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January 7, 2016 • Headline News
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Laughery Valley Ag Co-op sues a former employee

Mary Mattingly

A civil lawsuit has been filed in Ripley County Circuit Court by a local agriculture company against a former employee for theft of products. The lawsuit filed December 17 by Laughery Valley Ag Co-op, Inc. and Laughery Valley Ag, LLC names Steven Linville, who has since been terminated from the co-op, his wife Elizabeth, his uncle, Robert “Bob” Linville, and Bob’s Service Station, Inc., as defendants. To read the entire story pick up a copy of The Versailles Republican at your local newsstand.

Naturally yours...
Local woman makes non-toxic personal care, home products

Mary Mattingly

A roll-on rubbed across her husband’s cheeks helps his sinus. A drop of lavender gets her overtired 4-year-old to settle down for a good night sleep. And, vinegar conditions her hair. This is what Carrie Miller of Osgood has discovered in the past few years by making her own cleaning and wellness products from natural products and essential oils. Her home has become a miniature chemistry lab! Instead of running to the store when she’s out of dishwashing soap or when her husband needs a decongestant, she goes to her kitchen cupboard and makes her own.

Carrie Miller provides an easy recipe to get started with making non-toxic home products:
Peppermint Lip Scrub
5 tsp coconut oil
2 T granulated sugar
4 drops peppermint essential oil
Mix coconut oil and sugar in a 2 ounce
container.  Once combined, add the peppermint oil and mix well.  Rub a small amount onto lips to exfoliate.  No need to wipe off as all the ingredients can be ingested.
Carrie Miller will give a class at her home on making natural products this month.

Miller says she’s always been “DIYish” (Do It Yourself) but this is taking it to another level, a healthier level she’s sure of. “I’ve learned what these chemicals do to us. And I have a 4 year old son so I am just more compelled” to use safer home living products.

Miller is the type who always looks at the ingredients of what she is buying, be it food or cleaning products. She’s learning what to avoid for consumption, for her own skin, and for her environment. (See accompanying article on page 8 in The Versailles Republican). She is often appalled at what she’s discovered. Dishwashing soap was her first attempt at making her own home living non-toxic product. She spent $8 on a tub of Borax and combined a few tablespoons with baking soda, lemon oil and washing soda, and uses a small bit of it to clean her dishes that lasts for months and months. It worked well, and so she started experimenting making other everyday household products.

The former Batesville High School graduate also got interested in nature’s products because her husband Jared was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma and had a stem cell transplant. “We never knew why he got it, and they tended to think it could be from the environment,” she said. After chemotherapy, with all those chemicals put in his body, the idea of something a little gentler was appealing for him, and the family. He is since doing fine and is a web designer in Madison.

A stay-at-home mom, the Millers were already pretty earthy, with recycling, canning and gardening. “But we’re not so green that we’re off the grid or anything!” she says and laughs. However, her husband’s diagnosis really ramped up their efforts. She got hooked after attending a class taught by her friend. “I didn’t realize essential oils could do all those things.” She has since become an independent distributor for Yog Living essential oils. Miller is actually not alone in her interest, as there are several people in the area who make their own natural living, non-toxic products. These essential oils have become trendy across the country for the same reason the Millers like them: it’s better for you than using chemicals.“Essential oils are actually the life blood of the plant, the bark, the stem, the flower, the leaf,” Miller explained. It helps heal and protect the plant, and those qualities can be transferred to the body or environment. For example, she combined vitamin E and essential oils for a face moisturizer. She said she gets blotchy and this combination has helped tremendously. She often refers to a handy reference guide to learn the use of each oil. “It depends on an issue I might have so I experiment, figure out the ratio. It’s fun. I really like to do it!”

One of those issues was an antiseptic throat spray. “It has witch hazel but it wasn’t that powerful until I added my essential oils to it. It has lemon tea tree and Eucalyptus oils.” Forty drops from a small two-inch bottle did the trick. The small bottles she has hold 250 drops. The roll-on she made for her husband’s sinus problem has eight or 10 essential oils and he claims it has helped. Another concoction she made helped her own congestion and she also made one for a clogged ear infection. “I used to take a decongestant for it and I don’t have to anymore.” You have to be patient though, she advises. “It’s not like taking a drug and it’s going to work for 12 hours. You have to apply over and over, every few hours, especially if you have something going on,” Miller commented. As for the vinegar on her hair, she added an oil to take away the smell. “You can comb through and it’s amazing. I tried orange oil and then geranium. It smells great.” A diffuser with water and lavendar and Peace and Calming oils not only makes the house they live at on Old Michigan Road smell nice, but helps her son destress and focus. “It works like a charm, and it’s legal!” she says and laughs. Coconut oil is one of her favorites. She uses it for a lip balm and a chest rub (mixed with a winter green oil), and then there’s liquid coconut oil used as a body wash but also helps keep lotion or spray pumps operating. But , her go-to essential oil is called Thieves. It smells good, and includes cinnamon, cloves, rosemary and eucalyptus. “It’s good for supporting the immune system. I have used it on my son’s belly and he’s not had a cold so far,” she said. It’s also been the essential ingredient for a hand sanitizer/purifier, and paper towel handi-wipes she made.

Some other products this amateur DIY chemist made include a bug spray, a poison ivy spray with lavender to relieve itching, deodorant and sunscreen (carrot seed for the SPF factor and frankincense for smooth skin) also fill her medicine cabinet. “It’s amazing what you can make!” Nor is it difficult. “If you like to bake and cook, and you can follow a recipe or directions, you can do this. My 10 year old niece did!” Miller has given demonstrations at the local libraries and Osgood Town Hall and actually has a Make and Take class on Personal Care products, such as toothpaste and mouthwash, on Jan. 28 at her home on Old Michigan Road. Reservations are needed since she provides the supplies. (More information: go to www.spoilYourFamilywithYL.) She also has an introductory class on essential oils Jan. 13. Home cleaning products, such as a liquid dishwashing soap or laundry soap, is next for her to create. “I’ve not heard of anything you can’t do or make,” she said. And, she’d like to create some beauty products, like lip gloss and make-up remover. As for the cash savings, considering the storage bottles and other ingredients she needs (often purchased online or locally), Miller still figures she saves “at least half” of what she would had she bought these products at the store. “ I am curious on how much I’ve saved but it wouldn’t make a difference because I’m doing this to avoid the chemicals.” She even mentions that she’s learned scented candles emit toxics, hence why she uses a diffuser at home. For those interested in “going natural” she suggests getting some small mason jars and a batch of coconut oil, and see where it will take you. She’s convinced it will be to a healthier place.

Chemicals to avoid
“It’s frightening that there are so many things in our food and products we shouldn’t consume,” Miller said. Here is a brief list of ingredients to avoid from Natural
Benzoyl Peroxide: Used in acne products. Possible tumor promotor, produces DNA damage in human, and toxic by inhalation.
Parabens (methyl, butyl, ethyl propyl): Used as a preservative in deodorants and other skin care products and have been found in breast cancer tumors. May contribute to sterility in males, hormone imbalance in females.
Sodium lauryl sulfate: Used in car washes, garage floor cleaners and 90 percent of personal care products. Found to contribute to eye damage, depression, labored breathing, diarrhea.
Propylene glycol: petroleum plastics. EPA considers PG so toxic it requires gloves, clothing and goggles. EPA warns against skin contact to prevent brain and kidney abnormalities. She saw it listed in Thousand Island dressing.

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