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December 1, 2015 • Sports
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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SR Raiders win ‘Turkey Shoot-out’ against JCD Eagles, 58-41

Gary Franklin

Indiana High School round-ball mania, Hoosier style, finds no better onset then the annual Turkey Shoot-out between rival South Ripley Raiders and Jac-Cen-Del Eagles teams during the week of Thanksgiving. This year would be no different, as on Tuesday evening, Nov. 24, Jac-Cen-Del High School played the host to a full-house crowd of dedicated enthusiastic basketball fans. The 2015-16 Jac-Cen-Del High School Eagles boys basketball team is led by new Head Coach Travis Stangland, assisted by new JV Coach Brad Goldsberry and new freshman Coach Jake Todd. The South Ripley Raiders return veteran Varsity Head Coach Travis Wrightsman is assisted by JV Coach Brad Samples and new freshman Coach Curtis Stephen.

Evan Borgman

Pictured left, Eagle Evan Borgman (40), rises to flush the slam jam, while being heavily pursued by would be South Ripley Raider defenders and senior teammate Maverick Dwenger (55).

Varsity Scoring
South Ripley 9 30 42 58
Jac-Cen-Del 10 17 28 41

Individual Scoring
South Ripley Raiders 58
Cory Walker 17
Elijah Roepke 12
Charlie Turner 11
Kaleb Riley 7
Julian Carpenter 4
Derek Turner 3
Zach Pickett 1
Ty Tucker 0

Pictured left, Raider junior Cory Walker (5), rises over Jac-Cen-Del Eagle senior defender Tyler Huff (12) to drain one of his five 3-point deliveries in South Ripley’s 58-39 annual Turkey Shoot-out boys basketball season, game debut. His lone, 2-point FG gave South Ripley a 16-14 edge and led to his 17-point game production total.

Jac-Cen-Del Eagles 39
Evan Borgman 21
Maverick Dwenger 8
Matthew Drockelman 4
Tyler Huff 3
Reuben Benham 2
Devon Wilson 1

Quarter One
Opening center court tip action resulted in 6'8" Eagle Evan Borgman out-reaching 6'6" Raider senior Elijah Roepke; however, JCD came up short of scoring on their opening possession, leading to Raider Elijah Roepke’s draining of a 3-pointer for the 3-0 early Raider lead. Thus, the gamut of anxiousness to anxiety and every emotion in between for coaches, players and fans was unleashed as anticipated. Over the remainder of the first quarter, SR Roepke’s 3-pointer was added to teammate Charlie Turner’s 3-point delivery and a second 3-pointer rippling the net by Roepke for 9 points. Eagles scoring found senior Evan Borgman connecting on one of two at the charity stripe, Maverick Dwenger adding a pair of FG scores, Tyler Huff a 3-pointer and Borgman closing the period scoring with a FG to give JCD the one point, 10-9 quarter one edge.

Quarter Two
Eagles glory was sweet but short, as South Ripley began to pick a strategy that proved positive to their intent, leading by 13 at the halftime break, 30-17 over JCD. Jac-Cen-Del’s Borgman opened scoring in the second with an immediate FG score followed by another Dwenger additional FG, Raider Charlie Turner; however negated the gain with his second 3-pointer of the contest. Turner backed it up with a FG to knot the game at 14 near the 5:30 mark. That would be the final lead JCD would enjoy, as Raider junior Cory Walker began his night of rage, depositing a FG, then a 3-pointer of his five for six 3-point scoring 17-point night. At 19-14, Eagle Borgman scored a FG, only to have Raider Walker counter with a second 3-pointer. Senior Raider Larry Picket added a FG followed by two more 3-point deliveries by teammate Walker, leading to a one for two FT connection by Eagle senior Devon Wilson.
The final count leading to the halftime break, SR 30-16 JCD.

Quarter Three
Eagle Borgman drew a foul in the opening of the third period, then delivered on both attempts at the line. Raider senior Kaleb Riley scored a FG, leading to another Walker 3-pointer. Eagle Borgman connected on three of four FT offerings and added a FG score. Raider Charlie Turner nailed his third 3-pointer to negate the Eagles’ advances. Eagle sophomore Reuben Benham connected for a FG score, with Raider Julian Carpenter depositing a FG followed by a Raider Roepke FG at the horn for a final count after three quarters of SR 42-28 JCD. The quarter having been played and the difference yet remained a 14-point advantage by the visiting Raiders, heading to the fourth and final quarter of regulation.

