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November 3, 2016 • Headline News
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Election 2016: Lowdown on the election

Mary Mattingly

The 2016 General Election is just a few days away, and the county clerk’s office is well aware of it. Ever since early voting started on Oct. 12, they’ve had a steady flow of people into the offices to cast a ballot and frequent phone calls about the election, the polling sites, etc. Actually, Clerk Mary Ann McCoy says, they’ve had lines at the second floor of the courthouse. Not too long, but lines nonetheless.

Vote Tuesday November 8 “We’ve had over 1300 vote so far. That is high and up from the last presidential election,” McCoy noted. That could mean fewer will cast a ballot on Election Day Nov. 8 or it could reflect the uptick in interest. McCoy said the presidential election always draws more voters than local elections. “I expect a good turnout,” she said. This one has generated a lot of interest with the two candidates, one being a woman and another a billionaire non-politician.

Politics aside, the clerk’s office just wants to make sure everyone who wants to vote can. Their role is to help make the democratic process work. Those who may not be in town, are working or have health issues, may vote absentee. There is also a traveling board for those who are confined. “They went out today,” McCoy noted on Tuesday, and they also go to the nursing homes.

On this Friday, the voting books will be updated with those who have already voted and will be provided to the precincts or polling sites. Those who vote on Saturday (8 a.m. to 3 p.m.) or Monday until noon will be added Tuesday morning. She emphasized to call the office at 812-689-6115 or 812-689 4783 for questions. Machines have been inspected, poll workers trained, and supplies will be picked up Saturday. “We are ready to roll,” she added.

A few voting reminders

McCoy said to make sure your driver’s license, which is what many use for a photo ID, is current and up to date. Just in case, the BMV will be open on election day. Military or veteran’s ID’s will also work, as will a current passport. Some people may not know where to vote, but there’s only one site that is different from 2012 and that’s at Delaware. They now vote at the fire house instead of community hall.

Polling sites

Adams, precinct 1: Morris fire house; Adams, precinct 2, Sunman American Legion; Adams Precinct 3, Batesville Knights of Columbus; Brown, Precincts 1 and 2, Friendship fire station; Center, Precincts 1,2 and 3, Osgood Town Hall; Delaware, Precinct 1, Delaware fire house; Franklin, Precinct 1 and 2, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church at Stumpke’s corner; Franklin Precinct 3, St. Charles Catholic Church in Milan; Jackson, Precinct 1, Napoleon Senior Center; Johnson, Precincts 1, 2 and 3, Versailles Baptist Church; Laughery, Precinct 1, Batesville Coonhunters Lodge; Laughery, Ward 1, Precinct 1 and Ward 2, Precinct 1, K of C Hall in Batesville; Laughery Ward 3, Precinct 1, Batesville public library; Otter Creek, Precinct 1 and 2, Holton town hall; Shelby, Precinct 1, Shelby Christian Church in Versailles, Washington, Precinct 1, Elrod Washington Baptist Church; Washington, Precinct 2, St. Charles Church in Milan.

Polls are open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and if you’re in line when it’s 6 p.m. you will still be able to vote.
Voters may ask for a paper or electronic ballot, but McCoy said many prefer the electronic because it is quicker and easier.

Who is on the ballot
As for the elections, besides president and vice president, Hoosiers will also elect a governor, US senator, attorney general, supt. of public instruction, US representative for district 6, state senate district 42, and state representatives in district 55 and 67. There are few contested races for the county, one being a commissioner for district 2, between Rodney Stratton and Chris Bruns, and the at large seat for council has four candidates, Brenda Wetzler, Bill Warren, Mark Horstman and Bill Dramann (the only democrat), but only the top three vote getters will win. The coroner’s race is between Ron Reynolds and Michelle LeAnne Cooksey. The clerk’s office also emphasized that if you vote a straight party ticket, make sure you fill in the at-large council seat and school board seats on the ballot. Local voters will also see the clerk, recorder and treasurer names on the ballot. However, Ginger Bradford, Mary Ann McCoy and Amy Copeland are unopposed. Osgood voters will choose a council member, either DeDee Holliday or David Bultman. For school board, the only contested races are at Milan with Stephen Snyder and Ted Amberger for the town seat, and Martin Layden and Doug Norman for the at large seat. School boards are non partisan. Those running for the four year term seats for Batesville, Jac-Cen-Del and South Ripley schools are not contested. There are two public questions, regarding judge retainships and another on the constitutional amendment. (See the front page of The Versailles Republican.)
If all goes well, McCoy said they could have the final results by 8:30 p.m.

BMV hours change for Election Day

Kent Abernathy, Commissioner of the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), reminds Hoosiers that in advance of election day, BMV license branches will extend hours of operation on Monday, Nov. 7 and Tuesday, Nov. 8 to issue ID cards and driver’s licenses that may be used for identification at a polling place. All branches will be open on Monday, Nov. 7, from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Tuesday, Nov. 8, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. License branches will only process new, amended or replacement ID cards, and renewed, amended or replacement driver’s licenses and learner permits. New driver’s licenses and learner permits will be processed provided the customer has previously completed all required testing.

The Indiana BMV provides free, state-issued ID cards for voting purposes to any unlicensed Hoosier that is a U.S. citizen as long as he or she can provide proper documentation and will be at least 18 years of age on or before the next General or Municipal Election.

The following documents are required to obtain a new state ID card or driver’s license (a complete list can be found at
• Proof of Identity document, such as a birth certificate or passport
• Proof of Social Security document, such as a Social Security card, pay stub that contains the full SSN or W-2
• Proof of lawful status, such as a birth certificate or passport
• Proof of residency, two documents such as a voter registration card, utility bill or bank statement

All license branches will resume regular business hours Wednesday, Nov. 9.

Local Bulletin Board

Sign up for newspaper’s candidate list

Ripley Publishing Co. will be running a continuous candidate list beginning Sept. 8. For $125 your name, along with the office you are running for, will appear in both newspapers through the Nov. 8 General Election. In addition, you will receive a free press release along with a photo in one of the newspapers. The press release must be written in third person and submitted to our office along with a photo. Arrangements can be made to have a photo taken in our office. You can sign-up to get on the list beginning Aug. 31. Please call 812-689-6364 or email us at or stop by our office at 115 S Washington Street in Versailles to get your name on the list.

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