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December 9, 2014 • Sports

South Ripley Alumni Tournament Black Team, pictured above, competed in game one. For a complete list of names and game details, pick up the Osgood Journal at your local newsstand. SUBMITTED PHOTO
South Ripley Alumni Tournament Green Team, pictured above, competed in game two. For a complete list of names and game details, pick up the Osgood Journal at your local newsstand. SUBMITTED PHOTO
Rising to drain one of his seven three-pointers for the Green Team against the Black Team at left is Brandon Seabolt. The Black Team won the 76 to 74. For a complete list of names pick up the Osgood Journal at your local newsstand. GARY FRANKLIN PHOTO
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South Ripley alumni revisits and creates memories

Gary Franklin

The first South Ripley Alumni Invitational Tournament was held November 29 and provided a trip down memory lane for basketball stars of seasons past and fans alike. It looked like many of the players were near the same size as they were in high school and in many cases better at the game now than during their prime-to-shine time. With current South Ripley Raiders Head Coach Travis Wrightsman announcing, game one between the Gray and Black Teams commenced with a center court tip where the Gray out-scored scored the Black 71-63.

Championship game action pictured below from left includes official Kyle Jolly jumping at center court to get the game underway for the White Team’ Thad Fleming against Gray Team’s Adam Gunter. Pictured around the arc are White player BJ Sieverding and Gray player Michael Mathews.

BJ Sieverding and Michael Mathews

Game One
Gray Team 71
1. Jimmy Hartman - '10
2. Brandon Sizemore - '12
3. Chase Grider - '10
4. Tony Lloyd - '05
5. Brian Holdsworth - '8
6. Randall Miller - '88
7. Adam Gunter - '00
8. Logan Linkmeyer - '14
9. Sam Stratton - '11
10. John Kavanaugh - '03
11. Michael Mathews - '06
12. Brent Myers - '96
Head Coach: Bob Meyer
Assistant Coach: Doug Meyer '97

Black Team 63

1. Denny Mayes - '10
2. Trey Sparks - '13
3. Jerad Walters - '11
4. Austin Halcomb - '14
5. Phil King - '82
6. Shannon Schmaltz - '91
7. Phillip Smith - '94
8. Austin Grider - '14
9. Jordan Walters - '11
10. Kyle Taylor - '12
11. Tyler Ester - '05
12. Chris Buchanan - '04
Head Coach:Brian Samples'87
Assistant Coach: Kevin Welch '85

Scoring Leaders

Top scorers for the Gray Team were Brandon Sizemore with 19 and his uncle Adam Gunter with 16. Leading the scoring for the Black Team were Austin Halcomb, Jordan Walters and Chris Buchanan with 10 points each. Game two between the White and Green Teams resulted in the White Team out-scoring the Green by 15 at game’s end 57-42.

Pictured below, Gray Team’s Michael Mathews aligns his sights to sink a pair of FT opportunities.

Michael Matthews

Game Two
White Team 57
1. Thad Fleming - '10
2. Brian Thomas - '10              
3. Brad Samples - '96               
4. Josh Grossman - '04              
5. Shane Russell - '86                 
6. Greg Huntington - '85           
7. Ryan Lauber - '99
8. Trent Moorhead - '14
9. Caleb Huntington - '14           
10. BJ Sieverding - '08
11. Chris Miller - '08                  
Head Coach:Rob Moorhead '83
Assistant Coach: Brian Evans '88

Green Team 42
1. Thomas Welch - '09
2. Brandon Seabolt -'06
3. RJ Pollard - 2003
4. Mitch Harrell - '03
5. Mike Meisberger '81
6. Joe Halcomb - '86
7. Dewayne Cole - '87
8. Jordan Bodenberg - 09
9. Amos Taylor - '12
10. Kyle Patrick - '08
11. Devin Tankersley '13
Head Coach: Ted Ahaus
Assistant Coach: Joe Ritchie

Scoring leaders

The top scorer for the White Team was Thad Fleming with 15. Leading the scoring effort by the Green Team were Thomas Welch with 12 and RJ Pollard with 10 points.

Consolation Game
Much to the delight of the players and supporters in the stands alike, the consolation game action proved to be a good-old, high-intensity, back-and-forth, barn burner ending with Black over Green by two at 76-74, during which RJ Pollard and Brandon Seabolt delivered seven three pointers each in their team’s losing effort. Top scorers during the Consolation Game were: Black Team – Denny Mayes 14, Tyler Ester 13 and Jerad Walters 10; Green Team – RJ Pollard 31 and Brandon Seabolt at 27 including their net popping scoring of seven treys each.

Championship Game

The exciting conclusion to a fun-filled afternoon of South Ripley Raiders alumni basketball action culminated in the Championship Game where the White and Gray Teams would battle to earn the title of being the first South Ripley Raiders Basketball Alumni Champions. As game contention ended, the Gray Team had emerged as the honor holder with the seven point, 67-60 victory. Top scorers during the Championship Game, as in their Gray Team’s opening battle of the day: Gray Team top scorers were Brandon Sizemore with 17 and his uncle Adam Gunter with 16. White Team top scorers were BJ Sieverding with 14 and Thad Fleming with 13.

All-Tournament Team

Brandon Seabolt
Brandon Sizemore
Thad Fleming
RJ Pollard
Denny Mayes
MVP- Adam Gunter

How would one measure success of such an event? Jokingly some answered well no one was removed by a gurney or required oxygen. Many memories were made and revisited because of Coach Wrightsman, and the South Ripley basketball alumni and their efforts will be inspirational to the future SR Raiders basketball alumni to work to reach such a goal.

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