20th Annual South Ripley Great Pumpkin Invitational

Great Pumpkin Cross Country Invitational - boys


Pictured 1 through 30, front from left are the ribbon earning boys 2013 SRHS Great Pumpkin Cross Country Invitational. Pictured kneeling are: Austin Allen (SR), Justyn Clark (SD), Zach Martini (RS), Christopher Kissel (JCD), J C Boyken (SR), Rodney Dobbs (JCD), Claudio Gallegos (RS), Mike Harris (SR), Briar Miller (RS), Austin Bradley (SR). Pictured row two are: Michael Bradley (SR), Colton Henry (RS), Ethan Adams (JCD), Matt Yocum (RS), Brian McCombs (SR), Branden Burdette (Mil), Matt Zigan (SR), John Ireland (Law), Devin Rosenbarger (Mil) and Tyler Wamsley (SD). Row three includes: Brandon Overlock (SD), Eli Seithel (Mil), Jarrod Nichols (Mil), Jacob Dodge (JCD), Kevin Huffman (Mil), Daniel Mapes (SD), Jeffry Crum (JCD), Austin Nerlinger (Law) and Nathaniel Walter (Mil). Not pictured is Collin Hambrick of Shawe.

By Gary Franklin

The running of South Ripley High School's annual Great Pumpkin Invitational co-ed cross country meet occurred on Thursday evening, September 26, at the SRHS XC course.

Once again, the race results were recorded by Stuart Road Racing, owned and operated by Greg Stuart and family.
The Raider boys team claimed first place behind overall first place finishing senior Austin Allen.

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Great Pumpkin Cross Country Invitational - girls


The 2013 SRHS Great Pumpkin Cross Country Invitational. girls race finishers pictured row one from left includes: Medal winners Kinzie Scott (RS), Ashley Hamilton (SD), Jenna Hughes (JCD), Hannah Faulkner (Law), Isabella Gramaglia (SR) and Kelsey Bowling (JCD). Row two, includes Kayla Bowling (JCD), Sydney Willhite (RS), Kristen Honeycutt (Mil), Staci Fox (SD), Jacqlyn Menchhofer (JCD), Emily Mapes (SD), Abby Wagner (JCD) and Julia Botkins (Law). Row three includes Britt McWilliams (Law), Isabelle Ortt (Mil),17 Kyla Willhite (RS), Lauren Thomas (Mil), Marisa Combs (Mil), Sasha Wagner (JCD), Kendra Franklin (SR), Teha Merkel (JCD) and Alecia Miller (Law).



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