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The Versailles Republican

December 18, 2014 • Sports

The consorted Raiders defensive efforts of Ty Tucker (40) "Honor" Elijah Roepke 35 "Integrity" and on the chase Brady Meyer (23) "Courage" could not contain the offensive efforts to score by Shawe Hilltoppers junior Dida Iknogshul (32). GARY FRANKLIN PHOTO
South Ripley Lady Raiders junior Ellie Ayers (2) plays defense against her sophomore Lady Topper opponent, Claire Higgins (11).
South Ripley Raiders basketball team raises awareness and pays honor to those serving in the military as they join Raiders alumni, current Staff Seargent Brandon Seabolt on the hardwood. For more details, pick up The Versailles Republican at your local newsstand! GARY FRANKLIN PHOTO
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South Ripley Lady Raiders varsity rally in fourth, topples Lady Hilltoppers 53-45

Gary Franklin

A Thursday, December 11, varsity only battle for the South Ripley Lady Raiders basketball team met with self destructing play for a little over three quarters of the game, before SR's lights finally came on to shift the trend and control their night's' destiny. The Lady Raiders had trailed or battled to even, only to find themselves trailing again, for the largest part of the game against returning Madison Shawe Lady Hilltoppers. The game found Lady Raider freshman Kiley Spark's jersey # a popular one for the foul call pit, resulting in an early bench assignment and limited playing time. However, in the fourth period, freshman Lady Raider Cameo Hamm got her chance to shine on the court, where her defensive efforts seemed to ignite new found energy in SR's game plan. Hamm's aggressive defense, battling for possession, diving for loose balls, and hounding the offense elevated the energy level of the whole team, that helped lead SR to a successful eight point victory margin by game's end at 53-45. The Lady Hilltoppers definitely challenged SR to an uphill battle on the hardwood, led by Shawe junior Maddie Waller with 21 points and sophomore Claire Higgins with 11.

Top Lady Raiders scoring production was a result of senior team leaders Hayley Schwarte with 18 points and senior teammate Erin Gloyd with 11.

South Ripley Lady Raiders basketball


Pictured above with just 21.8 seconds remaining in the first half, South Ripley Lady Raiders senior Erin Gloyd (33) toes the charity stripe and connects on a pair of free throws to pull SR to a 29-29 tie against their Madison Shawe Lady Hilltopper hosts. To her right on the line is Lady Hilltoppers junior Maddie Waller (22). Also pictured is freshman Lady Raiders teammate Julia Rea (15).

S Ripley 9 21 29 53
Shawe 15 21 29 45

SR Lady Raiders 53
Coach Kevin Mack
Sr 5 Hayley Schwarte 18
Sr 33 Erin Gloyd 11
Fr 15 Julia Rea 8
Fr 45 Toria Tucker 8
Fr 23 Kiley Sparks 7
Jr 2 Ellie Ayers 1
So 43 Hannah Schwarte 0
Fr 11 Cameo Hamm 0
So10 Mackenzie Black -
Fr 25 Jenna Moore - Shawe Hilltoppers 45
Coach Camille Deuser
Jr 22 Maddie Waller 21
So 11 Claire Higgins 11
Fr 5 Megg Hensler 5
Fr 33 Hannah Storm 4
Jr 12 Sarelia Garcia 2
Sr 14 Steph. Snodgrass 2
Sr 32 Megan Scroggins 0
Fr 34 Megan Hesse 0
Fr 10 Maggie Miller 0
Fr 45 Ellen Frede 0
No Toppers JV team!

