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June 2, 2016 • Headline News
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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They’re ready for the next chapter...

Milan Class of 2016
When Milan’s Class of 2016 was born, the middle school didn’t exist, cell phones were just becoming affordable, and the movie “Star Wars” was making a comeback. Principal Ryan Langferman brought this up during his address to the graduating class Saturday morning. Things change, he noted, and “there will always be beginnings and ends. But it’s the journey that got you here that prepares you for your next step,” he told the 85 graduates decked in black gowns and caps. “You’ve learned study habits…faced adversity and set goals, one of those you are achieving today.” The gym was packed with family members and friends, all who came to acknowledge and applaud these young men and women, and moreover, encourage them on their next step. Salutatorian Nathan Austing acknowledged the change he and his classmates were confronting. Speaking from experience, he said, “Adversity is inevitable…but it can’t keep you from achievement….A journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step.”

Milan High School Class of 2016MARY MATTINGLY PHOTO
Having received their diplomas and changed their tassels, Milan’s Class of 2016 could now be considered alumni. Alivia Webster’s smile says it all!

Brandon Summers, the valedictorian, spoke of a fresh start, a new beginning. “What we have done here does not have to define us...These past four years won’t be our best!” Supt. Paul Ketcham noted he spoke to this group four years ago as principal and was honored to watch their progress. “We commemorate the road we traveled together…You are ready, willing and more than able. Yours is the future.” Behind the backdrop sign of the class motto, “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon,” the diplomas were handed out by Ketcham and Langferman, with senior class president Shelby Wullenweber leading her peers in the changing of the cap tassels.

The board of trustees also sat up front, applauding the students. In this class, there were 13 National Honor Society members, 20 with Academic Honors, seven entering the military, and six with technical honors. As the band played “Sine Nomine,” the new graduates recessed to the front lawn, where the sun was shining, and tossed their caps in celebration

About the Class
Senior class officers: Shelby Wullenweber, president, Brandon Summers, vice president, Cassandra Stranzin, secretary, and Victorian Lindemann, treasurer. The class color was blue, their song, “See You Again.”

South Ripley Class of 2016
South Ripley’s Class of 2016 was the 50th graduating class of the school. To mark the school’s golden anniversary, Supt. Rob Moorhead addressed the seniors and their families and asked what will life look like 50 years from now? He figured if they are much like the first graduating class, some of the names called out to accept diplomas Saturday will be well-known in the community as agricultural, business and community leaders. A composite photo of the first class 50 years ago was displayed in the lobby. The school band opened with the traditional “Pomp and Circumstance,” as the gym full of friends and family stood welcoming the soon-to-be graduates.

South Ripley High School Class of 2016LINDA CHANDLER PHOTO
At South Ripley graduation, Cory Gordon, Quentin Hehe, Jarrod Holman, Zachary Hutter and Xavier Lagaly congratulated by SR board members Jeff Cornett and State Patrick.

Maisie Riley, third ranking scholar of her class, welcomed classmates and their families, and thanked friends and family for “guiding and educating us and for making unforgettable memories.” Sarah Boyken, salutatorian of the class of 2016, addressed the crowd, and spoke about living in a small rural community where “the great part is everyone supports one another…I will always appreciate everything everyone has done for me. Always remember where you came from,” she told her peers.

Valedictorian Lindsay Comer was also grateful for the “people who support us” in achieving our goals and dreams. “Life can happen in a blink,” she told the crowd. “I pray that each of you accomplish your future goals and that you use the gifts God has blessed you with.” She advised her peers and others to make the most of every opportunity and to enjoy the moments and the memories. Principal Dr. David Wintin recognized certain groups of students for academic achievement.

Supt. Moorhead, a South Ripley graduate himself, brought up the changes that have occurred over the 50 years, from technology to the fast food restaurants now in the community. He also advised the seniors to commit to excellence and “to never giving up.” He then handed out the diplomas, shaking each of the 93 graduates’ hand. The fourth ranking class scholar, Mercedes Bowling, gave the concluding remarks. Of the 93 diplomas, 31 students graduated with Academic Honors, two with technical honors, and 39 with Core 40 diplomas and 17 with Core 40 Technical Honors. There were also 24 NHS members in the Class of 2016. The band played “Onward Christian Soldiers” as the new graduates proudly and happily proceeded out of the gym, and into a new life outside of high school.

About the Class
President Lindsay Comer, Kayla Adkinson and Maisie Riley, co-secretaries, Destini Parsons, vice president, and Shelby Myers, treasurer. The class flower was the blue bird rose, the colors: aqua and silver, class song, “This Kind of Town” by Justin Moore, and the class motto: “Nothing we do changes the past, everything we do changes the future.”

Local Bulletin Board

Deadline: June 10
Entries for farm award
Indiana Landmarks and Indiana Farm Bureau welcome nominations for the 2016 John Arnold Award for Rural Preservation. The award recognizes the preservation and continued agricultural use of historic farm buildings in Indiana. Anyone, including farm owners, can submit a nomination for the Arnold Award. Read rules and more details on page 2 of the Osgood Journal dated May 3.

Deadline: Friday, August 5
Tyson Fund grant applications available
It is almost here! What you ask? Many years ago, before Jim Tyson passed away, he wanted to set up a system to perpetually assist the residents in Versailles with things that might otherwise increase their taxes. He decided that he would set up a trust so that groups that are nonprofit and hold an IRS 501c (3) or (4) exemption could request funds to help them out with projects that would otherwise fall on the taxpayers in the Versailles area! Each year about this time, an open application process is offered so that the Tyson Fund Trustees can decide what projects will benefit from this year’s trust distribution. To qualify for the funds you must be from/in the Versailles area. Must be nonprofit and must hold an IRS 501c (3) or (4) exemption. To learn more and find out how to apply pick up a copy of The Versailles Republican dated May 26.

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