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December 24, 2015 • Headline News
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Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Greatest gift of all...
What would you give baby Jesus? Kids’ answers come from the heart

Wanda Burnett

Children around the globe get excited at Christmastime because they know it’s a time of festivities, food and yes, maybe most important to them – presents! Ripley County children are no different as they await the arrival of Santa. Christians celebrate the reason for the season, the birth of Jesus. With that in mind, children responded to the question, “If you could give baby Jesus a gift, what would it be?” From giving the Christ Child face paints to giving Him their hearts, here are their answers, with some even explaining why they would give their gift of choice.

Little Blessings Preschool

After sharing their thoughts on what to give baby Jesus, these children at Little Blessings Preschool hammed it up for the camera.

Trigg Hostetler, 5, said he would give Him a love necklace. Why? “Because I love Him,” he answered with childlike simplicity. He had more to say. “He (Jesus) wouldn’t share it.” Then he looked away for a moment and said, “If you put it outside – the wind would blow it up to Him.” He is the son of Craig and Lindsey Hostetler of Rexville.

Makenleigh Baylor, 5, of Milan, made her small hands into a heart shape and said, “I would give him my heart with love on it.” Then, as though she had another request, she said, “I would give him a present…yes, a computer that He can type on!” She is the daughter of Danielle and Dustin Baylor. “I would, um, let Him grow up and give Him a box of four puppies,” Jacob Stephens, 5, said. His grandparents are Mike and Doris Stephens of Versailles.

Laynie Thompson, 3, daughter of Samantha and Donnie Thompson of Aurora, said she would give Him “a tree – a Christmas tree so He could put His star on top.”

A more practical approach was taken by Brooks Hanson, 5, who thought baby Jesus needed a baby bottle full of milk. When asked why, he didn’t flinch, “Because he might need it.” He is the son of Luke and Christen Hanson of Milan.

Some face-paint was offered by McKenzie Bennett, 4, of Versailles, daughter of Lila Sanders.

Wilbur Wheeler, 5, who likes to be called Wil, said he would give Jesus a toy steam train “for a couple of minutes.” His parents are Marvin and Kendy Wheeler of Dillsboro.

And, Payton Simon, 5, of Versailles, son of Sarah and Dustin Simon, would give the baby an elf.

Keeton Miller, 5, Versailles, had a straightforward answer. “Love. Because I love Him.” He is the son of Ashlee and Bryan Miller.

NOTE: The above children were interviewed at Little Blessings Christian Preschool. The following children attend Cave Hill Christian Academy, both of Versailles.

Cave Hill Christian Academy

Some of the Cave Hill Christian Academy students shared their thoughts on what to give baby Jesus. Two of them replied “Love.”

Kyndell Furnish, 6, said she would give baby Jesus a lamb. Why? “So He would have a pet.” She proceeded to tell about her pets and how important they really are for children.

Her sister, Amelia Furnish, 10, said, “I would give Him all I have – because He’s really special. Probably the most expensive thing that I had.” The Furnish sisters are the daughters of Jennifer and Oliver Furnish of Milan.

Courtney Grable, 13, daughter of Kathryn and Ryan Grable, Osgood, said she would give Him love.

Julian Uribe, 11 of Milan, summed up the interview saying “I would give Him my heart – because He died on the cross for me.” He is the son of Sherry and Travis Uribe.

Teachers and administrators from both schools were proud of their students, saying they wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope people always celebrate the real meaning, the birth of the baby Jesus.

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