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November 26, 2015 • Obituaries
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Philip Delmonaco

In 1924, Michael and Gussy Delmonaco welcomed their youngest child, Philip, into the world. Michael and Gussy were Italian immigrants who came from The Old Country. Michael owned a tailoring shop, and Gussy took care of their seven children. Phil and his siblings lived through difficult times, and they all contributed to the family.

At the age of nine, Phil worked at the market for ten cents per day and all the fruit he could carry home. He gave his money to his parents. Phil once said that love is a willing sacrifice, and that was the first of many sacrifices Phil would make in his life. When Phil’s father became very ill, the Delmonaco children had to run the family’s tailoring shop, so Phil quit school to help. He always regretted only getting an eighth-grade education, but love is a willing sacrifice.

Phil and three of his brothers served during World War II. Phil was stationed in Alaska during the war. Two of his brothers, Don and Frank, did not return home. They gave the greatest sacrifice of all to protect their country. After the war, Phil opened a dry cleaning shop. Phil was an outgoing man who never met a stranger, so he enjoyed interacting with the customers. He liked to tease people and jokingly told the daughter, Rosie, of one of his customers that he was going to marry her someday when she grew up. Much later in life, she held him to it.

Phil eventually decided to change careers and became a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service. Phil liked helping people on his route and took stamps to elderly people who couldn’t drive and helped old ladies carry their groceries home.

In 1967, Phil attended St. Mary’s Church and began talking with a young woman named Rosie. This young woman had often gone to Phil’s dry cleaning shop with her mother and had had a crush on Phil for many years. In spite of the age difference between Phil and Rosie, they connected and married a year later. Phil and Rosie soon made their home in Versailles, Indiana and reared two daughters, Theresa and Michelle. Phil advised his daughters to get good educations, and he and Rosie scrimped and saved for many years so that they could put their daughters through college. Although there weren’t fancy clothes and cars and houses, there was love. Once again, love was a willing sacrifice for Phil.

During their golden years, Phil and Rosie lived a quiet life at their home in Indiana. In his mid-eighties, Phil began to experience health issues, including the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Rosie loved him dearly, though, and what he couldn’t remember, she remembered for him. A caregiver’s role is a hard one, but love is a willing sacrifice. In July of 2015, Phil became ill and spent several months in and out of the hospital. Rosie always insisted on bringing him home, where he belonged, and Phil fought every day to hold onto life. In November, Phil’s body began to fail him. As Rosie held his hand during his final hour, she told him, “You just go ahead and go if you want to.” Love is a willing sacrifice.

Phil was preceded in death by his father, Michael, his mother, Gussy, his siblings, Don, Frank, Fritz, Angela, Jack, and Ruth, and by his childhood friend, Jimmy. Phil is survived by his devoted wife and tireless caregiver, Rosie, his loving daughters, Theresa and Michelle, and his two pieces of gold, Cameron and Corey.

Funeral services will be held on Saturday, November 28 at 2 p.m. at the Bear Creek Baptist Church in Friendship with Rev. Sherman Hughes officiating. Burial will be in the Akers Friendship Cemetery. Visitation will begin at 12 p.m. also at the church. Memorials may be given to the Bear Creek Baptist Church in care of the Stratton-Karsteter Funeral Home in Versailles.

Henrietta Carroll

Henrietta Carroll, 92, Osgood, passed away Monday, November 23, 2015. Services are pending at the Stratton-Karsteter Funeral Home in Versailles.

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