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November 28, 2017 • Sports
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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South Ripley victorious over Jac-Cen-Del in Turkey Shoot 60-51

Gary Franklin

The annual Boys Basketball Turkey-Shootout rivalry game between South Ripley Raiders and the Jac-Cen-Del Eagles was no less of a battle then anticipated.

The early bragging rights of a victory certainly play a factor in the compelling drive of both teams along with the opportunity to collect the Ripley Publishing Traveling Pride Trophy, which most generally finds itself on the line for this game.

Next to have an opportunity to gain trophy possession from the victorious South Ripley Raiders will be the Milan Indians as they travel to SRHS on January 19, to battle the hosting Raiders.

SR Claims Varsity Win
A "Take it to 'em" game was played by 6' 6" South Ripley Raider senior center Dillan McQueen, all the way to victory in spite of 6' 9" JCD senior middle man Connor Hubbard's defensive efforts.
Proving to be the man in charge for the game, McQueen opened eyes as he hustled from start to finish, while producing a 30 point scoring effort and hawking defense against his Eagle foe.
Also stepping up to the pressure was Raider varsity freshman starter point guard Cody Samples who stayed calm and played smart in the early season major battle.

The addition of senior teammates Avery Halcomb with 14 and Zach Pickett with 10 points, the three acquired enough points to win the game with 54 as JCD scored 51 for the game. However, Raider input added another six for a 60-51 final score at the final horn's sounding.


Varsity Quarter Scores
South Ripley 20 31 47 60
Jac-Cen-Del 11 26 43 51

Var. Individual Scoring
South Ripley Raiders 60
35 Sr Dillan McQueen 30
34 Sr Avery Halcomb 14
20 Sr Zach Pickett 10
5 So Aaron Greiwe 2
11 Fr Cody Samples 2
10 Fr Bryce Franklin 2

Jac-Cen-Del Eagles 51
55 Sr Michael Flint 13
34 So Brandon Baber 12
20 Sr Joel Tunny 11
14 So Justin Ohlmansiek 7
44 Sr Connor Hubbard 6
50 Jr Adrian Peetz 2
JCD JV Delivers
41 Pt Victory, 66-25 SR

Thanks largely to the big guy in the middle at 6'6" for the Eagle JV, (50 Jr Blake Simon, JCD had a huge advantage with his near perfect performance where he connected for 17 points and found the ball in his hands much of the time. Also playing large for the Eagle JV in their victory battle was (24 Fr Landon Turner, drilling five 3's and connecting for a 2 point FG to add an additional 17 points, of which the two together scored more than the team game output for SR at 25.

JV Quarter Scoring
Jac-Cen-Del 17 33 54 66
South Ripley 7 10 15 25

JV Individual Scoring
Jac-Cen-Del Eagle JV 66
50 Jr Blake Simon 17
24 Fr Landon Turner 17
20 Fr Will Neal 10
14 So Kobe Darnold 7
34 So Justin McKittrick 6
44 Jr Lorenzo Bertinelli 3
12 Fr TJ Menchhofer 2
32 So Tyler Seitz 2
42 Fr Luke Comer 2

South Ripley Raider JV 25
20 So Connor McCarty 6
34 So Sam Evans 5
5 So Jon Adkins 4
15 Jr Kendall Stephen 3
32 Fr Brady Linkel 3
10 Fr Dillan Binion 2
52 Fr Coby Bush 2

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