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October 26, 2017 • Headline News
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Boy Scout Troop #631 dedicate project at Milan American Legion

Sandy Day Howard

The Boy Scout Oath has traditionally been considered to have three promises. Those promises are delineated by three clauses in the oath: duty to God and country, duty to other people, and duty to self.

Boy Scouts Troop 631SUBMITTED PHOTO
Boy Scouts from Troop #631 kneel in reverence as several older scouts salute the American flag prior to the formal flag burning ceremony held October 15 at the Milan American Legion Post #235. Jacob Rohrig of Milan Boy Scout Troop #631 held the folded US flag that was retired by the troop during the formal flag burning ceremony. The flag was carried by the troop over 75 miles on last summer’s backpacking trip in New Mexico where it summited three peaks.

Boy Scout Troop #631 of Milan strives to meet and exceed the promise in the oath each boy took when they became Boy Scouts. The recent construction of an exquisite memorial speaks volumes about the troop’s commitment to that oath.

Milan American Legion Post #235 was the scene of a selfless act of duty to God and country on Sunday, October 15, as Troop #631 dedicated a massive structure they erected as a show of patriotism and commitment to community. Scoutmaster Albert King oversaw the completion of the flag retirement monument and was on hand at the ceremony when Milan Troop #631 dedicated the massive structure they had erected.

Page 76 of the Boy Scout Handbook says, “A national flag that is worn beyond repair may be burned in a fire. The ceremony should be conducted with dignity and respect and the flag burned completely to ashes.”As the troop retires over 200 flags each year, most of which are for the post, it seemed only appropriate that they should build and dedicate a monument to serve as a place to conduct the burning ceremony.

Milan’s Troop # 631 observes the proper procedure for flag disposal, which includes the folding of the retired flag prior to burning, coming to attention and saluting the flag, and a moment of silent reflection. As an additional show of respect, the troop removes the eyelets from each flag before it is burned, adding them to a lanyard. The eyelets represent the retired flags and therefore represent all Americans. To date, the troop’s lanyard holds more than 2000 eyelets. The boys continue to honor those flags today.

The newly erected monument consists of a pole where the US flag flies, a granite wall dedicated to the Boy Scout Oath, US Code Title 36/ Chapter 10/ Section 176 (which designates proper disposal of worn flags), Legion post #235 of Milan, and the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America. Additionally, a metal statue of military boots/helmet/rifle stands in front of a screen highlighting a flag covered casket in a wagon accompanied by 6 soldiers. The aforementioned tributes accentuate a single fire pit where worn US flags will be properly disposed of. The area is embossed with several yards of embossed bricks dedicated to area veterans who sacrificed for their country.

Master of Ceremonies for the event was Isaac Rosenbarger, Life Scout and Senior Patrol Leader. The Indiana 35th Pipe and Drum Corps highlighted by bagpipes, set the mood with their version of “Amazing Grace.” John Rohrig, Eagle Scout outlined the significance of the ‘eyelets and our flag’, and a memorial wreath was laid at the memorial by Cub Scout Pack #631. American Legion Post # 235 was represented in a number of ways, including the rifle detail.
The flag retired at the dedication was special to troop #631 and was carried by Eagle Scout John Rohrig during a 75 mile backpacking adventure throughout New Mexico. The flag defined the troop over 4 major mountain peaks at over 11,700 feet.

This inspirational project was initiated by Caleb Mezger, a Life Scout in Troop #631. Mezger began the planning process in February of 2016 and carried it through until his 18th birthday in October of 2016. He designed the granite wall and the website used to place orders for the engraved pavers that blanket the ground for several yards around the memorial. Caleb, who now serves in the National Guard, could not complete the project on his own due to other commitments. So, from that point, Troop #631 sprang into action to make Mezgers vision a reality.

This special act of patriotism became a troop project and on January 7, 2017 (the coldest day of the year with single digit temps) the boys broke ground and began construction at the site, which soon involved the entire community. Individuals and businesses came together to donate materials and financial resources to complete the memorial.

King says the monument was born from the vision of one young man and completed through the efforts of the entire troop. “Caleb understood the importance of Flag retirement and honoring our veterans,” King said. “It’s through his vision that this monument exists today.”

When speaking of Milan Boy Scout Troop #631, their leader reflected momentarily: “I am a better person for knowing all of them,” King said of his young charges.” I learned that Milan is not just a community but we are also a family.

The monument is located at Milan American Legion #235 on State Road 350 in Milan and welcomes guests. For more information on the monument and Milan Scouting, look the organization up on facebook @ ‘Boy Scout Troop 631’.

Deer – vehicle collisions and you
SCC students learn auto collision repair

T here are more than 14,000 deer-vehicle collisions reported in Indiana annually. During the autumn “rut,” or mating season, when bucks search for estrous does and fight other bucks they encounter. Deer are so distracted by mating prospects that they are less cautious than usual when crossing roads.

Southeastern Career Center students learn auto collision repairSUBMITTED PHOTOS
Pictured left, SCC students work during class. Hover over the image to see an additional photo. Click the image to visit the SCC website.

This two-year program includes classroom and laboratory experiences concerned with all phases of the repair of damaged vehicle bodies and frames, including metal straightening; smoothing areas by filing, grinding, or sanding; painting; and replacement of body components including trim. Instruction also includes minor frame diagnosis, color-mixing, and computerized estimating of repair costs.

Southeastern Career Center students have the knowledge and skills to perform entry level automotive collision repair. Additional academic skills taught in this course include precision measurement and mathematical calibrations as well as scientific principles related to adhesive compounds, color-mixing, abrasive materials, metallurgy, and composite materials. Fiberglass and plastic repairs are incorporated as well.

Students receive an overview of job possibilities as well as learn various types of automobile construction. Focuses on general collision repair, refinishing, and shop safety procedures with an emphasis on personal and environmental safety issues. Students experience basic MIG Welding and Oxy Fuel cutting. Students learn surface preparation, spray gun operation and related equipment, paint mixing, matching and applying, solving paint application problems, finish defects, causes and cure and safety precautions. Advanced students perform measuring, panel replacement and advance refinishing.

This is a wonderful pipeline of students with the skills sets a business or company are looking for. Career paths for these students include: Collision Technician, Shop Owner/Shop Manager, Factory-related Worker, Automotive Repair Service Estimator, Body Customizer, Custom/Restoration, Automotive Painter, and Detailer.

Contact Instructor Dan Woycke at 812-689-5253 at extension 279. Watch for more articles highlighting the Southeastern Career Center’s opportunities for classes and how they relate to the community.

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