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April 4, 2017 • Sports
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Milan Indians wrestler banquet, awards program

Gary Franklin

A cordial welcome to Milan Indians wrestling athletes, their parents and guests, by Milan High School Indians Wrestling head coach Adrian Wilburn opened the way to a prepared parent pitch-in style meal prior to the 2016-17 Indians Wrestler Recognition and Awards Program held in the Milan High School Cafetorium on Friday evening March 17.

Pictured left, 2017 Milan Indian senior wrestler Adam Brinkman (center) is joined at left by MHS Head Wrestling Coach Adrian Wilburn and at right JV Coach Ron Prozanski, on stage where it was announced that Adam had earned a scholarship to wrestle, while furthering his education at Marian University. Adam is the son of Daniel and Jane Brinkman. Congratulations Adam!

Following the meal, the awards presentation program opened with Elementary School Wrestling Coach Rob Burdette speaking about their season and individual accomplishments of his young wrestlers. Milan Indians Middle School, JV and Varsity Assistant Wrestling Coach Ron Prozanski presented the following awards to his team members during their Friday, March 17, Banquet.

Outstanding 7th Grader:
Ashton Myer

Outstanding 8th Grader:
Richard Condo

Recognized as
Conference Champions:

75# Caleb Prozanski
80# Conner Myers
85# Ashton Myers
95# Hunter Merida

High School Head Coach Adrian Wilburn spoke of the High School Indians Wrestling Team, their trials and accomplishments over the 2017 season, acknowledging that the team had again earned an invitation to the 2018 State Wrestling Invitational Tournament.

Varsity letter winners included Shane Lonneman, Garrett Condo, Dylan Myers, Rusty Phillips, Casey Burdette, Zack Wilburn, Chris Hawk, Adam Brinkman, Jacob Rohrig, Logan Miles, Justin Wickersham, Karl Hoffrogge, John Rohrig, (Malachi Scott), Jacob Wickersham, and Manager Julia Gall, along with participation awards to Brady Myers and Manager Jamey Tush.

Individual Awards:
Most Valuable Wrestler:
Adam Briunkman

110% Award:
Logan Miles

Most Improved:
Dylan Myers

Outstanding Freshman:
Shane Lonneman 107 Wins

2016-17 Milan HS Individual Results
106# Fr Shane Lonneman
37-11 237 pts. 11 pins
Quickest :37, SST 9th
2nd Conf, All SIWC

113# Fr Garrett Condo 28-20
(4/3) 179 pts. 11 pins
Quickest :24, SST 9th
4th Conf

120# Jr Dylan Myers
36-9 (1/4) 219 pts. 12 pins
Quickest :35, Rgl 5th
SIWC Conf. Champ

126# Fr Rusty Phillips
21-29 (6/12) 124 pts. 5 pins
Quickest :32, Sec 6th
4th Conf

132# So Zack Wilburn
30-16 157 pts. 23 pins
Quickest :32, Rgl 5th
Warrior Champ

138# Fr Casey Burdette
19-21 (5/2) 100 pts. 10 pins
Quickest :28, Sec 6th
6th Conf

145# Fr S Chris Hawk
14-13 (10/3) 84 pts. 4 pins
Quickest 4:22

145# So Jacob Rohrig
17-7 (14/3) 95 pts. 9 pins
Quickest 1:02, Sec 5th
3rd Conf

152# Sr Adam Brinkman
38-8 185 pts. 17 pins
Quickest :58, Rgl 5th
All Conf, & Milan 6 Champ

160# Jr Logan Miles
30-16 147 pts. 4 pins
Quickest 1:03, SST 9th
4th Conf, Milan 6way Champ

160# So Malachi Scott
2-9 (7/6) 12 pts. 1 pin
Quickest 1:02

170# Jr Justin Wickersham
15-11 77 pts. 3 pins
Quickest 1:02, Rgl 5th
3rd Conf

182# Sr Karl Hoffrogge
33-12 184 pts. 18 pins
Quickest :18, Sec 6th
SIWC WC Conf. Champ

195# Fr Brady Myers
2-1 (5/4) 12 pts. 1 pins
Quickest :45

195# Jr John Rohrig
36-9 180 pts. 20 pins
Quickest :17, SST 9th
2nd Conf, All SIWC

220# Sr Jacob Wickersham
20-17 129 pts. 6 pins
Quickest :17, Sec 6th
4th Conf

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