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October 18, 2016 • Headline News
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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First fire engine, theater and Lincoln artifacts at museum

Sandy Day Howard
Editor’s Note: This is an on-going series featuring the museums in our county.

Some of the smallest towns in Indiana are rich in heritage and none any more so than Osgood. The Osgood Historical Museum, located right in the center of town at 128 Buckeye Street, is filled with artifacts and memorabilia commemorating over 150 years of times gone by. Local historian Janet Wagner hosts guests to the museum each weekend from 2 to 5 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons, with help from volunteers like Mr and Mrs. Donald Dunbar, among others.

Local historian Janet WagnerSANDY DAY HOWARD PHOTO
Pictured left ,local historian Janet Wagner shows this old but well-maintained buggy at the museum.

Wagner seems to know most everything about Osgood (dating back to 1856 when George W Cochran began laying out a town between Napoleon and Versailles) and is excited to share the treasures and stories of those days with guests to the museum. Housed in the former Reynolds Warehouse (a building once owned by Gilmore and Golda Reynolds, Osgood’s noted philanthropists) the museum is home to the 1897 Henry P. King steam powered car, Osgood’s first ‘fire engine’(which was drawn by horses back in 1886), Damm Theater’s original ticket booth, seats, and movie projector, the Dr. George S Row ‘parade car’, and the 1911 Maxwell Car, an antique vehicle admired by many.

Business memorabilia from former Osgood entities like The Osgood Shoe Factory, Dunbar and Bultman Dairy, Thayer’s Poultry Farm, Ripley County Bank, The ‘Dog and Suds’, and the Freeman Opera House can be viewed within the museum’s ample space. A long plank cut from a tree now extinct in our area was donated by Delbert Alplanalp and hangs on the museum’s back barrier wall. The piece came from a wooden road that was built to carry buggies and vehicles from Versailles to Napoleon in the 1800s. Not to be missed is a large collection of items from the estate of Steven Harting, attorney and friend of Abraham Lincoln. According to Wagner, Harting campaigned for Lincoln and was one of the people responsible for the forming of the Republican Party in Indiana. Among items formerly belonging to Harting is the top hat Harting wore to Lincoln’s Inaugural Ball and a gold watch presented to Harting from our country’s 16th president upon Harting’s appointment to the position of Governor of Utah. Am Row, a relative of Harting’s, donated the watch to the museum. The woodwork on a magnificently designed piano and stool is astounding as are the many other Harting articles to be viewed.

The museum is governed by a board of directors whose current president is Bill Gloyd. Gloyd, along with Helen Caplinger, Charles Wagner, Doug Thayer, Steve Gloyd, and Helen Einhaus spearheaded the mission to open the museum as part of Osgood’s Sesquicentennial celebration in 2006. Their vision has continued through grants from numerous benefactors, including the Reynolds, Black, and Tartar Foundations and through private donations. The Osgood Historical Museum operates solely on a volunteer staff.

Relics from Osgood’s former industries line the displays and wall spaces. Nine West, Easy Spirit, and Joyce Shoes, famous products from the Osgood Shoe Factory, have been donated as well as memorabilia from the former Wilson Dairy, the largest self-sufficient, family owned dairy in the US at one time. Charles Wagner, who ran the Nehi and RC Cola Company, has donated items formerly used in his business. Political signs, buttons, yardsticks and other tokens can be viewed, and vintage uniforms and clothing from days gone by are presented throughout the museum.

Osgood High School and Jac-Cen-Del memorabilia are represented along with an impressive selection of genealogical information. Burt Kelly’s baseball uniform, complete with bloodstains from an injury, lays in a case reminding folks of the year the Reds played at the Ripley County Fairgrounds. At that time, Osgood native Charlie ‘Peachy’ Pruitt was a pitcher in the American League and returned to play in the game for the Osgood team. Numerous other meticulously presented items welcome visitors to tour through the aisles of artistic and historical artifacts at the Osgood Historical Museum. Currently, a display on covered bridges owned by Mandy Collins is on loan as is Doug Thayer’s 1925 Model T Ford.

The Osgood Historical Museum is an impressive collection of Osgood history that shouldn’t be missed by those who live in and around the town.
For more information, call the museum at 812-689-1776.

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