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July 19, 2016 • Headline News
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Carah Beck wins Miss Ripley County 2016

Mary Mattingly

Blonde haired, blue-eyed Carah Beck looked every inch the queen when she was crowned Sunday night as the 2016 Ripley County Queen. Dressed in a bright yellow two piece sequined gown, the 2016 South Ripley graduate was chosen among nine candidates for the 2016 Ripley County Queen. Beck, the daughter of Doug and Angel Beck of Elrod, said afterward she was “overwhelmed. I couldn’t believe it.” The hardest part was standing there waiting for the names to be called, and not hearing hers initially, she admitted.

Carah Beck, a 2016 South Ripley graduate, was crowned Ripley County Queen for 2016 at Sunday’s pageant.

Her court was announced in front of nearly a full house at the Osgood Damm Theatre: First runner up was Sarah Pitts, 2nd runner up Andrea Grossman, third runner up Hannah Speer and 4th runner up, Kendra Franklin.

It took longer than usual for the three out of county judges to determine the winner. Pageant coordinator Amanda Kunz said she went back three times to see if the judge’s were ready. “I know it was hard,” she said. The crowd seemed to agree that the judges had their work cut out for them, as all the girls were dressed exquisitely in lovely colorful gowns, and answered the impromptu questions with poise and confidence. The interview portion was actually held prior at the town hall, with the judges, and was worth 50 points. The professional attire and evening gown was another 50 points. A perfect score would be 300 points.

This year the pageant theme was “Race for the Crown” and the nine girls first came on stage dressed in Kentucky Derby style, with springy dresses and fashionable hats and did a choreographed routine together. Announcers for the show were past county queens, 2012 Michaela Grunkelmeyer, 2013 Katie Huffman and 2014 Ashley Moore. Savannah Kern, last year’s winner, welcomed the candidates, and also shared highlights from her year’s reign in a power point video and a speech. She had three gown changes, and toward the end, the former queens then presented her with a “Has Been” sash.

The professional wear winner was also the queen, Carah Beck. She, like most of the others, wore a dark blazer and matching skirt. Sarah Pitts also won two awards; not only was she first runner up but she also won the formal attire category in her purple strapless sequin gown. Miss Congeniality, Bridget Swinney, won a $100 scholarship. And the People’s Choice award, where guests could vote for the queen candidates with the proceeds going to local food pantries, was Hanna Speer. Her jar was over $609. The queen’s committee, chose their favorite opening number attire and Hanna Speer received that award. Besides Beck, the other eight candidates included: Rebecca Eckstein, Hanna Speer, Bridget Swinney, Sarah Pitts, Jessica Raver, Andrea Grossman, Kendra Franklin and Cheyenne Kern.

The candidates each responded to a selected impromptu question. Sara Pitts was asked “What do you want to be remembered about you?” and she replied. “That I am a kind and caring person.” Beck was asked what was the best advice she was ever given, and she answer “To never give up.” The queen and her court have a full schedule next week when the fair starts. They will be there daily for ribbon presentations, photos and even pig kissing! Carah said after winning the contest what she’s most looking forward to is attending the county fair and supporting 4-H. She’s been a 4-H member herself for three years, and loves showing her pigs. She was active in sports at South Ripley and played soccer.

Other duties of the county queen include participating in parades, such as the Versailles Pumpkin Show and Fourth of July parade in Milan. Beck will represent the county in the state fair contest held in August . This past year, the candidates also did some community service by way of a fashion show at a nursing home, and the committee members said they’ll have this year’s group have the same opportunities, if not more. Beck will use the $750 scholarship winnings when she enters Northern Kentucky University next month as a freshman. The court received scholarship money also, with the first runner up getting $150, and the others $100.

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