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August 2, 2016 • Headline News
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Eight arrested for drugs at Versailles trailer park

Eight people were arrested at a Versailles trailer park and charged with various drug offenses, from felonies to misdemeanors. A search warrant conducted by the Ripley County Sheriff’s Department, Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit, Dearborn County Sheriff’s Department, Versailles Police Department and the Indiana State Police led officers to the arrest of the eight at 102 Gaslight Drive Lot 48. The arrests occurred after a lengthy investigation by police. The individuals were arrested on charges ranging from Visiting a Common Nuisance, a class A misdemeanor to Conspiracy to Manufacture Methamphetamine, a Level 4 Felony. Police have not released the names of those arrested. The investigation is ongoing.

Changes proposed for Osgood Library

Arlene Knudson

Several changes are coming or are already in place at the Osgood Public Library. Mary Lou Schwipps was welcomed as the replacement board member for retiring Shirley Bocock. Bocock was honored at the July 26 meeting for her 16 years of service. Patrons will notice the Internet offerings of checking out electronic devices. In addition, library director Kim Porter is completing the contracts for new copiers that will more efficiently allow for wireless printing. Another change will be the Osgood building itself. Doug Thayer, a good friend of the library, will assist in making sure the 1914 building becomes and stays moisture proof. Porter is working with Thayer to secure contractors and funding. Teenager Isaac Rosenbarger was hired as a part-time staff member to assist as needed at both the Osgood and the Milan locations.

Board member Melodie Busch voiced concerns about the proposed budget and grant requests. One concern Busch pointed out was the 2015 actual budget reflected $345,876, the 2016 budget was $431,000 and the proposed 2017 budget is $446,087. She questioned Porter about the large total of funds available, the actual expenditures, and the increase in the proposed new budget. Porter explained that the State Board of Accounts proposed increase is 3.8 percent because the state is doing well financially. However, Porter is budgeting for a 3.5 percent increase in total budgets. Porter further explained that this proposed budget follows the State Board of Accounts regulations and guidelines and cannot be based on actual expenditures as Busch would like to see happen. Richard Parks, OPL Treasurer, stated that to base the budget on actual expenditures would require all expenditures to be based on purchase orders. Porter said that the State requires a budget to protect the agency (OPL) if a large unexpected expenditure would occur. Busch asked about long-term goals for OPL. Porter reported that a large portion of future budgets would be service contracts, professional fees, building maintenance and materials. Porter detailed that to make the most efficient use of the buildings, studies need to be made of the current space use, such as the children’s area at Osgood and the entire Milan library building. Then they can make decisions on long-term commitments. The motion to approve the proposed budget passed 4 to 3, with Busch, Marla Simon and Ruth Hughes voting against it.

Kim Porter reported the summer programs were very popular with patrons. They also had programs throughout the summer including a water show, where participants got wet, and Silly Safari. Future events include the continuation of monthly movies and alternatively monthly crafts, speakers in Osgood and Milan and that OPL will have a presence in Indiana’s 200th birthday celebration Bocock shared a painting from Milan artist Alice Whitlatch as a part of the Milan Bicentennial Legacy Project. Bocock stated that in her research she discovered that Whitlatch felt as though every home should be able to have a painting so she painted about 300 a year and sold them at reasonable prices. Whitlatch was the wife of Dr. Bine Whitlatch. Whitlatch’s work will be on display at the Milan branch from September 6 through September 17.

In attendance were Director Kim Porter, Treasurer Richard Parks, board members Gene Pitts, President, Ruth Hughes, Marla Simon, Melodie Busch, Jill Jansing, Bill Wimberg outgoing board member Shirley Bocock, and new board member Mary Lou Schwipps. The next meeting will be August 23 at 7 p.m. in the Osgood building basement.

Local Bulletin Board

Application deadline is Friday, August 5.
Tyson Fund grant applications available
Many years ago, before Jim Tyson passed away, he wanted to set up a system to perpetually assist the residents in Versailles with things that might otherwise increase their taxes. He decided that he would set up a trust so that groups that are nonprofit and hold an IRS 501c (3) or (4) exemption could request funds to help them out with projects that would otherwise fall on the taxpayers in the Versailles area! For more information about the Tyson Fund, eligibility and how to apply read page 2 of the Osgood Journal dated June 14.

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