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October 25, 2016 • Headline News
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Texas producer films in Osgood
Familiar faces, scenes in ‘Haunted Road’ movie

Ripley County recently proved to be a perfect backdrop for a scary suspense motion film. Movie director/writer/producer Edward Collins and actor Harold Hogan traveled from Houston, Texas to Osgood to film scenes for “The Haunted Road.” Not only did the movie director use local scenes but local people as actors! “It was such an awesome experience, one that will not be forgotten anytime soon. I can’t wait to see my kids on the big screen,” said Jeff Brandt Jr. Collins chose Indiana for several reasons: the fall scenes, the cornfields, and being able to film a lot of scenes within a short distance. (In Texas, he would travel 220 miles round trip to film one scene for his movie).

Chloe Kirkland in Haunted RoadSUBMITTED PHOTO
Chloe Kirkland, a sixth grader at South Ripley, plays the younger version of the main character in “The Haunted Road” which was filmed partly in Osgood.

The movie production has been underway for eight months, and is almost ready to go to the editing room. This is Collins’ second movie to produce. He has over 40 years of experience in the entertainment business as a photographer for People Magazine and Country Music Today Magazine. He asked his long-time friend Connie Ritter of Osgood to help produce the “Haunted Road” movie scenes in Indiana. She said that it felt good to come out of retirement from the military and “to go back to work. There is a lot of work behind the scenes in movies that many aren’t aware of.”

Several scenes were filmed in Ripley County from Oct. 8 to 12. “We had many more lined up but due to time constraints and stormy weather we weren’t able to film at all locations as we had hoped,” Ritter said. They did shoot scenes at Stanley and Ruth Mozingo’s house and farm west of Osgood, Otter Creek Cemetery area, Holton Covered Bridge and Danny Wilson’s cornfield.

A 6th grade South Ripley student also had her movie debut. Chloe Kirkland, the daughter of Marvin and Julie Kirkland was chosen to play the young Stacey Jane, a main character in this movie. She is in many scenes early in the movie. Chloe is the granddaughter of Stanley and Ruth Mozingo, and he too tried acting for the first time. He played an angry farmer in one of the scenes with kids. Gospel singer Breanna Everlean Lapsley of Osgood sings “Amazing Grace,” in the movie and is joined by four others, Angie Smith of Taylor Mill, KY, Esther and Hannah Martz, both of Batesville and April Marie Foster of Napoleon. Another scene to look for familiar faces is when “we had several children go around in a circle chanting, ‘Stacy is an orphan, Stacy is an orphan’.” Ritter said, and explained that in the plot Stacy Jane is confused and feels that she is an orphan at times in her bad dreams.” One day’s filming was at Otter Creek Cemetery and included over 20 horse riders. Stanley and Ruth Mozingo drove their covered wagon while Collins filmed from the back of the wagon.

Besides several familiar locations, there are also some personal belongings from local people featured in the movie. The vacant log home built by Frank Wenning and now belonging to Lynn McDonald and her father, Bill McDonald, was one. Inside the barn, Julie Kirkland of Friendship showed off her craft skills and made the scarecrow for the scene. Ruth Mozingo’s doll collection also has a few shots, and Kenneth Bowling III allowed an actor from Texas to drive his police car down Fairgrounds Road for a few film shots.

Others featured in the scene at the Holton Covered Bridge, were Chloe Kirkland of Friendship, Zachary Powers and Corbyn Malphrus, both of Osgood. “It was such a neat experience seeing how a movie is made behind the scenes. It’s a memory my kids and I won’t ever forget!” Becky Peace Horn said.
The crew also went to Greensburg to film a cornfield. “Mr. Collins enjoyed filming from this location as they don’t have corn stalks as tall as they do on Danny Wilson’s farm. The corn stalks reached over 7 feet tall,” Ritter said. The last scenes were shot in Osgood at the park next to Taylor’s Tae Kwon Do Academy. Chloe Kirkland, Matthew Reed-Brandt, Jeffrey Brandt, both of Osgood were the main characters in this scene.

Collins and Harold Hogan headed back to Texas, a 17-hour road trip, on Oct. 12. Both said they were impressed with the residents and appreciated the warm hospitality. Meanwhile, there are two more scenes to be filmed and the orchestra is working on the music score. Collins would like to bring a premiere in the spring to the Damm Theater so they can see their local stars. Collins has already written his third movie, “The Beaumont Boys” and it will feature two well-known country music stars. His words upon leaving Osgood, “See ya on The Big Screen!”

Severe weather hit area last week

The National Weather Service, Wilmington OH issued a “Tornado Warning” for southeast Ripley County at 6:09 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 19.


Belinda Harris of the Friendship area shows off the hail she found Wednesday evening. There were no tornado sightings in the area, according to Ripley County EMA.

Weather radar had indicated rotation (low level, above the ground) in an already Severe Thunderstorm cell with possible large and/or severe hail. It was possible a weak tornado could have developed but Ripley County EMA was unaware of any sightings. Some local fire stations did set off their sirens

The first “Severe Thunderstorm Warning” was issued at 5:48 p.m. and covered south-central Ripley County area. Those in the Friendship and Dillsboro area reported hail damage on vehicles and homes. The hail was reportedly from golf ball to baseball size.

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