken Skull challenger
South Ripley grad muscles in on reality show

Sandy Day Howard

Country girl Jordan Vinup gave America a taste of what it’s like to be ‘Friendship Indiana-strong’ last week as the 2009 South Ripley graduate showed her brains and braun on the reality TV series Steve Austin’s “Broken Skull Challenge,” which is seen on the CMT network.  The competition was based on WWE Champion Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch near Austin Texas, and included eight competitors from Indiana, Texas, California, Florida and Illinois. 

Jordan Vinup


Jordan Vinup, pictured right, a 2009 South Ripley graduate, was on TV last week as part of a reality challenge show.

Since most shows are filmed months in advance, the results of the event couldn’t be shared until the program aired last Sunday night where she was eliminated in the first round. Jordan speaks to the secrecy. ”The whole thing was very quiet and confidential. I couldn’t even tell anyone I had been on the show until December. There was also a long series of interviews and paperwork during that time.” So, if you wondered where she was for those three days a while back, now you know! 

Jordan continues “The first day was just a physical at the doctor’s office there, which was pretty cool because it was a well-known doctor that many famous people have been to and their pictures were on the wall! The second day was for the challenges and the third for the winner to do the Skull Buster.”

The blonde beauty has had such an athletic history between her physical training, her martial arts and her equine competitions so this idea to compete was not far-fetched. “I decided to apply to be on the show last summer when watching an episode on CMT.  I have been athletic since high school working out 3-4 days a week doing strength training and running. To train for this specifically, I worked with a personal trainer for about 8 weeks prior to the competition.” Jordan spoke highly of her competitors: “All of them were so nice,” she said “and had great attitudes and sportsmanship.”

Regardless of the challenge Jordan faced, just to be featured as a contestant on a show such as this is, in the end, a huge honor. Still, it’s the event or events a competitor must overcome that can be the hardest. After all, the Broken Skull Challenge has been named the toughest physical competition show yet.

“The challenge that I participated in was tough. Going head to head with someone is something you can never be fully prepared for, especially when the person you’re up against is a professional MMA fighter! I dabbled in MMA with Kevin Rinear at the Hybrid Gym in Osgood my last year of high school for my senior project and it was the most challenging thing I have ever done.”

The tall blonde is currently pursuing her BSN at the University of Louisville while she works at King’s Daughters’ Hospital in Madison as well as Carroll County Memorial Hospital in Carrollton Ky. Her mom, Susie Vinup, lives near Versailles and her dad, Willie, resides in Cross Plains. Jordan loves to ride horses and is now back into barrel racing, something she didn’t have time for while she was in nursing school. Vinup also enjoys riding RZRs, and ‘just about anything outdoors’. Jordan now lives in Milton, Kentucky, which is close to both her jobs and college. It’s across the bridge from Madison, Indiana.

While she gave it her all, Jordan didn’t emerge the final winner, The experience, however, was one she will never forget.  “Obviously now that everyone has seen (the episode), Emily won. She is a fierce athlete and I was honored to be chosen to be in competition with her. I think I did okay considering the athleticism of the girls there, but wish I had done better.”

The $10,000 first prize would have benefited Vinup in getting something that the ‘country strong’ girl desperately needs.  “I would have bought a horse trailer if I would have won, as I just bought a new barrel horse at the end of the year and don’t want to have to borrow other people’s trailers to haul her to shows!” She may have to get it the old fashioned way, but her strong will and determination will go a long way in helping her achieve that goal!

She will continue to work out and wouldn’t rule out another competition. “I will continue to train, I am still with a trainer trying a different method training.” Jordan’s face lit up as she smiled, “I would definitely do another show like this if the opportunity arose. I loved it! It was right up my alley!.”  In TRUE reality, Jordan Vinup is a competitor. She trains hard, works hard and plays fair. That’s the way she was taught to do things down in the Friendship Valley.

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