Quarter One
South Ripley Lady Raider freshman Toria Tucker (45), was first to face the hosting Shawe Lady Hilltoppers in battle as she met at center court for the opening jump. Lady Topper senior Hannah Storm (33) quickly scored the first basket for the 2-0 lead. The following score was a three-pointer from Topper junior teammate Hannah Waller (22) for the 5-0 lead at the 6:44 mark, forcing a Lady Raiders timeout to get focused. Lady Raider freshman Kiley Sparks (23) broke the ice with SR's first basket, 2-5. Shawe's Waller added a pair of FT's and a FG before Lady Raider senior Hayley Schwarte (5) nailed a FG for a 4-9 deficit at the three minute mark. Lady Raider Sparks (23) connected for a FG, followed by a flurry of 3 point scores, as Shawe sophomore Claire Higgins (11) nailed one, Lady Raider Hayley Schwarte (5) delivered one with scoring for period one concluding with a second trey by Shawe's Higgins (5) for a SR 9-15 Shawe deficit.

Quarter Two
A Lady Raider Sparks (23) 1 for 2 FT connection from the charity stripe opened second quarter scoring, followed by a one for three appearance by Shawe sophomore Megg Hensler. Lady Raider freshman Julia Rea (15) opened the gate with an old fashioned three point play with a FG/FT combination. Shawe Waller connected on 1 of 2 FT attempts, followed by a Lady Raider senior Erin Gloyd (33) FG followed by teammate Toria Tucker (45) FG to knot the score for the first time, near the two minute mark of quarter two, at 17. The Lady Hilltoppers regained the edge with a Storm FG, Lady Raider Rea connected on 1 of 2 FT attempts followed by a pair of FT connections by Lady Topper Hensler to go up by three at 21-18. Lady Raider Tucker's 1 for 2 FT connections and a FG by teammate Rea knotted the game at 21 as the teams left the court for the halftime break.

Quarter Three
Again, as the third period opened, the Lady Hilltopper action earned them the lead with back to back steals and fast break lay-ups to gain a four point edge at 25-21. South Ripley's Sparks entered for an instantaneous FG score, followed by an assessed foul, her fourth, initiating more bench time as the game proceeded. Lady Raider Freshman Cameo Hamm (11) entered the game renewing the Raider energy. Lady Topper Waller added another FG score. Lady Raider Hayley Schwarte connected on three of four attempted FT shots leading to a Shawe Hensler FG and the final score of the third period off the 3 point combo by Lady Raider Gloyd that knotted the game at 29, heading to concluding action in the fourth.

Quarter Four
For the first time, quarter action scoring opened with SR the beneficiary as Lady Raider Hayley Schwarte (5) delivered the beginning of a positive period for the Lady Raiders. SR teammate's Rea added a FG and Tucker one of two FT connections, before Shawe's Waller came up short on two FT attempts from her trip to the charity stripe, giving SR a six point, 35-29 advantage near the five minute mark, forcing Shawe to call a timeout. Return to court action found more positive for the Lady Raiders as Tucker made a FG before missing her FT offering, leading to teammate Hayley Schwarte capitalizing on her FG/FT combo to go up by 11 at 40-29. Shawe senior Stephanie Snodgrass finally scored a FG for the Hilltoppers, to break the Raider's rally. Over the last three and a half minutes remaining in the game, SR's Hayley Schwarte added a FG score, Shawe Waller and Higgins (11) added two FT's each, Lady Raider Gloyd sank a pair of FT's, leading to Shawe's Waller adding pair of FT scores to a seven point deficit at 37-44. Lady Raider's Hayley Schwarte and teammate Gloyd each added FG 's. Lady Topper junior Sarelia Garcia (12) countered for a FG score, countered by a Lady Raider Gloyd FG. Lady Topper Waller came up empty on a trip to the charity stripe for a pair, Lady Raider Tucker missed the front end of a 1 plus 1 offering, leading to a Waller 3 pointer for the Toppers and a called timeout at 45.4 seconds, trailing by 8 at 42-50. During the final ticks of the game clock, SR's Tucker added a FG., teammate Schwarte missed a pair of FT offerings, junior teammate Ellie Ayers (2) connected on one of two FT offerings and Lady Hilltopper Higgins ended game scoring with a 3 point delivery for a final count of SR Lady Raiders 53-45 for the hosting Madison Shawe Lady Hilltoppers.

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