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February 24, 2015 • Headlines

The STAAND members, front row left: Clarisse Zigan, Karli Prozanksi, Ashley Moore, Kayla King, Kegan Main; back, left: Sarah Ake, Mckayla Schloemer, Madi Burger, Shelby Drew, Dani Baugh, Toria Gobel, Daniel Dean, Savannah Kern. The drama will be presented to the public Thursday at the Osgood Damm Theatre and Friday in Batesville. SUBMITTED PHOTO
The Kid’s Discovery Factory board met at the Osgood Town Hall: front, from left: Melanie Stauffer, Becky Rak, Sabrina Andonegui; back, left: Amber McGuire, Suzanne Newcomb and Emili Uden. Absent were Mike Robertson and Heather Jones.
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Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Show Thursday at Damm Theatre
Drama depicts teen issues

Mary Mattingly

“Thank you. You’ve really turned my life around. I used to do think there was no one out there that actually understood or cared but after today my life has taken a positive turn.”

That’s a Facebook posting from a 15-year-old girl after seeing the live musical drama “Stand Up: Change Teen Statistics.” Amy Phillips with STAAND (Students Taking Action Against Negative Decisions), says that’s the message they hope to convey with showing the live theater to local students. “That they aren’t alone, and there is hope regardless of what they face,” Phillips said of the message. Thirteen students from Batesville, South Ripley, Milan and Cave Hill Christian Academy schools have spent the last few months rehearsing for this presentation. She hopes to add Jac-Cen-Del students next year to STAAND. “These kids are amazing. They’ve done the choreography, the staging, everything. I’m more of a facilitator than a director,” Phillips said. It was presented first to Milan students on Monday, Batesville on Tuesday, and South Ripley on Thursday.

There will be two public performances also, one on Thursday at the Damm Theatre in Osgood at 7 p.m. and on March 1 at the Gibson Theatre in Batesville at 4 p.m., both costing $2 admission.

The teen issues addressed in the 50-minute drama include teen pregnancy, bullying, peer pressure, Internet abuse, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, prejudice, body image and physical violence. Ashley Moore, a South Ripley senior and three year member of STAAND, said these are relevant issues to our county schools. “A lot think that it does not happen here, but we see these problems every day in high school.” She hopes her peers walk away inspired after seeing the show, and know they can get help, and that they are not alone in their feelings or struggles.

Milan’s Savannah Kern, also a three year STAAND member, added she thinks the drama spreads the message that “If you need help reach out and ask for it rather than bottling it up.” She said she hopes people walk away after seeing it feeling “that you are not alone and you can make a difference in your community by the choices you make.”

It’s not just for teens. Phillips adds, “Parents need to go too. We think it’s the same thing we grew up with but with the Internet and all, it’s so much different what kids have to face,” Phillips said. It is also a good way to open a discussion at home with your teen about such things.

Each of the actors play different characters to convey these topics. “A lot of times kids think they are the only one with the problem. But lots of teens struggle,” she said, and it’s reassuring to know they aren’t the only ones. As the play’s motto goes, “Change the future with today. Stand up!”

Firefighters battle fire, cold

The Versailles Fire Department responded to a report of a house fire at the residence of Gordon and Amy Barrett located at 6432 South County Road 150W on Friday, Feb. 20. Upon arrival firefighters found the residence fully engulfed in fire. Initially it was believed that a person was inside, but upon arrival it was confirmed everyone was out of the house.

Firefighters battle house fire


Two firefighters battle the cold in response to the report of a house fire.

According to Fire Chief Ben Sieverding firefighters not only battled the fire, but also had to contend with the weather conditions such as the snow and sub-zero temperatures. Water supply was also a concern. The first fire hydrant that firefighters attempted to use was frozen. Tankers then utilized the hydrant at the Versailles Fire Station for water supply. Firefighters were on the scene for over three hours battling the fire.

Assisting the Versailles Fire Department at the scene were the Friendship VFD, Osgood VFD, Rescue 69 and the Ripley County Red Cross. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. The house was deemed a total loss.

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