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September 7, 2017 • Headline News
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Annual Jim Tyson Birthday celebration set for Sept.14

Thursday evening Sept. 14th, the citizens of Versailles are invited to the annual Jim Tyson birthday celebration at the Tyson Fellowship Hall at 7:00. The highlight of this celebration is always the awarding of grant monies from the Versailles Tyson Fund established by Mr. Jim Tyson in 1930.

Jim Tyson of Versailles Indiana The fund has distributed millions of dollars to the Versailles community per Mr. Tyson’s request each year since he established the Trust. Mr. Tyson accumulated the majority of his wealth through Walgreen’s stock and it is now worth more than $22,000,000, that is trusted to nine trustees of the Tyson Methodist Church.

This year the trustees evaluated and reviewed fourteen applications seeking some of the monies that were available to distribute. They have chosen ten applicants that the citizens of the Town of Versailles will vote on to approve or disapprove.

Bob Meyer, President of the Tyson Trustees encourages everyone who lives in the Town of Versailles to attend this celebration of Mr. Jim Tyson’s birthday and his gifts to his hometown. The monies available this year are $703,450, and the Tyson Trust had requests totaling more than $817,809.

This is Mr. Tyson’s 161st birthday celebration and his legacy and generosity continue to live on long after his death. Happy Birthday “Uncle” Jim Tyson.

How can we help Hurricane victims?

Wanda English Burnett

Indiana Red Cross volunteers and highly trained Task Force 1 Water Rescue Team members headed to Texas as Hurricane Harvey pounded the Texas Gulf Coastline last week. Texas may seem a long way away for people in Ripley County, but we are all connected by having loved ones or friends who may have been in the storm’s pathway. Many people have been asking what they can do to help out. Hurricane Irma is screaming up the State of Florida causing unrest this week as well. Many people are beginning to evacuate, some former residents of Ripley County.

How can I help hurricane victims?Patrick Rose, EMA director for Ripley County said he has been asked about what works and what doesn’t work at a time like this. “It does no good to send loads of clothing, etc. at a time like this,” Rose told The Versailles Republican. “Honestly, they need cash and organized volunteer teams.”

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) advises Hoosiers to be organized in their giving and volunteer efforts. Be wary of impromptu and pop-up websites that could be scams. IDHS recommends people give a cash donation to a legitimate relief agency operating in the area. They say the type of items and amount required can change hourly as needs keep pace with the rapidly evolving emergency situation. “Cash is far more flexible than goods and allows volunteer agencies to more quickly acquire the supplies needed to address the most urgent needs,” the press release noted.

There are organized efforts across the county now in place to send items to Texas, according to the Ripley County Chamber of Commerce. They are currently organizing to take a truck load of items to a former Southeast Indiana family and others who are in the Houston area. They are asking for specific items such as: toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels, soap, clothes (new items only), shampoo, conditioner, liquid laundry detergent, all purpose cleaner, dish soap, sponges, trash bags, re-usable cleaning wipes, disposable wipes, insect repellent, sun block,feminine care products, baby products (diapers, formula, etc.), bottled water. Call or text 812-621-2527 for more information and how you can be involved.

Where can I donate?
The above items can be dropped off at various places throughout the county: JayC Food Store, Milan; Dollar General, Milan; United Community Bank (Milan); Hog Rock, Milan; Milan Community Library; Beaver Creek Nursery, Versailles/Madison; Ernie’s Pizza, Versailles; Versailles IGA Store, Ripley County Chamber of Commerce, Versailles; The Reservation, Milan, Margaritas, Sunman, Sunman IGA, Kroger in Batesville; Thousand Trails Indian Lakes, Batesville; Amacks Well, Batesville; and Momentum Insurance, Batesville.

If items are being accepted, you’re encouraged to send clean, good quality items. IDHS also noted that while volunteers play a vital role in disaster recovery, simply just showing up at a disaster site can pose a problem. A few simple guidelines are offered on volunteering: reach out and contact a volunteer organization, don’t just show up; inform volunteer organizations of any specific skills or services that can be offered. People giving cash are encouraged to research the organization before giving any monetary donations. IDHS provides a website to find information on major non-profits active in disaster recovery –

If you have a church group or organization accepting donations for any hurricane victims, please contact our newspaper. We will publish this information as it is received. Email

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