Kids’ perspective on holiday
What would they give Jesus?

Karen Reynolds

As Christmas approaches, many find themselves caught up in the hustle-bustle of the season, but at some frantic point, may wonder what is it all about? Is it about shopping and finding good deals? Is it about making holiday cookies? Or is it about parties and get-togethers?

Barley and Wyle King

Barley and Wyle King were asked what they might give baby Jesus, and they said a bicycle and gingerbread.


The Osgood Journal decided to go to the children to ask them about Christmas. These five children were at a special Winter Wonderland program held at the Tyson Library on Dec 12.

When Justin Heath was asked “What is Christmas about?” He automatically, with no coaching from his Mom, said, “Praising Jesus.” His little brother, Connor, piped up with, “It’s about the birth of Jesus.”

When asked what they wanted for Christmas, both boys had hopes they would get giant Lego sets. Justin wanted some race cars while Connor wanted a DS game.

They were then asked, “What if you could give a gift to Jesus this Christmas, what would it be?” Justin didn’t know but Connor piped up and said, “I would pray to Him and praise Him.”

Preschooler Barley King was asked “What is Christmas all about?” He replied it is about opening presents. And his brother Wyle King said it is about “giving presents.” Barley is hoping for a remote controlled shell raiser, and hopefully Santa and his helpers know what that is. Kindergartner Wyle admitted he really has his heart set on a huge bucket of Legos. When asked what they would give Jesus at Christmas, Barley was quick to point out that Jesus needed a bicycle. And, Wyle decided Jesus needed to experience having a gingerbread man cookie.

Preschooler Katie Thomas seemed to think Christmas was about learning a special part for a Christmas program, which she repeated: “All stories are meant to be told. Do your best to become a Christmas story teller.” She knows Dec. 25 is Jesus’ birthday. When asked what she would give Jesus, if she could, she said she would give him something he would like. She wasn’t sure what Jesus might like, but she shared words learned for her Christmas program, that may explain Christmas best. “The angels were the first choir to perform at a Christmas Eve service.”

The five children, Justin and Connor Heath, sons of Martha and Mark Heath, Barley and Wyle King, sons of Crystal and Daniel King, and Katie Thomas, daughter of Sarah and Kevin Thomas, perhaps have reminded us that the purpose of Christmas may not be so complicated. It’s simply about showing love, as God did when He gave us His son.

Hospitals restrict visitors

Margaret Mary Health is joining hospitals across the region that are putting tighter restrictions on visitors to curb the spread of respiratory illness or the flu. The Greater Cincinnati Health Council announced Tuesday that most of its member hospitals in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky will limit visits. Dearborn County Hospital is a member of the council.

The following precautionary restrictions will apply to visitation in all hospital areas:

• No visitors under the age of 14, except siblings of newborns.
• No visitors with respiratory symptoms.

Families should limit the number of relatives and friends accompanying patients to hospital visits. MMH has also made hand sanitizer, tissues and facemasks available to both patients and visitors at the entrances of all hospital campuses.

It is not too late to get a flu shot before the peak of flu season arrives. For more information about flu vaccines, contact the MMH Wellness Clinic at 812-934-0699.



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