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March 3, 2015 • Sports

Lone Raider senior Chase Samples (33) accepts delivery of the Ripley Publishing Co. Traveling Pride Trophy from JCD AD Mark Meyer following their victory over hosting JCD Eagles.
Many of the 2014-15 Jac-Cen-Del Eagles and Lady Eagles Basketball athletes gathered together on senior night to be photographed with and honor the dedicated presence and support of Sylvester Young of Napoleon. Young’s presence at the game on Friday night marked 52 years of faithfully attending Eagles and Lady Eagles high school basketball games. GARY FRANKLIN PHOTO
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Tom Tepe Autocenter
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34-4 FT shot advantage in girls semi-state results in the stopper for the 2015 Jac-Cen-Del Lady Eagles

Gary Franklin

Uncertain of where or how their day would end, the Jac-Cen-Del Lady Eagles and Barr- Reeve Lady Vikings found themselves slated for battle at Jeffersonville HS in IHSAA Class 1A Girls Basketball Semi State for the opportunity to advance to the State Championship game. Following the playing of “The National Anthem” by the JCD pep band under the lead of Director Unklesbay, teams were introduced and the center court tip got the action underway.

Quarter One Action
The Lady Vikings control of the opening tip led to sophomore Emily Schulthesis (42) scoring a FG for the 2-0 lead. Following a foul assessed BR 50, Lady Eagle freshman Lilly Simon (22) struck for a FG to knot the score at two. A foul assessed Eagle Jordan Day and Simon (22) added a second FG score to give the Lady Eagles the 4-2 lead at 6:01. Consecutive whistles on Eagles Hayley Bruns and Jenna Hughes led to BR senior Olivia Carroll (30) dialing in on a three-pointer to retake the lead at 5-4. Near the 5 minute mark, Eagle senior Jenna Hughes (12) blasted a three-pointer to give JCD the lead at 8-7.

JCD Lady Eagles
Pictured left, Barr-Reeve senior Lady Viking and semi-state named MVP Tiara Kenney (50) is met with double team defensive effort by Jac-Cen-Del Lady Eagle senior Jenna Hughes (14) and junior Hayley Bruns (42). A very impressive game by Coach Scott Smith’s JCD Lady Eagles was undermined by the over abundance of free-throw opportunities given to the Lady Vikings by a statistically reported 34-4 for Barr-Reeve to grasp the advancing nod to the state championship title game.

A foul whistled on BR 54 led to a three-pointer by Lady Eagle junior Jordan Day (30), 10-5. A foul assessed Eagle Simon sent BR senior Tiara Kenney (50) to the charity stripe where she connected on the pair offered. Eagle sophomore Rosie Newhart (55) countered with a FG score. Eagle teammate Day (30) added a second three-pointer and JCD had built an eight-point lead at 15-7, forcing a BR time-out at 2:23. A second foul was called on Eagle Day at 1:47. Twenty seconds later, Eagle senior Jacqlyn Menchhofer was whistled for her first foul, which sent BR 50 to the charity stripe where she connected on one of the two awarded. With just under a minute remaining, Lady Eagle Menchhofer was whistled for her second foul; however, BR 50 missed the front end of her one + one trip. Eagle Newhart added a FG score; BR 50 was called for her second foul, it followed by a foul assessed to Eagle Wagner on a scoring play by BR 30 and along with the addition of a FT score with just seven seconds remaining. First period scoring ended, JCD 17-11 BR.

Quarter Two
Seconds into the second period, Lady Eagle senior Kelsey Bowling delivered a three-pointer from deep in the corner. A second whistled foul on Eagle Simon followed at 7:01, sending BR 50 to the charity stripe where she missed the first, then added a point with the second shot. Eagle junior Hayley Bruns (42) scored a FG leading to a JCD Coach Smith called time-out.

