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May 18, 2017 • Headline News
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Multiple arrests made by police

Wanda English Burnett

Three people were taken into custody on Wednesday, May 17 after a trespass call came into the Ripley County Dispatch Office around 10:54 a.m. Ripley County Sheriff Deputies responded to find the day would soon produce enough evidence to take Christian Stewart and Cameron Stewart (brothers), and Kelsey Luelleninto custody on preliminary weapons charges, theft, and more.

Christian StewartCameron StewartKelsey LuellenSUBMITTED PHOTOS
Pictured from left are suspects in the recent arrests: Christian Stewart, Cameron Stewart and Kelsey Luellen.

The incident started when Christian Stewart, 21, Madison, came to the David Wood residence near Cross Plains asking for help to get a truck unstuck. He appeared to be impaired, according to witnesses. Soon they would find out Stewart was carrying a fully loaded handgun, and police were called with Stewart being arrested. When the officers responded to the scene, they found that there was no longer a truck in that area. During the investigation they found Stewart was accompanied by two others, Kelsey C. Luellen, 22, Madison and Cameron Stewart, 19, Commiskey. Luellen and Cameron had stolen a tractor from a neighbor along with other items and had gotten the truck out.

Another call took police to yet another residence, a vacant home in the area where someone was spotted inside the home. Officers saw someone inside, but he wouldn’t come out. Police called for backup, and the house was quickly surrounded by police along with an ISP K9 unit. As Cameron Stewart, 19, Commiskey, tried to run from the house with police on his heels, the K9 played an integral part in taking him down. The suspect was armed with a loaded weapon. While there was about a two-hour stand-off, no officers were hurt in the incident. Cameron Stewart was taken to the hospital to be checked out and then incarcerated.

All three suspects were transported to the Ripley County Jail where they await initial hearings. Charges are pending with several options available. According to Sheriff Jeff Cumberworth the arrests were a collaborative effort of his department working together with Indiana State Police officers and conservation officers. Deputies initially directly involved included Lt. Randy Holt, Sgt. Corky Houseworth, and Cpl.Rob Bradley.

The sheriff said he is proud of the team effort and warns citizens to keep vigilant. During the daytime, when people are away from their homes is a good time for would-be burglars to strike. Sheriff Cumberworth thanked all the individuals who called dispatch helping them corral and arrest these three suspects.

Dress appropriately on graduation day

Students on the cusp of graduation face several important decisions in the months ahead. One lesser but important decision is what to wear to graduation ceremonies. Graduation wardrobes extend beyond caps and gowns, as it’s generally accepted that students will wear formal attire when receiving their degrees or diplomas.

Dress appropriately for graduation
School rules
Pay close attention to schools’ rules regarding graduation garb. Although gowns and mortarboards are often par for the course, schools also may implement guidelines as to what can be worn beneath graduation attire. Gentlemen may need to wear shirts and ties, and young ladies may be asked to wear formal attire as well. Don’t risk missing the ceremony because of failure to play by school rules one final time.


Check the forecast and dress appropriately, especially if the ceremony will be held outdoors. Look for breathable fabrics, such as cotton or linen, so that you will not become overheated during the ceremony. Layer clothing (such as a light sweater over a sleeveless sundress) if you’ll be indoors with air conditioning. This way you can remove layers as needed to feel comfortable.

Graduation is not the day to try out new shoes, which can be uncomfortable to wear if they have not been broken in. Make sure your trip across the stage is unencumbered by uncomfortable shoes.


Remember that accessories will have to be toted around. Ladies may want to leave their purses behind, and guys may want to skip wearing suit jackets. Similarly, leave extra hats, bags, phones, or silly prank props in the car for later.

Err toward formal

Graduation is a special occasion, and it’s best to treat it as such. Therefore, stick to clothing that you would wear to a job interview or in an office environment. You’ll be thankful you did so when looking at graduation photos in the future.

Avoid hat hair

Plan a hairstyle that can manage a mortarboard. Stick to something simple for the ceremony. You can always dazzle with pomade or blow-out creams at the graduation party.

Graduation is a special time in students’ lives. Mark the occasion by dressing conservatively and comfortably and in adherence to any school guidelines.

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