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October 31, 2017 • Headline News
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Milan schools leads the way in eLearning

Sandy Day Howard

Milan School Board met for a brief meeting on October 16,with all board members present. Superintendent Jane Rogers presented her monthly update, reporting that parent/teacher conferences were well attended and that the first grading period had concluded with things having ‘gone very well’. Rogers also reported the school corporation’s first ‘e-learning day’ was a success, announcing the second ‘e-learning day’ is scheduled for November 3. Superintendent Rogers explained that students will be offsite completing their daily lessons while staff members will be on school grounds engaged in professional development activities, noting that all staff and departments will be in training.

Brandy Hicks and Alexis JonesJARED ROGERS PHOTO
Milan school’s technology teacher Brandy Hicks, standing, and student Alexis Jones work together helping Milan students. Alexis is a junior and serves on the Milan Tech Tribe. Recently Hicks presented at Indiana’s premier educational technology conference on Milan’s process for eLearning Days. She represented Milan Community Schools at the annual Indiana Connected Educator’s Conference in Noblesville. Milan leads the way in Ripley County in technology when it comes to eLearning Days, abut also stands out as a leader in the state. “It’s always encouraging to be asked to present what is happening in Milan. It makes me realize that although our school district is small; it’s doing great things,” said Hicks. Milan has also been asked to present at the HECC technology conference in Indianapolis in November.

“How close will we be to using these eLearning trainings for a real situation?” asked board member Gregory Lewis. “We’re getting closer,” Rogers replied. “We can hopefully make a determination based on the data we gather from the second “e-learning day’.” Rogers explained that schools must apply to the Indiana State Department of Education for the days, where students complete their studies by signing online and following pre-designated teachers’ directives for assignment completion. Doug Norman and Tim Tuttle also had questions regarding protocol and inquiring about feedback from teachers and students. Rogers explained that surveys show positive feedback and students seemed to like creating their own hours but also miss ‘hanging out’ with their friends during these special learning hours. November’s school board meeting was changed to November 13, a week earlier than usual, due to a scheduling conflict. An approval was unanimous for Milan’s FFA to sell fruit and beef products, their yearly fundraiser. A request by Brian Moleen to attend an advanced placement workshop was approved. Approval for ‘the tribe’ wrestling group to use facilities for practices and events was granted. Mr Gauck, a faithful MSC patron, was congratulated for serving on the Indiana Corn Council.

Rogers also reported that she had attended the Indiana State Principals’ Conference, noting that she found two of the workshops especially interesting. Rogers stated that the sessions titled ‘New Budgeting Laws’ and ‘Assessment and Accountability’ were applicable and very informative. Danielle Huddleston was approved to be special needs teacher to replace Kayla Bowling. Huddleston was present and was ‘welcomed aboard’ by council. Claims and financial reports were reviewed and approved. As Milan’s superintendent presented the ‘President’s Perogative’, she announced that ‘ Ag Day’ with 3rd graders was successful and she appreciated Mrs. Baugh and the FFA students’ efforts. “This was a good learning experience for our students!” Rogers relayed.

Board members made comments of safety, thankfulness, and congratulations to academic and sports teams. Ted Amberger told board members of a recent conversation he had had with a Vietnam Veteran at a recent Milan tennis event. “The National Anthem was playing for the football game that was going on in an adjacent field to the tennis match. When the tennis team heard the anthem, they stood up and listened with respect and patriotism.” The onlooker wrote a letter to Mrs. Rogers and to MHS principal Ryan Langferman, praising the kids’ patriotism. Also mentioned during closing remarks was the effort of Milan Boy Scout Troup #631, whose members designed and constructed an elaborate flag burning memorial that was built on the Milan American Legion property.

Milan School Board will hold its November meeting one week earlier for November only. That meeting is scheduled for November 13 at 7 p.m. at the Milan Community School Superintendent’s office on Carr Street.

‘Bicycle Bill’ criss-crossing U.S. with brain injury; passes through Versailles

Jared Rogers

Ripley Publishing caught up with William Galloway on the afternoon of October 25, while he took a coffee break at McDonalds in Versailles. Bill has been riding his recumbent bicycle across the country since February of 2017. Starting in New Jersey, he headed west to northern California, then trekked up through Washington and across through Idaho and Montana, before making his way across Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio back to the east coast. Then, he headed west again, and is currently traveling that direction.

Bicycle Bill GallowayJARED ROGERS PHOTO
“Bicycle Bill” Galloway is pictured on his Catrike 700, complete with several lights and an air horn. He averages about 60 miles per day. Bill tries to find quiet, secluded spots to sleep along his route, with only a sleeping bag and a mat. He’s picked up odd jobs along his journey to support his currently nomadic lifestyle. To connect with him, he carries a sign sharing his email,

He came through Greendale and Lawrenceburg on October 24, taking a rest break in Dillsboro. He made a wrong turn coming into Versailles, saying, “Sometimes, I trust my GPS too much.” The GPS in question directed Bill to turn left on Cave Hill Rd before reaching Versailles, then to turn right on 250 S.
Readers familiar with the area know what happened next: After descending the hill on 250, Bill found himself at Laughery Creek, with no bridge to cross. His bicycle gear weighs close to 100 pounds, so he called in for help to get out of the valley. The Ripley County Sheriff’s department was kind enough to give him a lift into town. Bill laughed off the mishap, stating that he’s made a few wrong turns before.

The journey all began out of frustration stemming from a brain injury Bill sustained after being hit by a vehicle a year ago, which left him with headaches and occasional occurrences of seizures. He was shuffled around in the Medicaid and disability systems of New Jersey for a time, but was not receiving sufficient assistance, in his opinion. Before that incident he was a CDL driver.

He says he’s seen, “Both the good and bad,” in people during his time on the road, meeting generous citizens and threatening thieves along the way. At the moment, he’s got no specific end goal in mind. For now, he says his greatest concern is to continue west and find warmer weather. He strives to stay healthy along his journey and stays away from drugs and alcohol.

If you see him on the roads, or any other biker for that matter, slow down, give him some space, and pass along a friendly wave. Sometimes, it’s hard to know what someone else has been through, or where they are headed in the future. A little kindness can be just the thing a person needs to keep pedaling strong for another day.

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