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June 14, 2016 • Sports
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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JCD senior athletes excelled at sports throughout 2015-16

Gary Franklin

The 2016 Jac-Cen-Del High School Baseball Team and their veteran coach David Bradshaw, could be labeled “The Last Man Standing” and that would appropriately sum up the JCD’s baseball team's extended spring season. Considering Bradshaw’s reliable and consistent knowledge of the game, along with a sincere driving dedication to give his players every tool that can improve their game abilities, the community has grown to expect quite literally nothing less from one of his teams.

The Eagles captured the IHSAA Class 1A Sectional 60 Championship Title and delivered a 5-3 10 inning victory in IHSAA Class 1A Morristown High School hosted Regional 15, before loading in the bus to get to the graduation ceremony and back on the bus for the championship where they unfortunately fell 6-10 to the Clay City Eels. Now, for the senior players who have enormously contributed to Eagles sports. Tyler Huff is as close to indestructable as one will ever find. Pardon the phrase, but the pink bunny is no competition for Huff. Huff has battled one field or another his entire high school career and left it on the playing surface equally for teammates and school.

There is no one person replacement for Huff. He was a soccer battler, a basketball ball of fire, and a baseball “put me in coach I’m ready to play…today.”
Senior teammates battling the same sports route of soccer, basketball and baseball, who likewise gave their all, were Allen Troy and Maverick Dwenger. Each one is an exceptional young man of character for which the community can be proud. Other seniors of the Eagles baseball team were Joshua Roe and student manager Caleb Schwier, all of which were supported by eager underclassmen throughout the Jac-Cen-Del High School sports seasons. Other senior Eagle athletes are Lucas Williams and Christopher Brown, golf; Patrick Holt, Dillon Engel and Matthew Seals, soccer; Evan Borgman, basketball; and Devon Wilson soccer and basketball.

The Lady Eagle seniors captured the first ever Girls IHSAA Class 1A Basketball State Championship Title, making JCD one of a very few elite schools in Hoosierland hysteria that can claim the honor of having earned both IHSAA Boys and Girls State Champion Basketball Team Titles! Lady Eagle senior Hayley Bruns delivered on the volleyball and basketball courts and on the field in softball. Seniors Jordan Day played volleyball and basketball; Ashlee Veerkamp, softball; Abby Wagner, volleyball, basketball and track & field; Kaitlin Moore, volleyball and softball; Elizabeth Abel, softball; and Andrea Adams softball and basketball student manager. Other Lady Eagle senior athletes: Adriana Youngman volleyball and cheerleading; Rachel Schwanholt, volleyball, cheerleading and dance team; Hannah Mullikin cheerleading; and Kaylynn Baluyot, cheerleading.

Eagles fans support
Local school sports programs have a following of fans unsurpassed. Jac-Cen-Del’s following, regardless the sport, finds solid support. Over the years, JCD has not always had super teams, but fan support stands the tests of time.

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