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September 23, 2014 • Headlines

Monday was a busy day in Versailles as the Luehr’s carnival staff set up rides and game booths for this week’s Pumpkin Show.
The workers said it takes a day to set up but just five hours for tear-down.

A staff member from Luehr's carnival sets up a booth for the Versailles Pumpkin Show. The show gets underway on Wednesday with rides opening at 5 p.m. and the King and Queen Contest scheduled for 7 p.m. Thursday night is the Prince and Princess Contest scheduled for 7 p.m.
Workers were out early Monday to set up rides and games for the Versailles Pumpkin Show. The show begins Wednesday and goes through Sunday. Beautiful weather is forecast for the entire week.
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Democrats rally for fall election

Mary Mattingly

Ballot position for elections is crucial. Because of that, Mike Claytor, Democrat candidate for state auditor, urged the Ripley County Democrats Thursday at their annual Jefferson Jackson fundraiser dinner to get out the vote not just for their local candidates but to help elect the Indiana Secretary of State. A state political rule says the party of the Secretary of State winner in each county determines ballot position for all offices in the county. “It’s key for every county in the State of Indiana. The office of Secretary of State determines ballot position and control of inspections in every precinct in the state,” Claytor said.
Mike Claytor

Mike Claytor, auditor candidate, was the guest speaker at the Jefferson Jackson annual dinner.

Research has proven that if someone comes to the precinct to vote and knows no one on the ballot, they will most likely vote for the top name, Claytor said. He wants that to be a Democrat.

“It is important in each county that we get Democrats out, because control of elections and ballot position are extremely important for us. It’s not just vote for Beth White for state secretary because she is a great candidate but…vote for her selfishly to help your own county, and get your base out by electing the Secretary of State.”

Claytor was the guest speaker at the annual fundraiser for the county Democrats. About 60 people attended the event held at the Sherman House in Batesville. A silent auction was held with several local items and political mementos up for bid. David Chandler, county party chair, facilitated the meeting and after dinner introduced the local candidates for the November election. Rachel Melton-Curl, daughter of Cynthia Melton, a former party chair and current trustee, is running for county council seat district 3. Democrat Rudy Howard was also there. He is running for state senate district 43 and addressed the crowd about his concerns. A representative from Secretary of State candidate Beth White’s campaign invited the guests to a breakfast at the Versailles home of Rosemary Sturdy for Sept. 26. heck. Glenn Bailey of Oldenburg was also introduced. He is running for the state representative seat in district 55 and hopes the Democrat party can get more representation at the statehouse, he said. He is concerned about the poverty level as related to the minimum wage, privatization and education.

Ripley County Circuit Court Judge Carl Taul was recognized by his party. He is retiring and his last day in office was Sept. 13. He thanked the Democrats for their support during his elections and many years in office. Ed Armbrecht, who is running unopposed for county council district 4 and Phil Morgan, unopposed for Shelby Township trustee, were introduced. Other Democrat trustees and advisory board members, such as Janice Wittich, Ed Gindling, Paul Voss and George Ammerman, were also recognized.

Contested county races
There are just three contested local races. One of those is for superior court judge. John Kellerman II, Batesville city judge for the past seven years, is running on the Democrat ticket. Bill Dramann, Oldenburg town marshal, former council member and sheriff, is running for county council district 1 against Ron Decker.(The Democrats do not have a candidate for the commissioner seat. ) One of the county’s biggest races though is for sheriff. Tim Sutton, who will retire from Indiana excise police at the end of the year, is on the slate for the Democrats. As a long-time state excise officer, he has focused on investigating drugs and finances, which he says are two big issues in the county. He believes his experience will transfer to the county sheriff’s office. Many there were aware that Sutton’s wife, Christina, has been gravely ill, suffering from an eight-year battle with ovarian cancer. He has not attended as many political functions because of her illness, he said, and was not going to attend tonight, but knows he has to go on. He choked up when he spoke of her and thanked everyone for their support. David Chandler then asked for a moment of silence for Christina and her family.

Guest speaker
Guest speaker Claytor addressed the crowd and said, “In the 198th history of the state, I am the first CPA ever to run for state auditor.” He commented that this is an off- year election, and knows people look at the state races as “boring,” but there is much importance of the top state administrative positions. The auditor is the chief financial officer of the state. “There is one of those ‘by the way’ issues. There is a board called the Indiana State Board of Finance. It controls the appropriations of the state in between sessions of the General Assembly.

