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May 24, 2016 • Headline News
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Osgood woman receives adult ed teacher award

At the annual meeting of the Indiana Association for Adult and Continuing Education, River Valley Resources Adult Education Teacher Sandra Bowlus, a resident of Osgood, was awarded the Outstanding Teacher award for 2016.

Pictured left is Sandra Bowlus. She received the adult ed teacher award during the Indiana Association for Adult and Continuing Education.

After retiring from East Central High School with over 38 years of teaching in 2010, Bowlus began working with the Education Center of Rising Sun. The former Sandra Comer, she is a 1967 Holton High School graduate and married to Nelson . She was hired to teach the “START” (Skills, Tasks and Results Training) through the American Hotel & Lodging Education Institute. This program was started through a pilot program of EcO15. She continues to teach this class which is now certified as a WORK Indiana training program. In 2012, she was hired by River Valley Resources as an adult education teacher. Bowlus has graduated numerous GED/HSE graduates: in 2012-13: 44; 2013-2014 – 40; 2014-2015: 37 and currently in 2015-16 has 30. She has been able to achieve these numbers in the smallest county in Indiana – Ohio County, population 5,994. It’s the first time a Southeast Indiana teacher and student have received the award.

She is one who goes above and beyond the call of duty. She is constantly in contact with students who are not in class, encouraging them and making sure that all obstacles are overcome whether it be a need for gas, transportation or childcare. She cares deeply about what her students will do after they earn their High School Equivalency Diplomas. During the past year, Bowlus has proctored the Ivy Tech Prep Accuplacer test and has had 22 students successfully earn college-ready scores. She also promotes training, especially Work Indiana. Since 2013 she has had 17 students complete a WORK Indiana program. Bowlus is constantly trying to find new ways in which to help students achieve their High School Equivalency Diploma. You will find her studying just as hard as the student, making up worksheets and review sheets for them.

Outstanding adult learner
Over the past five years, Bowlus has been working with a student who started at literacy level to earn her High School Equivalency Diploma in 2016. What is so special is that Bowlus nominated this student to receive the “Outstanding Adult Learner” award and for the first time ever both the 2016 IAACE Outstanding Teacher and Outstanding Adult Learner were both from the same program. Patsy Kaiser, Outstanding Adult Learner for 2016, is from Rising Sun. The award was given in recognition of Patsy’s accomplishments for successfully completing her High School Equivalency Diploma in 2016. Patsy was an active Adult Education student from 2011 – 2016, having earned well over 500 hours in the program. Patsy started trying to earn her GED 2011 and then continued when the GED was changed to the new HSE – High School Equivalency. She had a hard time in school as a child and at 10th grade quit school because of medical reasons. Because of some personal medical conditions, Patsy does not drive and had to rely on others or Catch -A -Ride to get to class. Even facing medical problems while in class, Patsy continued to push forward. Her instructor Sandra Bowlus stated: “Patsy has literally climbed Mt. Everest and succeeded! She has overcome obstacle after obstacle when others would have quit.”

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Deadline: June 10
Entries for farm award
Indiana Landmarks and Indiana Farm Bureau welcome nominations for the 2016 John Arnold Award for Rural Preservation. The award recognizes the preservation and continued agricultural use of historic farm buildings in Indiana. Anyone, including farm owners, can submit a nomination for the Arnold Award. Read rules and more details on page 2 of the Osgood Journal dated May 3.

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