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March 14, 2017 • Sports
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Raiders Regional aspirations end against South Knox Spartans, 35-56

Gary Franklin

Regional Action
The South Ripley Raiders along with their many supporters and fans had high hopes and anticipation of a solid performance in Saturday’s March 11 opening battle of the Regional at Paoli High School against the South Knox Spartans. However, soon into the battle, South Knox grasped the upper hand forcing the Raiders into a come-from-behind-type situation that just didn’t develop, as the game progressed resulting in the Spartans winning by 21 at final horn’s sounding, 56-35 over the Raiders.

Cory Walker

Pictured left, South Ripley Raider Cory Walker (5) elevates for the layup, drawing the foul on attempting South Knox Spartan defender Gannon Bobe (3) during IHSAA Class 2A Regional action at Paoli High School.

South Ripley Raiders

6 14 29 35
19 31 45 56
South Knox Spartans

South Ripley was not in their normal threatening 3-point form, as their game battle plan proved; however, making an impressive stand was junior Raider Dillan McQueen, who opened the scoring for SR after the team had fallen 0-4 early on. McQueen earned four trips to the charity stripe for two shot foul attempts each time where he made 1 of 2 of the first two trips and 2 of 2 the final two trips; however, that would represent all the scoring SR could muster in the first period, with the Spartans ringing their bell for 19.

Second Period
It was soon evident, this Raider team was not the one that had played so well in Sectional action. In-your-face defensive intensity by the Spartans was allowed by the officials, altering the SR game plan and movement without the basketball. Second period Spartan scoring had opened a 20-point edge to 26-6 over the Raiders by the 4:13 mark, before Raider junior Zach Pickett rose to knock down a 3-pointer. Raider senior Derek Turner added a pair of FT shot points at 2:20 and at 1:05 remaining in the first half. Cory Walker finally managed to rise and connect for his first points of the game, a 3-pointer score, while South Knox scoring by the end of the half resulted in a 17-point advantage with South Knox 31-14 over South Ripley.

Third Period
The South Ripley faithful were in anticipation of a comeback that merely did not develop. With second-half action underway, after Knox missed a pair of FT shots, Raider Walker sank a FG score at 7:36. Raider McQueen added a FG score at 7:08. Raider Avery Halcomb elevated to nail a 3-pointer at 4:58. Raider Walker added his final FG score at 3:58 with teammate McQueen adding a FG score at 3:25. A Halcomb FG and a pair of Luke Welch FT scores as the period ran out resulted in SR trailing 29-46 heading to the fourth and final period.

Fourth Period
South Knox knocked down 10 points at the 4:57 mark; Raider Halcomb netted a FG score. Four South Knox points later, South Ripley seniors were exited from the game and the Raider faithful took that opportunity to give Walker and Turner an ovation in honor of their high school basketball careers. In the time remaining in the contest, Raider freshmen Kaleb Rinear and Aaron Greiwe concluded game scoring with FG score each, ending the game at South Knox 56-35 over South Ripley.

Dillan McQueen

Hammered many times by multiple South Knox players early on and throughout the contest South Ripley Raider junior Dillan McQueen impresses the crowd with his unrelenting drive, both defensively and offensively, as illustrated left, with his hard drive for the layup to earn a foul shooting opportunity.

Individual Scoring
South Ripley Raiders 35
Coach Travis Wrightsman

35 Jr Dillan McQueen 10
5 Sr Cory Walker 7
34 Jr Avery Halcomb 7
20 Jr Zach Pickett 3
33 Sr Derek Turner 2
32 Jr Luke Welch 2
25 Fr Kaleb Rinear 2
50 Fr Aaron Greiwe 2
00 Fr Connor McCarty 0
15 Jr Cory Welch 0
40 Fr Eric Vickers 0
52 So Kendall Stephen 0
INJ Jr Jacob Moore 0

South Knox Spartans 56
Coach Mark Rohrer

34 Sr Sam Downen 21
3 Sr Gannon Bobe 12
33 Jr Brandon Fickling 8
22 So Nick Johnson 7
11 So Noah Thomas 4
4 So Zachary Welage 2
15 Jr Luke Machino 2

How South Ripley earned their way to Regional action…
Co-ORVC (Ohio River Valley Conference) Champion Head Coach Travis Wrightsman and his South Ripley Raider’s (5-1) route to a 2017 IHSAA Class 2A Boys Basketball Regional invitation resulted after their winning the Sectional #45 Championship in what was likely one of the most tightly contested battles among all IHSAA boys basketball pairings of the year. South Ripley defeated the Austin Eagles by four, 52-48, in opening the tournament. That battle followed by second game opening night action where the Head Coach Josh Blankinship led Milan Indians posted a four point victory over the 5-1 Co-ORVC (Ohio River Valley Conference) Champion Head Coach Adam Dennis led Switzerland County Pacers at 47-43, as well.

Sectional #45, Round 2
Action during the South Ripley High School hosted Round 2, Sectional #45 action on February 2 resulted in the hosting Raiders earning a mere 1 point, 40-39, victory over the Head Coach Jerry Bomholt led Southwestern Hanover Rebels. Advancing by 2 points again, as with opening night action, the Milan Indians squeezed out a victory over their Head Coach Kyle Nobbe led North Decatur Charger competitor 47-45, punching their ticket to advance to a Sectional #45 Championship title match against the hosting South Ripley Raiders who won 47-42.

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