Why this is important is the state board, like the county council, can amend appropriations if need be, Claytor said. The board is made up of the governor, auditor and treasurer. An interim treasurer, Daniel Huge, was appointed by the governor Aug. 29 after treasurer Richard Mourdock resigned, leaving the office early. Tim Berry was the auditor in 2013, but left to run the Indiana Republican party, and the governor’s next appointment abruptly left. Former state representative Suzanne Crouch is currently the auditor and seeking election in November. Claytor said that means Pence has control of appropriations at this point.

Claytor reminded those attending how Glenda Ritz, the only Democrat elected in 2012 to a state office (superintendent of education) won was by using social media and having supporters send postcards to others to ask them to consider her. Claytor asked Ripley County Democrats to do the same for the Secretary of State and other offices.
The election is Tuesday, Nov. 4. The last day to register to vote for the election is Oct. 6.

Enrollment count down for Jac-Cen-Del

Cathy May

Trina Huff will be the new corporation treasurer for Jac-Cen-Del School Corporation. She moves up from deputy treasurer. The new deputy treasurer will be Connie Hauser. Both were approved by the Jac-Cen-Del School Board at their September 15 meeting. Board President Travis Neal commented on this school year getting off to a great start. Deanna Young on behalf of the school board thanked Superintendent Bill Narwold for returning to help Jac-Cen-Del as the Interim Superintendent.

Narwold reported Average Daily Membership (ADM) enrollment, on which the Basic Grant is based, was 829.5. Kindergarten students count as one-half. Last year was the first year there were two count days. Last year in September the count was 848 1/2. In February it was 834.

Other personnel changes include the retirement of Dedra Montgomery at the end of the 2014–2015-contract year. Vania Laflamme and Mary Giltner will be cooks’ assistants at the Jac-Cen-Del Elementary School effective immediately. The board approved Steve Narwold as the Social Studies Academic Team Sponsor for the 2014–2015 school year. A stipend of $15 per day was approved for Jason Hughes who is serving as assistant to the Interim Jr/Sr High School Principal. He is assisting in student discipline, supervision and other duties as assigned. Hughes will keep an accurate record of days worked with additional duties and will be compensated at the end of the semester. Dental and vision enrollments are in and the new plan with Anthem will take effect October 1. Super-chat, a mass media event, was organized by Elementary School Principal Travis Rohrig with the six new teachers at the high school.

Fields project, booster club
The ball field project is coming along nicely. The softball field and the T-ball fields have been reconditioned. There will be two new practice fields. This was possible through a Reynolds Foundation Grant. There will be a meeting on how to proceed to complete the project. The Archery Club Committee has met with teachers and other schools about how to get the club going. A group called Whitetail has offered to fund the $500 needed to get started. The local Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has offered to do the educational part of the club. Athletic Director Mark Meyer is following up with Dale Troy about his concern in having a booster club. Troy brought the matter up at the last board meeting. There have been meetings about forming an appropriate content review committee pertaining to the content in curriculum material and Internet sites. Superintendent Narwold asked each member of the board to view the butterfly garden outside the elementary school and many positive comments were expressed.

Budget hearing
A budget hearing was called to order at this time. Questions from the board and patrons concerning the forms were answered. The hearing was adjourned. The budget will be up for approval at the October board meeting. The board approved the Administration and Central Office Staff Compensation and Benefit Package as presented. It is available for viewing on the school’s website.

Handbook changes
The board approved changes to the Jac-Cen-Del Jr/Sr High School Handbook as pertains to the number of semesters students must attend Jac-Cen-Del in order to be included in the senior class ranking. Students must attend Jac-Cen-Del for three semesters in order to be eligible for valedictorian and salutatorian status. The board accepted a $200 donation from the Osgood Area Kiwanis Club for purchase of emergency kits to be used by the teaching staff. Narwold reviewed the NEOLA policy revisions and requested board input prior to adoption at the October meeting. Present were board members Travis Neal, Deanna Young, Kathleen Dickman, Steve Huntington and Phil Mohr. Superintendent Bill Narwold and Corporation Treasurer Trina Huff were present to advise the Board. The next regular meeting of the Jac-Cen-Del School Board of Trustees will be held on Monday, October 20, at 6 p.m. in the JCD Elementary Library.

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