Quarter Four
In final quarter action, Raider Carpenter opened scoring with a FG. Eagle junior Matt Drockelman connected on a pair of FT shots, Raider Pickett answered with a FG delivery. Eagle Borgman rose for a slam dunk to the satisfaction of teammates and fans, then delivered a pair of FT scores.
Four and a half minutes remaining, Raider Roepke delivered a FG score. Eagle Borgman connected on one of two FT attempts, Raider Roepke nailed a pair. Raider Riley drilled a 3-pointer, and Eagle Dwenger netted a pair of FTs. Raider Derek Turner acquired the old-fashioned, 3-point score with his FG/FT combo connections. Raider sophomore Luke Welch added a FG before Eagle Drockelman nailed the FG as the final horn sounded.

Varsity Final Count
SR 58 - 39 JCD

JV Final Count
JCD 41 - 33 SR

JV Scoring

Jac-Cen-Del 6 15 28 41
South Ripley 13 20 23 33

Individual Scoring
Jac-Cen-Del Eagles 41
Dylan Parcell 17
Ben Harlemert 9
Jared Cline 5
Rodney Dobbs 4
Michael Schmidt 2
Conner Hubbard 2
Joel Tunny 2

South Ripley Raiders 33
Jacob Moore 11
Avery Halcomb 7
Dillon McQueen 6
Luke Welch 5
Chad Turner 3
Zach Pickett 1

As with other scheduled games, the JV teams squared off at the onset. The Raiders were led by veteran JV coach Brad Samples and the Eagles led by Coach Brad Goldsberry in his first time high school coaching debut opportunity. It was a tough assignment for a new guy on the block, facing the biggest school rival in his the first outing. Opening action proved to be scary to say the very least, as South Ripley Raider Jacob Moore delivered a quick basket. Eagle Ben Harlemert knotted the game at two, but then a Raider rally of Avery Halcomb 3-pointer, Chad Turner 3-pointer, and Moore with a second FG to put SR up 10-2. Harlemert delivered a second FG, Raider Moore a FT of two shot, Eagle Conner Hubbard a FG and Raider Moore another FG with the quarter ending SR 13-6 JCD.

Second period found Raider Luke Welch a FG, Eagle Dylan Purcell a FG, and Welch one of two FT connections. Raider Moore a FG, Eagle Harlemert a FG, Eagle Jared Cline a pair of FT scores and Eagle Rodney Dobbs a FG. Eagle Harlemert one of two FT connections and Raider Welch closing the period with a pair of FT connections to a Raider 20-15 lead.

As third-period action opened, Raider Moore added a FG, Eagle Parcell connected on one of two FT attempts, then added back to back FGs. A Raider time-out and Eagle Harlemert knotted the game at 22 with his FG score. Raider Halcomb made one of two FTs offered to give SR the lead but only momentarily as Eagles swarmed. Michael Schmidt put JCD on top by one with his FG score and teammate Parcell rounded out third period scoring with back-to-back baskets to give JCD a five point edge heading to the fourth and final period, 29-23.

Devastating to the Raider effort, Jacob Moore was injured in the third and could not continue during the final period’s action. Eagle Cline drained the 3-pointer, Raider Zach Pickett connected on one of two FT offerings, followed by a pair of teammate Dillan McQueen FG scores to trail by just three, 28-31 JCD, 5:20 remaining. Another Eagle flurry with a Dobbs FG, Parcell a pair from the charity stripe, a Joel Tunny FG and another Parcell FG, JCD gained the lead at 39-28. Raider Halcomb drilled a 3-pointer, Eagle Parcell added another pair of FT connections. Raider McQueen connected for a FG that ended game scoring, resulting in a JCD Eagle 41-33 season opening victory.

This basketball rivalry remains alive and well in Southeastern Indiana where the two teams have the possibility of facing each other in Ripley County Tournament action and are certain to end their seasons facing off before Sectional play begins. With the victory, South Ripley retains possession of the Ripley Publishing Traveling Pride Trophy, from last season. This win allows them to continue with possession until they next play regular season games against Milan or JCD, where it again will be up for grabs by the victor.

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