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October 29, 2015 • Sports
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Ripley County Basketball Hall of Fame meeting Sunday

The annual November Ripley County Basketball Hall of Fame Meeting for the board of directors is set for Sunday evening, November 1 at 6 p.m., at the Napoleon Community Building. The board of directors meeting in August was for the election of officers with the Board voting to retain the current officers, which are as follows: Ray Baurley, president; Bill Vankirk, vice president; Ron Raver, secretary; and Randy Young, treasurer. The November meeting will include the selection of the 2016 class of inductees. Members, do not forget that the time changes this weekend.

Austin Halcomb plays on Indiana University’s famous hardwood court

Gary Franklin

Like many young Hoosiers, South Ripley Raider 2014 graduate Austin Halcomb, Versailles had dreams of attending Indiana University and playing on the IU basketball court. Halcomb, a former integral South Ripley basketball player has achieved that dream and is attending the state university as a sophomore this year and is playing on the Hoosier hardwood as a member of the men’s practice team for the Hoosier women’s team. He also played during the finals of the 3 on 3 tournament during the Hoosier Hysteria festivities this past Saturday night at Assembly Hall.

Austin Halcomb at Indiana University

Austin’s 3 on 3 team battles for the championship, as he gets a shot off in Assembly Hall in front of thousands during last Saturday’s “Hoosier Hysteria” festivities.

Under NCAA rules, women’s basketball teams can use male practice players to practice against. Male students who practice with an institution’s women’s team must be certified as eligible for practice in accordance with all applicable NCAA eligibility regulations, or in other words, must be a full-time student in good standing. Male practice players do no receive any financial assistance in return for practicing, only practice apparel for the purpose of practicing with team.

Just a few months ago, Halcomb was hospitalized and in the intensive care unit for a heat stroke. According to his mother Tammy, “At one point, the doctors were saying there would be no contact sports. It shut down his kidneys and he was in multiple organ failure. It was a rough time for all of us. We believe he is a walking miracle and God has great plans for him.” Austin has since recovered. He is majoring in biology with a minor in psychology with plans to become a physical therapist. As for now, his love of sports that started at South Ripley is continuing at IU. Austin is also the official voice of IU hockey action, announcing all home games. He is the son of Shawn and Tammy Halcomb and the older brother of sophomore South Ripley Raider Avery.

Side note:

Permission to use the IU Hoosier Hysteria photo of Halcomb was obtained through another former Versailles South Ripley student athlete and graduate and an IU graduate of 2007, Ryan Sheets. Ryan Sheets is the son of retired SR teachers, Kenny and Norma Sheets, and an assistant director of media relations for IU athletics. He states, “Our staff is basically a group of publicists for the IU athletic department and its 24 varsity sports. I am primarily responsible for women’s basketball, cross country and women’s tennis. We oversee all aspects of our website, all social media student athletes and coaches, coaches and teams through various mediums.” Sheets has been full-time with the athletic department in this role for five years.

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