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April 25, 2017 • Sports
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Focus is on Milan Indian winners of North Decatur Track & Field Invitational

Gary Franklin

Amid the five team North Decatur Invitational Track & Field Meet of April 13,which included: South Decatur, Knightstown, Milan, Waldron and hosting North Decatur, final scores resulted in the following:
Knightstown 149.0
North Decatur 127.0
Milan 78.0
South Decatur 75.0
Waldron 61.0
Tri 49.0

Alyssa BrinkmanMichael OffillBraden BurdetteGARY FRANKLIN PHOTOS
Pictured left, Milan Indians top performers of the North Decatur High School Track & Field Invitational pictured from left include Alyssa Brinkman, Michael Offill and Braden Burdette

The Milan Indian Co-ed High School Track & Field Team individual results found it to be a big day for Lady Indian Alyssa Brinkman as she earned first place, setting a Meet record in the Girls 800M Run at 28.69. Teammate Alijah Craig captured 2nd place in the event at 28.90.

Brinkman also took first in the Girls 3200M Run with her time of 13:54.38 and finally, Lady Indian Brinkman joined by teammates Jamey Tush, Emma Miller and Melissa Lonneman also rang the bell for first place in the Girls 4x800M Relay with their time of 11:41.93.

On the flip side, team overall final scores resulted in the following:
South Decatur 144.0
Knightstown 112.5
Waldron 112.0
Milan 99.0
North Decatur 68.5
Tri 23.0

Milan Indian Boys individual results found it to be a solid day. as well as Indian Michael Offill secured first place in the Boys Long Jump Event with his distance of 19' 7 1/2" and rallied to capture first in the 100 Yard Dash after besting the field with his time at 11.53. Indian Braden Burdette sped to claim first place for the tribe with his 800M Run time of 2:16.81. Braden Burdette also contributed to help earn first for Milan in the Boys 4x800M Relay where he, joined by teammates Gabe Rankin, Talon Gobel and Casey Burdette outpaced the field to finish in first place with their time of 9:30.00.

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