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November 5, 2015 • Sports
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Harlem Wizards razzle-dazzle locals in the Eagles nest at JCD

Gary Franklin

In a delightfully entertaining display of basketball wizardry, the 53 year long running traveling Harlem Wizards awed the eyes of young and old alike with their visit on Monday evening, Nov. 1, to Osgood where they would meet some of the JCD staff on the hardwood. The visiting Wizard line-up included Dwayne “Swoop” Simpson, John “Big J” Francis Smith, James “Roadrunner” Tyndal, Justin “High Rise” Mitchell, Gerald “Skywalker” Warrick and Roscoe “Sarge” Johnson along with announcer MC Vince Bracy.

Harlem Wizards at Jac-Cen-Del 2015

Harlem Wizards vs. JCD staff

The referee for the exhibition game was none other then JCD educator, Transportation Director and Athletic Director Mark Meyer, joined by Coach Tammy Bonnlander as coach, Travis Rohrig (6) elementary principal, Holly Johnson (22) preschool, Linda (Bradley) Hunger (3) aide, Clint Pride (23) grade 3, and Archery Coach Tammy Shaw (12) grade 4 and MS T&F Coach, Kris Kappes (32) Title One, Sandy Einhaus (30) grade 4, Jake Todd (5) grade 4 girls softball and freshman boys basketball coach, Alyssa Moorman (5) high school science, Brad Goldsberry (20) high school social studies and JV boys basketball coach, Anthony Moorman (0) high school math and JV baseball nd MS boys basketball coach, Daryl Werner (33) high school principal and April Hughes (44) high school science.

Announcements preceding the game stated that funds raised by this JCD supported event would go to elementary school programs including a percentage of sales on memorabilia sold by the Wizards during the festivities. Packing one entire side of the gym with smiling faces for the duration of the event was a big crowd full of laughter, clapping, whistles and tears of joy over antics on the court. The crowd obviously went home satisfied with many stories to tell those who were not there for some time to come. It was an event definitely worth being a part of.

Thanks for the entertainment, new memories and a fresh start on a busy work week, JCD staff and Harlem Wizards!

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