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March 8, 2016 • Sports
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Jac-Cen-Del Eagles
Journey ends with Sectional #60

Gary Franklin

Head Coach Travis Stangland’s opening season as head coach of the Jac-Cen-Del Eagles wound to a close during championship game action in the 2016 IHSAA Class 1A Boys Basketball Sectional #60 finale, hosted by South Decatur High School, falling to the Southwestern Shelby Spartans 31-40.

JCD Eagles vs. Rising Sun ShinersGARY FRANKLIN PHOTO
Rising Sun Shiner senior Nick Sporleder (52) is called for a charge in the early going as he attempts a drive in the paint between Eagles: junior Reuben Benham (34), seniors Maverick Dwenger (55) and Evan Borgman (40).

Quarter One
The 7:30 p.m. championship tip-off was controlled by the Sw Shelby Spartans, leading to their opening game scoring with a FG for the 2-0 lead. As play continued, Eagle senior Maverick Dwenger connected on one of two FT offerings to get JCD on the scoreboard, soon followed by Eagle junior teammate Reuben Benham’s delivery of a FG for the 3-2 lead. A Spartan 3-pointer led to Eagle senior Evan Borgman’s first score, a FG delivery, that knotted the game at 5. A Spartan FG led to the first points by senior Eagle Tyler Huff connecting with a pair of FTs to again knot the score, this time at 7. Eagle Dwenger’s 3-point delivery led to a FT connection of two taken by the Spartans, ending first period scoring JCD 10-8 Sw Shelby.

Quarter Two
Back-to-back Spartan FG scores quickly earned them the 2-point lead once second period action got underway. Eagle junior Matthew Drockelman knotted the score at 12 with his FG score. A 6-point Spartan run was halted by one for two FT shooting by Eagle Huff. An Eagle Drockelman FG negated by a Spartan FG score concluded the first half scoring with Sw Shelby leading JCD by five at 20-15.

Quarter Three
Returning to action, a Spartan FG was matched by an Eagle Dwenger FG. A Spartan 3-pointer led to a pair of Huff FT connections and a Borgman 3-pointer, closing the gap back to a 3-point deficit, 22-25. Over the remainder of the third period, Sw Shelby added a FG/FT combo and Eagle Borgman connected for one of two FT attempts to end the third with JCD trailing by five at 23-28.

Final Quarter
Bad news for the Eagle effort, as the Spartans delivered a FG and a 3-pointer early on in the final stanza surging to a double digit, 10 point 33-23 lead at the 5:30 mark. Eagle Benham delivered a 3-pointer. Eagle Huff added a FG to cut the deficit in half at 3:00 to go, 23-28. A Spartan FT score was negated by an Eagle Dwenger FT score. With time expiring, the forced JCD fouls sent Spartans to the charity stripe where they added four of four attempts taken to stretch their lead to nine with 41.6 seconds remaining, and JCD losing Benham to the fifth foul assessed him. Remaining scoring found Eagle Huff adding a FG score to his game total, but the Spartans negated its gain with a FG score to conclude the game, Sw Shelby 40-31 Jac-Cen-Del. A solid first season experience for Coach Stangland, with four dedicated veteran senior players: Tyler Huff, Evan Borgman, Maverick Dwenger and Devon Wilson.

Sw Shelby 8 20 28 40
Jac-Cen-Del 10 15 23 31

Sw Shelby Spartans 40

30 Sr Bryce Rowe 12
14 Jr Steffen Shackelford 9
55 Sr Darian Tyler 7
32 Sr Hayden Veach 5
12 Sr Blake Doty 5
25 So Jacob Swanson 2

Jac-Cen-Del Eagles 31

12 Sr Tyler Huff 9
55 Sr Maverick Dwenger 7
40 Sr Evan Borgman 6
34 Jr Reuben Benham 5
14 Jr Matt Drockelman 4
24 Sr Devon Wilson 0

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