Returning to action, Eagle senior Jenna Hughes (12) scored a FG. It was followed by a three-point delivery by Lady Eagle junior teammate Abby Wagner (24) to earn a 13 point edge, 24-11. BR 30 added a three-pointer. Eagle Bruns was called for her second foul sending BR 30 to the free throw line where she made one of two awarded. Eagle Bowling (14) rose and delivered a long range three-pointer. At 3:58, Eagle Wagner was assessed a second foul, sending BR 30 to the line where she connected on the pair. A foul was called on BR 10. Eagle sophomore Kayla Bowling (20) added a FG score. A foul was called on BR 30. Enter the real “Sister Act” as Lady Eagle sister senior Kelsey Bowling (14) rose and delivered another three-pointer. Rounding out the rest of period two scoring, BR 30 added a FG, Eagle Day (30) countered with a FG, Eagle Hughes nailed a three-pointer and BR 30 added a FG score to end the scoring at the halftime break, JCD 40-22 BR.

Quarter Three
Viking senior Hannah Bullock (10) opened third period scoring with a FG, before being whistled for her second foul, that sent Eagle Day to the charity stripe where she connected on one of two rare JCD FT offerings. A first foul was assessed Kelsey Bowling. BR 42 scored a FG. A foul assessed BR 10 led to another FG score by BR 42. A foul on BR 10 sent Eagle Newhart (55) to the charity stripe where she made one of two offered.

With approximately five minutes remaining in the third period, Eagle Day picked up a third assessed foul. Seconds later, Hughes was whistled for a foul, sending BR 30 to the line where she made one of two, leading to a Coach Smith called time-out. Resuming action led to a Newhart (55) FG score. BR 30 countered with a FG, then was whistled for her third foul. Lady Eagle Bowling (14) delivered a three-pointer. A Wagner third assessed foul with just under three minutes remaining in the third gave opportunity for BR 42 to add a pair of FT scores. Barr-Reeve 30 was whistled for her fourth foul; however, BR 50 added another FG score leading to a BR time-out. Returning to action a fourth foul was called on Lady Eagle Wagner, followed by a FG score by BR 42 to end third period scoring. JCD now leads by 10, 47-37.

Quarter Four
Early in the period, a fourth foul was assessed Lady Eagle Day. BR 50 scored a FG. Lady Eagle Newhart (55) countered with a FG score. Barr-Reeve 10 scored a FG, leading to a JCD called time-out at 6:23. BR 10 scored a FG before being whistled for a third foul. A BR 30 FG was followed by BR 54 nailing a three-pointer to move them to a one point deficit at 48-49.

At 4:01, with exception of foul trouble, it was basically a brand new game. At the 3:05 mark, Newhart was called for her first foul, sending BR 50 to the charity stripe where her two connections gave BR their first lead of the contest at 50-49.
Ensuing action found Lady Eagle Simon (22) adding a FG score to put JCD backup by one at 51-50. The Lady Vikings called for a time-out, and shortly after action resumed, a fifth foul was assessed Lady Eagle Day, sending her to the JCD bench, while BR 50 added a pair of FT scores. The Lady Vikings were now on top 52-51, but with 1:25 remaining, Lady Eagle Simon was whistled for her third foul, where again BR 50 added a pair at the charity stripe, to take a three-point lead, 54-51.

With less than a minute remaining in regulation, Lady Eagle Simon (22) added a FG score and JCD took their last time-out. Resuming play, a foul whistled on Lady Eagle Bowling at 47.4 seconds sent BR 10 to the charity stripe where she made one of two awarded. A Lady Eagle Newhart assessed foul at 30.9 seconds sent BR 54 to the charity stripe where she missed both shots. At 26.9, Lady Eagle Wagner was called for a fifth foul, sending her to the JCD bench. Barr-Reeve 54 made one of two, putting the Lady Vikings up by three, 56-53. A third foul was called on Kelsey Bowling at 23.6 seconds, resulting in BR 50 making a pair of FT shots awarded for a count of 58-53.

Lady Eagle sophomore Kayla Bowling (20) delivered a FG score with approximately 15 seconds remaining. Trailing by three and hope still alive, Lady Eagle Hughes immediately called for the time-out to set their final plan for the comeback. Unfortunately, JCD had no time-outs remaining, leading to a technical foul being assessed that sent BR to the charity stripe and the ball out of bounds following the shots where BR 50 connected on one of the two awarded. At 4.1, Lady Eagle Kayla Bowling was whistled for a foul, sending BR 10 to the line where she made the pair for a 61-55 final score, BR over JCD. A final assessment of the game as played resulted in the Lady Vikings connecting on 24 of 34 shots from the charity stripe. The Lady Eagles were 2 of 4 for the chances they were able to get to the line during the game.

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