The kit plane my Dad, Brother and I have 99% completed.

That last 1% is what graphics to put on it.

SkyArrow -- (Full page jpg 72550) From the color brochure

Model animated in 3D! (.gif 428579) Rotating model

Progress 4-4-96 -- (large version of jpg 15642) Pre-Engine shot

Our cockpit getting close -- (jpg 77002) Instrument Pod

Female voice engine monitor -- AV-10 Engine Monitor

Plots of Data Collected with AV-10! -- Check out the data!Rotax 912

Whiz-bang stick -- Back view Side view

This joystick was created by using a switch cap from Thrustmaster F16 Stick and a real flight stick from Infinity Aerospace. My thanks to Thrustmaster for their donation of the plastic hat cap!

Trailering to the Airport -- Trailer shot

Attaching wings -- Attaching wings

Data recording system -- laptop, camera, vcr

CCD camera, VCR, and Laptop PC

Sound of a Rotax 912 starting (8KHz mono .WAV 56496 bytes) Startup

Radio check before high speed taxi -- Radio Check

FIRST FLIGHT! June 5th 1997 7:32:36pm

Lift off!

Stereo take off (8KHz .WAV 739670 bytes) Take off

From the aircam -- Animated landing

Landing, tire barks at 7:59:06pm (11KHz .WAV 24278) First landing

The ZZZ Team -- Jim, Dave, Steve

The three Z team from left to right - Jim, Dave, Steve

Link to the factory 3I

Link to a Skyarrow distributor RonAir

Below are the same text that I send out as E-Mail updates.

[TXT] skyarrow1.txt 05-08-95
[TXT] skyarrow2.txt 06-11-95
[TXT] skyarrow3.txt 07-06-95
[TXT] skyarrow4.txt 10-17-95
[TXT] skyarrow5.txt 01-10-96
[TXT] skyarrow6.txt 06-25-96 
[TXT] skyarrow7.txt 12-04-96 
[TXT] skyarrow8.txt 03-16-97 
[TXT] skyarrow9.txt 05-29-97 
[TXT] skyarrow10.txt 06-08-97 
[TXT] skyarrow11.txt 11-01-97 

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