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November 1, 2016 • Headline News
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Man shoots at police, gunfire returned

Suspect struck, surrenders in five hour standoff

A domestic altercation Friday evening ended with a Holton man being shot by police and a five hour stand-off. Police responded to a call around 5 p.m. of a domestic disturbance at the residence of Tim W. Bowman of 4756 North County Road 850 West. When the Ripley County Sheriff’s officers arrived, Bowman, 48, was barricaded inside with a firearm. Family members, including his wife and daughters, had been inside, but left the house once the altercation intensified. Another male relative had arrived and confronted Bowman.

Pictured is the Bowman residence on CR 850 West in Holton where the standoff and shooting took place Friday.

Ripley County Sheriff’s deputies, Indiana State Police and excise police responded to the domestic disturbance. According to state police, at one point Bowman exited the house and fired upon the officers who were positioned outside.

A four-year veteran of the Indiana State Police returned fire and struck Bowman in the torso. Bowman then retreated inside. This occurred around 6 p.m. The Emergency Response Team and crisis negotiators attempted to negotiate with Bowman for the next several hours. They arrived with an armored car and pulled up close enough to see Bowman inside the home, according to Sgt. Stephen Wheeles, public information officer. They communicated with him through a PA system, a normal practice in this type of situation. Although they knew he was injured, Bowman remained inside and did not surrender until 10 p.m., which is when officers entered the residence to take him into custody.

Officers immediately administered first aid to Bowman. He was conscious and alert when he was treated on the scene by paramedics before being flown to the University of Cincinnati Trauma Center. His condition is unknown at this time. Family members were in a secure position with the Ripley County Sheriff down the road from the house. The deputies were about 20 yards away, and were unharmed.

Bowman and his family have struggled with the loss of Tim "Curtis" Bowman, 17, one of the three South Ripley teenagers killed in a two-vehicle accident on Hopewell Road on March 7, 2013. Jacob Vogel and Samantha Hanson were also killed. Three others were injured. The other driver, Thomas Crawford, 17 at the time, admitted to delinquent acts of reckless homicide and reckless driving.

Wheeles said officers typically wear body armor, but noted it’s not a “catch-all” particularly if you’re dealing with a high-powered rifle. He could not confirm what type of firearm Bowman used, but officers knew he had access to multiple guns inside. Sheriff Jeff Cumberworth commented afterward that his officers who were fired upon will be offered counseling, but felt they were handling the situation and aftermath well. “It’s not the first time this has happened,” he said referring to shots fired at officers. “But it’s not often when someone intentionally shoots at an officer.” It’s protocol to place a state police officer in an administrative position or on leave after a shooting, Wheeles said. Resources are available for counseling for the officer. Wheeles too said a shooting or even hostage situation, “is not an everyday occurrence around here, but we train for it and know what to do.” There were multiple officers on the scene Friday night, including evidence technicians afterward. Several officers were still at the scene through Saturday afternoon.

Two search warrants were authorized that night by Judge Jeff Sharp for the residence to search for and seize any evidence of a crime. According to the prosecutor’s office, those were served that night into the next day. Prosecutor Ric Hertel said he will meet with detectives from the Indiana State Police as their investigation continues to determine appropriate charges. That decision may come as early as this week.

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